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The Weekend Edition The Best Reads of the Week for Sunday, February 16, 2020 View previous edition Next edition: Sunday, March 1 at 4:00 pm
'I'm an Egyptian. Where else should I go?' Homecoming: Alexandria synagogue hosts Egypt’s largest Jewish prayers in decades By Floris Bosscher 180 members of Egyptian-Jewish Diaspora return to fete renovated Eliyahu Hanavi shul, even as country’s tiny Jewish community prepares for a Jew-free future Holocaust No wallflower: Margot Frank comes out of her sister’s shadow in new photos By Matt Lebovic Besides being her younger sister Anne’s well-behaved foil, Margot was academically and athletically gifted — and she too kept a diary People of the PodLISTEN: Has the story of Anne Frank been forgotten? US college students answer By TOI staff 75 years after staring death in the eye, survivors seek closure in Auschwitz By Yaakov Schwartz Citing impact to surroundings, London council votes against Holocaust memorial By Stuart Winer From The Blogs After yet another no, isn’t it time for a Palestinian peace plan? By Yossi Klein Halevi Interview Next White House may reject peace plan, to Palestinians’ detriment — co-author By Raphael Ahren Jason Greenblatt warns if positions are readopted, ‘Israel will likely continue to thrive and the Palestinians will continue to suffer’ BlogLt. Col. Vindman, the IDF needs you! By Gideon Remez AnalysisWorld players may vow open mind on Trump plan, but won’t abandon old positions By Raphael Ahren ToI Podcast Interview LISTEN: ‘People are afraid,’ says Hoenlein, as anti-Semitism changes US Jewry By Raoul Wootliff Leaders of umbrella Jewish group warns US Jews are facing a reckoning: ‘It’s the end of the age of innocence for American Jewry’ Campus anti-SemitismAnti-Semitism on US campuses may force schools to choose free speech or bigotry By Cathryn J. Prince From the Blogs The day he met the driver of the truck that killed his wife By Sivan Rahav Meir Inside story'The communities that raised us are throwing us out' Program for rehabilitating ‘hilltop youth’ sees them as dropouts, not criminals By Jacob Magid Academy for at-risk Israeli teens addresses ‘price tag’ attackers through educational lens, meeting boys where they live, even if it’s in the West Bank’s most extremist outposts Interview Meet the African-American Jewish mom who fights gun violence with prayer By Rich Tenorio Documentary ‘They Ain’t Ready for Me’ chronicles student rabbi Tamar Manasseh, pioneer of a Chicago campaign providing poor families with a much-needed oasis In the battle against sex trafficking, Israel’s ‘invisible’ women find new voice By Ira Tolchin Immergluck StartUp Israel In first pilot of its kind, Israeli dairy won’t separate calves from mothers By Aviv Lavie Yotvata project will allow female calves to stay with mothers until weaning — but male calves will still be separated, sent off for fattening and slaughter Shrimp eyes may hold key to developing nontoxic, non-fading paints and pigments By Sue Surkes Startup develops blood test that aims to undermine tumors’ resilience By Shoshanna Solomon Maternal obesity can cause neuropsychiatric problems in children – study By Shoshanna Solomon Holy Land Head south on the cheap, to smell the flowers and find other pleasures By Jessica Steinberg Plan a winter weekend getaway at Darom Adom to soak up some sun, and a few other (mostly) free activities Reporter's notebookAs Sea of Galilee fills to bursting, Israelis’ joy overflows By Nathan Jeffay Author interview With clues from mysterious box, daughter solves puzzle of father’s WWII survival By Renee Ghert-Zand In memoir ‘When Time Stopped,’ Ariana Neumann describes how investigating her father’s double life as a chemist for the Nazis helped her discover his identity — and her heritage InterviewKids learn Holocaust from author’s real-life quest for missing relatives By Robert Philpot Director interview Real-life fertility saga bears fruit when Israeli director reproduces it in film By Rich Tenorio In Erez Tadmor’s native land, his popular movie ‘The Art of Waiting’ has raised awareness and helped viewers share their own tales. Now that it’s hit the US, will it be as fecund? ‘Fauda’ co-creator plans Season 4, also at work on a Sex-in-the-City type comedy By TOI staff Pulling stringsDavid Broza performs by night, gives away guitars by day By Jessica Steinberg Holidays On New Year for trees, Jews and pagans go forest bathing to honor earthly roots By Melanie Lidman A Tu Bishvat event outside of San Francisco jointly celebrated by Wilderness Torah and JeWitch Collective focuses on power of fire and native knowledge Trees in Israel poorly protected, says new report issued for Tu Bishvat By Sue Surkes On Valentine’s, ditch roses and try ‘roselach’ instead, says Israeli baker in NY By Melanie Lidman Hot news Israeli scientists say dinosaur egg fossils point to warm blood By TOI staff New research technique employed at Hebrew University allowed team to gauge temperature in which eggs were formed — and thus whether mother could regulate her body heat Ancient blightIsraeli researchers find modern tumor in dinosaur tail By TOI staff Book excerptA face-off that revolutionized naval warfare In 1st missile battle at sea in 1973, Israeli craft evaded Soviet-made missiles By Abraham Rabinovich How an Israeli-developed weapon system kept the sea-lanes to Haifa open in a naval confrontation to be ranked with Midway and Trafalgar
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