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The Blogs Weekly Highlights Choice Voices for the Week of Thursday, May 21, 2020 View previous edition Next edition: Thursday, May 28 at 7:00 pm
Is the state really AC or is AC a state of mind? By Haviva Ner-David In this supposed ’After Corona’ world, I’m more frightened than ever, not just of dying, but of dying alone, separated from my children Sarah Tuttle-Singer COVID-19: I didn’t bake bread I mourned. I prayed. I had no epiphanies. I drank less than I thought I would. But I ate more ice cream and cookies. Daniel B. Shapiro Democrats’ stand on annexation poses a dilemma for Israel Not only because Joe Biden may soon sit in the White House, but because his party’s opposition to a unilateral move is rooted in bipartisan support for Israel Alan Solow A unilateral West Bank land grab would imperil Israel No solution should be imposed on anyone or by anyone in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. While American Jewish consensus around Israel policy has not always been easy to attain, this sentiment has stood for decades as the one universally accepted principle undergirding the quest for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – that it must be reached through bilateral negotiations between the parties. This precept allowed Jewish leadership to strongly urge American administrations of both parties not to attempt to implement their own vision of how to resolve longstanding differences between... Continue Reading Arieh Kovler Reopening the synagogues is a mistake Shul has already been a proven source of the COVID-19 infection in Israel; given proximity and singing, the risk of super-spreading is just too great Shimshon HaKohen Nadel A spiritual exit strategy Will things go back to normal? No. But I pray we emerge from this pandemic just a little softer, gentler, and kinder Yuval Cherlow Read your lips? It’s not possible when you wear a mask Adaptations such as Zoom conferencing for coping with coronavirus often leave out those with disabilities. As a society, we must do better Gideon Remez Alas, poor El Al – my granddad named it The venerable state enterprise established by the founders may not deserve a bailout, but who will extricate Israelis in the next emergency? Ora Griv Abu Kabir is our home. How dare Tel Aviv try to kick us out. We’ll tell the Supreme Court how the Ashkenazi elite sent us to live in a barren, dangerous neighborhood and now want our home for luxury condos Ilana Goldstein Saks Sabbatical in the fifth year The idea of rebooting our rushed, overworked society seemed unattainable: how could we just stop, so the earth could rest and heal? Now we know we can Jerusalem divided: 1947 By Daniel Chertoff It was a ’hodgepodge’ of neighborhoods. Today, with Arabs and Jews on the corona frontlines, the fissures are slowly fading Eyal Hareuveni Issawiya and the myth of a united Jerusalem On Jerusalem Day, Israelis are bombarded with clichés about the “unification” and “liberation” of the city. There is no better time to examine Israeli policy in what is actually a divided city. There is no better place to look than the Palestinian neighborhood of Issawiya. Fifty-three years after Israel illegally annexed East Jerusalem, this neighborhood is now one of the poorest and most overcrowded in the city.  For more than a year now, the Israel Police has been waging a campaign of abuse and collective punishment against the 22,000 residents... Continue Reading Choice voices Tzivi Nochenson For all that is holy, don’t tell me how to cover my hair No, I didn’t cause the corona crisis by wearing a wig, and no, forbidding wigs is not the first thing Moshiach will do when he arrives Bazy Swirsky Rubin I am 22, here for the senior citizen’s tour They say that studying history makes you lose faith in humanity, but when I focus on people’s stories, I fall in love with humanity over and over again Diana Barshaw Age of consent The gross underestimation of older people and their ability to determine their own fates was strong in Israel long before COVID-19 Marla Cohen Coronavirus and the Jewish space/time continuum I miss shul and the JCC, and Havdalah via Zoom just isn’t the same; it’s as if someone hit an enormous pause button for Jewish life with no plans of releasing it any time soon Dan Perry The foreign media is not anti-Israel Most correspondents stationed here accept the country’s right to exist; what they don’t accept is Israel’s occupation of the West Bank Jenni Frazer Raise a glass to the daring captors of May 1960 Those who brought Adolf Eichmann to justice reflected the ’can-do’ attitude the prevailed in the deprivations of pre-’67 Israel
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