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Top Cited Articles of All Time (2010 edition)

Top Cited Articles of All Time (2010 edition)

The 100 most highly cited papers of All Time (2010 edition)

Keep in mind that citation counts can never be exact, there is something like a 5% error in most of these numbers. Please do not fret about number 32 versus 33, as this is often not a statistically significant difference. Remember the detailed warning about the accuracy of these counts.

Also note that the counts shown, and used in the rankings, are the counts as of Wed 29-Dec-2010. Further, the counts shown by the ranking are only the cites satisfying the criteria for that list. Actual citation numbers in the database may change as corrections are made and papers are added, the links will take you to the updated numbers. The lists, however, will not update.

  1. 37791
    Review of Particle Physics
    By Particle Data Group (Claude Amsler et al.).
    Citations are counted for all versions of the RPP, most recent version is:
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B667:1-1340,2008
    [3679 Total citations in HEP]
    [37799 Total Citations to all copies of RPP in HEP]
  2. 7328
    A Model of Leptons
    By Steven Weinberg (MIT, LNS).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.19:1264-1266,1967
    [7328 Total citations in HEP]
  3. 7135
    The Large N limit of superconformal field theories and supergravity
    By Juan Martin Maldacena (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Adv.Theor.Math.Phys.2:231-252,1998, Int.J.Theor.Phys.38:1113-1133,1999 (arXiv: hep-th/9711200)
    [7192 Total citations in HEP]
  4. 6168
    CP Violation in the Renormalizable Theory of Weak Interaction
    By Makoto Kobayashi, Toshihide Maskawa (Kyoto U.).
    Published in:Prog.Theor.Phys.49:652-657,1973
    [6168 Total citations in HEP]
  5. 5920
    First year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) observations: Determination of cosmological parameters
    By WMAP Collaboration (D.N. Spergel et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.148:175-194,2003 (arXiv: astro-ph/0302209)
    [5921 Total citations in HEP]
  6. 5225
    Measurements of Omega and Lambda from 42 high redshift supernovae
    By Supernova Cosmology Project (S. Perlmutter et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.517:565-586,1999 (arXiv: astro-ph/9812133)
    [5226 Total citations in HEP]
  7. 5094
    Observational evidence from supernovae for an accelerating universe and a cosmological constant
    By Supernova Search Team (Adam G. Riess et al.).
    Published in:Astron.J.116:1009-1038,1998 (arXiv: astro-ph/9805201)
    [5095 Total citations in HEP]
  8. 4974
    Maps of dust IR emission for use in estimation of reddening and CMBR foregrounds
    By David J. Schlegel (Durham U.), Douglas P. Finkbeiner, Marc Davis (UC, Berkeley).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.500:525,1998 (arXiv: astro-ph/9710327)
    [4974 Total citations in HEP]
  9. 4843
    Anti-de Sitter space and holography
    By Edward Witten (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study).
    Published in:Adv.Theor.Math.Phys.2:253-291,1998 (arXiv: hep-th/9802150)
    [4849 Total citations in HEP]
  10. 4739
    A Large mass hierarchy from a small extra dimension
    By Lisa Randall (Princeton U. & MIT, LNS), Raman Sundrum (Boston U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.83:3370-3373,1999 (arXiv: hep-ph/9905221)
    [4740 Total citations in HEP]
  11. 4316
    Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) three year results: implications for cosmology
    By WMAP Collaboration (D.N. Spergel et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.170:377,2007 (arXiv: astro-ph/0603449)
    [4320 Total citations in HEP]
  12. 4264
    Gauge theory correlators from noncritical string theory
    By S.S. Gubser, Igor R. Klebanov, Alexander M. Polyakov (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B428:105-114,1998 (arXiv: hep-th/9802109)
    [4270 Total citations in HEP]
  13. 4116
    An Alternative to compactification
    By Lisa Randall (Princeton U. & MIT, LNS), Raman Sundrum (Boston U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.83:4690-4693,1999 (arXiv: hep-th/9906064)
    [4117 Total citations in HEP]
  14. 4106
    The Hierarchy problem and new dimensions at a millimeter
    By Nima Arkani-Hamed (SLAC), Savas Dimopoulos (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.), G.R. Dvali (ICTP, Trieste).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B429:263-272,1998 (arXiv: hep-ph/9803315)
    [4107 Total citations in HEP]
  15. 4064
    Asymptotic Freedom in Parton Language
    By Guido Altarelli (Ecole Normale Superieure), G. Parisi (IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B126:298,1977
    [4065 Total citations in HEP]
  16. 4055
    Weak Interactions with Lepton-Hadron Symmetry
    By S.L. Glashow, J. Iliopoulos, L. Maiani (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D2:1285-1292,1970
    [4056 Total citations in HEP]
  17. 4021
    Partial Symmetries of Weak Interactions
    By S.L. Glashow (Copenhagen U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.22:579-588,1961
    [4021 Total citations in HEP]
  18. 3750
    Particle Creation by Black Holes
    By S.W. Hawking (Cambridge U.).
