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Technology Exchange Lab
TEL is grateful for the care and professionalism that The Rosetta Foundation’s volunteers put into the translation work.
Technology Exchange LabThe Rosetta Foundation partner
Volunteer translators provide a service to humanity.
HassanThe Rosetta Foundation volunteer
Tamara Jiménez
Translation is not about knowing a language but also about being aware of a wide range of multicultural issues.
Tamara JiménezThe Rosetta Foundation volunteer
Physically disabled people in Peru will benefit if we are able to communicate some further information in English about their organisation to the funding body.
PALThe Rosetta Foundation partner
Stéphane Czarnecka
I’m really happy that my skills can benefit others free of charge!
Stéphane CzarneckaThe Rosetta Foundation volunteer
I think that not everything has a price tag: we breathe free of charge and air is very important for living things, so why not give some of my time and energy to translate?
NadineThe Rosetta Foundation volunteer
The translations will be used  by our offices in Iraq, Cote d’Ivoire, and Colombia to help create personalized capacity development programs.
HEARTLAND ALLIANCEThe Rosetta Foundation partner
Patty Abozaglo
Translation of the Capacitar Research Report into Spanish was widely disseminated among Colombia NGOs and people affected by Gender based violence. Thanks a mil for your Invaluable support on this.
Patty AbozagloThe Rosetta Foundation partner
I am proud to support NGOs in their work and indeed The Rosetta Foundation, which is so essential in bringing volunteers and NGOs together and facilitating their cooperation.
AnthonyThe Rosetta Foundation volunteer
Médicos del Mundo
The translations provided by The Rosetta Foundation have helped the communities we support in so many ways.
Médicos del MundoThe Rosetta Foundation partner