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About Venice Kayak

Venice Kayak

The Kayak Lagoon Adventure

Venice Kayak Srl has done kayaking tours in Venice since 2008. It is the only company offering such tours. Venice Kayak was founded by Marco Ballarin and René Seindal.

Our Story

Venice Kayak was born out of a love for the Venetian Lagoon..

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Our Mission & Values

We believe in respect for Mother Nature. On every tour, we invite..

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Our Plans for the future

Venice Kayak is always looking ahead to improve our experiences..

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Our Story

Love for the Venetian Lagoon

Venice Kayak was born out of a love for the Venetian Lagoon, its nature, history and Culture.  Venice Kayak’s founder René, coming from a long background of kayaking wanted to find a way to connect the fun of kayaks and his passion for the Venetian lagoon.

Over 5000 Happy customers!

In 2008, he was able to connect the two by transporting the emotion of kayaking while connecting it with the story of the Venetian Lagoon. Since then, Venice Kayak is proud to have welcomed over 5000 happy customers from all over the world to experience the joy, the beauty of the Venetian lagoon all from the comfort of a kayak.

Our Mission & Values

  1. We believe in respect for Mother Nature. On every tour, we invite our guests to pick up plastic they see floating in the lagoon. To date our guests have collected more floating plastic than you can believe.
  2. By using kayaking as a mode of travel to enjoy a tour we want to support eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.
  3. Venice Kayak is committed to support and preserve the local Venetian culture by taking guests to local places, managed by local people.
  4. Respect for all cultures and people, all people are welcomed on our kayaks.
  5. To provide an unforgettable experience to each and every customer, that leaves them happy as well as spiritually fulfilled that they themselves change the world around them.
  6. Transmitting the magic of the lagoon to all of our guests, by giving full tours that combine history as well as exciting natural perspectives.

Our Plans for the Future

2020: Partnership with Classic Boats Venice

Venice Kayak is always looking ahead to improve our experiences for customers. For 2020, Venice Kayak has teamed up with Classic Boats Venice to provide a mix of tours aboard their Classic Boats. Guests can enjoy kayaking in the lagoon then have lunch or dinner aboard their classic yacht from 1968. Take their Yacht to the entrance of the Po river, then travel the river aboard kayaks. Or go through the lagoon on Classic Boats Venice’s handcrafted Venetian boats equipped with an electric engine, then move along with kayaks to more hidden places. Whatever the choice this combo offers more lagoon possibilities. Email us for pricing.

Introduction of Canoes and “Canyaks”

New for 2020, is the introduction of Canoes and Canyaks made by our friends from Gatz Canoes and Kayaks. Their canoes and hybrid boat the canyak (a canoe and kayak) offer the possibility for people to see the lagoon via the comfort of a canoe or an easy to use canyon. You now have a choice of rowing style with our new Gatz canoes and Canyaks. Gatz offers their unique handcrafted canoes and canyaks following the North American wooden canoe traditions of the Native Americans there, by using traditional aesthetics to provide a classic look but built with modern innovation. Try it today!

Venetian Lunch & “Cicchetti” Boxes

We have also teamed up with local chefs to deliver Venetian lunch boxes or cicchetti boxes for guests. All of our chefs are local using local Venetian ingredients. Send us an email and we are happy to include it on your tour. You can also, purchase Italian organic juices and sodas from our drink menu provided by Cortese.

Food Camp in Certosa Island

Coming soon Venice Kayak with Classic Boats Venice will be creating the global food camp on Certosa island, a group of trucks representing a variety of tastes from all over the world right next to our offices. Where there will be food music, games and sport.

Customer Reviews


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3 hours ago
The best day of our trip to Venice

My brother and I went on a day’s kayaking tour of Venice. Giovanni was a brilliant guide and accommodated the kayaking for the whole group…

Alex R
3 hours ago
Highly recommend this

Great way to see Venice, and burn off some of that pasta. Lovely tour guide, who took plenty of pictures whilst you go. Really good tour, and worth every penny…

3 hours ago
You should try it!

Amazing time on the water – Alberto was the best guide! My husband and I went on a half day trip and had an awesome time…

Emma-Katrine B