    Published in:Commun.Math.Phys.43:199-220,1975, Erratum-ibid.46:206-206,1976
    [3750 Total citations in HEP]
  19. 3734
    QCD and Resonance Physics. Sum Rules
    By Mikhail A. Shifman, A.I. Vainshtein, Valentin I. Zakharov (Moscow, ITEP).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B147:385-447,1979
    [3734 Total citations in HEP]
  20. 3691
    The Inflationary Universe: A Possible Solution to the Horizon and Flatness Problems
    By Alan H. Guth (SLAC).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D23:347-356,1981
    [3691 Total citations in HEP]
  21. 3659
    Supersymmetry, Supergravity and Particle Physics
    By Hans Peter Nilles (Geneva U. & CERN).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.110:1-162,1984
    [3659 Total citations in HEP]
  22. 3546
    The Search for Supersymmetry: Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model
    By Howard E. Haber (UC, Santa Cruz & SLAC), Gordon L. Kane (Michigan U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.117:75-263,1985
    [3546 Total citations in HEP]
  23. 3478
    Evidence for oscillation of atmospheric neutrinos
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (Y. Fukuda et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.81:1562-1567,1998 (arXiv: hep-ex/9807003)
    [3478 Total citations in HEP]
  24. 3350
    Unitary Symmetry and Leptonic Decays
    By Nicola Cabibbo (CERN).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.10:531-533,1963
    [3350 Total citations in HEP]
  25. 3305
    Dynamical Model of Elementary Particles Based on an Analogy with Superconductivity. 1.
    By Yoichiro Nambu, G. Jona-Lasinio (Chicago U., EFI).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.122:345-358,1961
    [3305 Total citations in HEP]
  26. 3274
    Unity of All Elementary Particle Forces
    By H. Georgi, S.L. Glashow (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.32:438-441,1974
    [3274 Total citations in HEP]
  27. 3264
    Neutrino Oscillations in Matter
    By L. Wolfenstein (Carnegie Mellon U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D17:2369-2374,1978
    [3264 Total citations in HEP]
  28. 3263
    Confinement of Quarks
    By Kenneth G. Wilson (Cornell U., LNS).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D10:2445-2459,1974
    [3263 Total citations in HEP]
  29. 3080
    A Planar Diagram Theory for Strong Interactions
    By Gerard 't Hooft (CERN).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B72:461,1974
    [3080 Total citations in HEP]
  30. 3079
    Lepton Number as the Fourth Color
    By Jogesh C. Pati (Maryland U.), Abdus Salam (ICTP, Trieste & Imperial Coll., London).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D10:275-289,1974, Erratum-ibid.D11:703-703,1975
    [3080 Total citations in HEP]
  31. 3043
    New dimensions at a millimeter to a Fermi and superstrings at a TeV
    By Ignatios Antoniadis (Ecole Polytechnique), Nima Arkani-Hamed (SLAC), Savas Dimopoulos (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.), G.R. Dvali (ICTP, Trieste).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B436:257-263,1998 (arXiv: hep-ph/9804398)
    [3043 Total citations in HEP]
  32. 2979
    Computation of the Quantum Effects Due to a Four-Dimensional Pseudoparticle
    By Gerard 't Hooft (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D14:3432-3450,1976, Erratum-ibid.D18:2199,1978
    [2979 Total citations in HEP]
  33. 2890
    On gauge invariance and vacuum polarization
    By Julian S. Schwinger (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.82:664-679,1951
    [2890 Total citations in HEP]
  34. 2839
    High-energy physics event generation with PYTHIA 5.7 and JETSET 7.4
    By Torbjorn Sjostrand (CERN).
    Published in:Comput.Phys.Commun.82:74-90,1994
    [2839 Total citations in HEP]
  35. 2822
    First year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) observations: Preliminary maps and basic results
    By WMAP Collaboration (C.L. Bennett et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.148:1,2003 (arXiv: astro-ph/0302207)
    [2823 Total citations in HEP]
  36. 2780
    Radiative Corrections as the Origin of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
    By Sidney R. Coleman, Erick J. Weinberg (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D7:1888-1910,1973
    [2781 Total citations in HEP]
  37. 2775
    String theory and noncommutative geometry
    By Nathan Seiberg, Edward Witten (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study).
    Published in:JHEP 9909:032,1999 (arXiv: hep-th/9908142)
    [2775 Total citations in HEP]
  38. 2733
    A Universal density profile from hierarchical clustering
    By Julio F. Navarro (Arizona U., Astron. Dept. - Steward Observ.), Carlos S. Frenk (Durham U.), Simon D.M. White (Garching, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.490:493-508,1997 (arXiv: astro-ph/9611107)
    [2735 Total citations in HEP]
  39. 2677
    Regularization and Renormalization of Gauge Fields
    By Gerard 't Hooft, M.J.G. Veltman (Utrecht U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B44:189-213,1972
    [2677 Total citations in HEP]
  40. 2674
    Reliable Perturbative Results for Strong Interactions?
    By H.David Politzer (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.30:1346-1349,1973
    [2674 Total citations in HEP]
  41. 2670
    Chiral Perturbation Theory to One Loop
    By J. Gasser (Bern U.), H. Leutwyler (CERN).
    Published in:Annals Phys.158:142,1984
    [2670 Total citations in HEP]
  42. 2660
    Ultraviolet Behavior of Nonabelian Gauge Theories
    By D.J. Gross, Frank Wilczek (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.30:1343-1346,1973
    [2660 Total citations in HEP]
  43. 2640
    Chiral Perturbation Theory: Expansions in the Mass of the Strange Quark
    By J. Gasser (Bern U.), H. Leutwyler (CERN).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B250:465,1985
    [2640 Total citations in HEP]
  44. 2559
    Axial vector vertex in spinor electrodynamics
    By Stephen L. Adler (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.177:2426-2438,1969
    [2559 Total citations in HEP]
  45. 2556
    Symmetry Breaking Through Bell-Jackiw Anomalies
    By Gerard 't Hooft (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.37:8-11,1976
    [2556 Total citations in HEP]
  46. 2553
    Neutrino Mass and Spontaneous Parity Violation
    By Rabindra N. Mohapatra (City Coll., N.Y.), Goran Senjanovic (Maryland U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.44:912,1980
    [2553 Total citations in HEP]
  47. 2521
    The relationship between infrared, optical, and ultraviolet extinction
    By Jason A. Cardelli, Geoffrey C. Clayton, John S. Mathis (Washburn Observ.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.345:245-256,1989
    [2521 Total citations in HEP]
  48. 2496
    Infinite Conformal Symmetry in Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory
    By A.A. Belavin, Alexander M. Polyakov (Landau Inst.), A.B. Zamolodchikov (CERN & Landau Inst.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B241:333-380,1984
    [2496 Total citations in HEP]
  49. 2475
    Five-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Cosmological Interpretation
    By WMAP Collaboration (E. Komatsu et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.180:330-376,2009 (arXiv:0803.0547 [astro-ph])
    [2475 Total citations in HEP]
  50. 2439
    Exclusive Processes in Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
    By G.Peter Lepage (Cornell U., LNS), Stanley J. Brodsky (SLAC).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D22:2157,1980
    [2439 Total citations in HEP]
  51. 2424
    Resonance Amplification of Oscillations in Matter and Spectroscopy of Solar Neutrinos
    By S.P. Mikheev, A.Yu. Smirnov (Moscow, INR).
    Published in:Sov.J.Nucl.Phys.42:913-917,1985, Yad.Fiz.42:1441-1448,1985
    [2427 Total citations in HEP]
  52. 2414
    Large N field theories, string theory and gravity
    By Ofer Aharony (Rutgers U., Piscataway), Steven S. Gubser (Harvard U.), Juan Martin Maldacena (Harvard U. & Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study), Hirosi Ooguri (UC, Berkeley & LBL, Berkeley), Yaron Oz (CERN).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.323:183-386,2000 (arXiv: hep-th/9905111)
    [2415 Total citations in HEP]
  53. 2367
    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Technical Summary
    By SDSS Collaboration (Donald G. York et al.).
    Published in:Astron.J.120:1579-1587,2000 (arXiv: astro-ph/0006396)
    [2367 Total citations in HEP]
  54. 2206
    QCD and Resonance Physics: Applications
    By Mikhail A. Shifman, A.I. Vainshtein, Valentin I. Zakharov (Moscow, ITEP).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B147:448-518,1979
    [2207 Total citations in HEP]
  55. 2176
    A New Inflationary Universe Scenario: A Possible Solution of the Horizon, Flatness, Homogeneity, Isotropy and Primordial Monopole Problems
    By Andrei D. Linde (Lebedev Inst.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B108:389-393,1982
    [2180 Total citations in HEP]
  56. 2148
    CP Conservation in the Presence of Instantons
    By R.D. Peccei, Helen R. Quinn (Stanford U., ITP).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.38:1440-1443,1977
    [2148 Total citations in HEP]
  57. 2140
    Deep inelastic e p scattering in perturbation theory
    By V.N. Gribov, L.N. Lipatov (St. Petersburg, INP).
    Published in:Sov.J.Nucl.Phys.15:438-450,1972, Yad.Fiz.15:781-807,1972
    [2143 Total citations in HEP]
  58. 2131
    Pseudoparticle Solutions of the Yang-Mills Equations
    By A.A. Belavin, Alexander M. Polyakov, A.S. Schwartz, Yu.S. Tyupkin (Landau Inst.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B59:85-87,1975
    [2132 Total citations in HEP]
  59. 2117
    A PCAC puzzle: pi0 --> gamma gamma in the sigma model
    By J.S. Bell, R. Jackiw (CERN).
    Published in:Nuovo Cim.A60:47-61,1969
    [2127 Total citations in HEP]
  60. 2115
    Vacuum Configurations for Superstrings
    By P. Candelas (Texas U. & Santa Barbara, KITP), Gary T. Horowitz (UC, Santa Barbara), Andrew Strominger (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study), Edward Witten (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B258:46-74,1985
    [2115 Total citations in HEP]
  61. 2103
    The Pomeranchuk Singularity in Quantum Chromodynamics
    By I.I. Balitsky, L.N. Lipatov (St. Petersburg, INP).
    Published in:Sov.J.Nucl.Phys.28:822-829,1978, Yad.Fiz.28:1597-1611,1978
    [2107 Total citations in HEP]
  62. 2100
    Electric - magnetic duality, monopole condensation, and confinement in N=2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
    By N. Seiberg (Rutgers U., Piscataway & Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study), Edward Witten (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B426:19-52,1994, Erratum-ibid.B430:485-486,1994 (arXiv: hep-th/9407087)
    [2101 Total citations in HEP]
  63. 2097
    Magnetic Monopoles in Unified Gauge Theories
    By Gerard 't Hooft (CERN).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B79:276-284,1974
    [2097 Total citations in HEP]
  64. 2088
    Quantum Geometry of Bosonic Strings
    By Alexander M. Polyakov (Landau Inst.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B103:207-210,1981
    [2088 Total citations in HEP]
  65. 2077
    Phenomenological Lagrangians
    By Steven Weinberg (Harvard U. & Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. Astrophys.).
    Published in:Physica A96:327,1979
    [2083 Total citations in HEP]
  66. 2053
    Hadron Masses in a Gauge Theory
    By A. De Rujula, Howard Georgi, S.L. Glashow (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D12:147-162,1975
    [2053 Total citations in HEP]
  67. 2033
    Cosmology for Grand Unified Theories with Radiatively Induced Symmetry Breaking
    By Andreas Albrecht, Paul J. Steinhardt (Pennsylvania U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.48:1220-1223,1982
    [2033 Total citations in HEP]
  68. 2024
    Parton Fragmentation and String Dynamics
    By Bo Andersson, G. Gustafson, G. Ingelman, T. Sjostrand (Lund U., Dept. Theor. Phys.).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.97:31-145,1983
    [2025 Total citations in HEP]
  69. 2022
    The Structure of cold dark matter halos
    By Julio F. Navarro (Arizona U., Astron. Dept. - Steward Observ.), Carlos S. Frenk (Durham U.), Simon D.M. White (Garching, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.462:563-575,1996 (arXiv: astro-ph/9508025)
    [2022 Total citations in HEP]
  70. 2016
    The Pomeranchuk Singularity in Nonabelian Gauge Theories
    By E.A. Kuraev, L.N. Lipatov, Victor S. Fadin (Novosibirsk, IYF).
    Published in:Sov.Phys.JETP 45:199-204,1977, Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz.72:377-389,1977
    [2030 Total citations in HEP]
  71. 2013
    Anomaly Cancellation in Supersymmetric D=10 Gauge Theory and Superstring Theory
    By Michael B. Green (Queen Mary, U. of London & Caltech), John H. Schwarz (Caltech).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B149:117-122,1984
    [2014 Total citations in HEP]
  72. 1965
    The Luminosity function and stellar evolution
    By Edwin E. Salpeter (Australian Natl. U., Canberra & Cornell U., Astron. Dept.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.121:161-167,1955
    [1965 Total citations in HEP]
  73. 1959
    Parametrization of the Kobayashi-Maskawa Matrix
    By Lincoln Wolfenstein (Carnegie Mellon U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.51:1945,1983
    [1959 Total citations in HEP]
  74. 1953
    Dynamical Breaking of Supersymmetry
    By Edward Witten (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B188:513,1981
    [1953 Total citations in HEP]
  75. 1944
    Type Ia supernova discoveries at z > 1 from the Hubble Space Telescope: Evidence for past deceleration and constraints on dark energy evolution
    By Supernova Search Team (Adam G. Riess et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.607:665-687,2004 (arXiv: astro-ph/0402512)
    [1945 Total citations in HEP]
  76. 1937
    Cosmological Consequences of a Rolling Homogeneous Scalar Field
    By Bharat Ratra, P.J.E. Peebles (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D37:3406,1988
    [1937 Total citations in HEP]
  77. 1933
    Super Collider Physics
    By E. Eichten (Fermilab), I. Hinchliffe (LBL, Berkeley), Kenneth D. Lane (Ohio State U.), C. Quigg (Fermilab).
    Published in:Rev.Mod.Phys.56:579-707,1984, Addendum-ibid.58:1065-1073,1986
    [1933 Total citations in HEP]
  78. 1904
    A New Extended Model of Hadrons
    By A. Chodos, R.L. Jaffe, K. Johnson, Charles B. Thorn, V.F. Weisskopf (MIT, LNS).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D9:3471-3495,1974
    [1904 Total citations in HEP]
  79. 1898
    Symmetry Behavior at Finite Temperature
    By Louise Ann Dolan, R. Jackiw (MIT, LNS).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D9:3320-3341,1974
    [1898 Total citations in HEP]
  80. 1897
    Stellar population synthesis at the resolution of 2003
    By G. Bruzual (Merida, CIDA), Stephane Charlot (Garching, Max Planck Inst. & Paris, Inst. Astrophys.).
    Published in:Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.344:1000,2003 (arXiv: astro-ph/0309134)
    [1897 Total citations in HEP]
  81. 1888
    Consequences of anomalous Ward identities
    By J. Wess (CERN & Karlsruhe U.), B. Zumino (CERN).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B37:95,1971
    [1890 Total citations in HEP]
  82. 1878
    Global Aspects of Current Algebra
    By Edward Witten (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B223:422-432,1983
    [1878 Total citations in HEP]
  83. 1871
    Direct evidence for neutrino flavor transformation from neutral current interactions in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
    By SNO Collaboration (Q.R. Ahmad et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.89:011301,2002 (arXiv: nucl-ex/0204008)
    [1871 Total citations in HEP]
  84. 1869
    M theory as a matrix model: A Conjecture
    By Tom Banks (Rutgers U., Piscataway), W. Fischler (Texas U.), S.H. Shenker (Rutgers U., Piscataway), Leonard Susskind (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D55:5112-5128,1997 (arXiv: hep-th/9610043)
    [1870 Total citations in HEP]
  85. 1863
    The Cosmological Constant Problem
    By Steven Weinberg (Texas U.).
    Published in:Rev.Mod.Phys.61:1-23,1989
    [1863 Total citations in HEP]
  86. 1862
    Phenomenology, astrophysics and cosmology of theories with submillimeter dimensions and TeV scale quantum gravity
    By Nima Arkani-Hamed (SLAC), Savas Dimopoulos (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.), G.R. Dvali (ICTP, Trieste).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D59:086004,1999 (arXiv: hep-ph/9807344)
    [1862 Total citations in HEP]
  87. 1855
    Black holes and entropy
    By Jacob D. Bekenstein (Princeton U. & Texas U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D7:2333-2346,1973
    [1855 Total citations in HEP]
  88. 1851
    New generation of parton distributions with uncertainties from global QCD analysis
    By J. Pumplin, D.R. Stump, J. Huston, H.L. Lai, Pavel M. Nadolsky, W.K. Tung (Michigan State U.).
    Published in:JHEP 0207:012,2002 (arXiv: hep-ph/0201195)
    [1854 Total citations in HEP]
  89. 1848
    Heterotic and type I string dynamics from eleven-dimensions
    By Petr Horava (Princeton U.), Edward Witten (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B460:506-524,1996 (arXiv: hep-th/9510209)
    [1850 Total citations in HEP]
  90. 1843
    Black holes in binary systems. Observational appearance
    By N.I. Shakura (Sternberg Astron. Inst.), R.A. Sunyaev (Moscow, IPM).
    Published in:Astron.Astrophys.24:337-355,1973
    [1843 Total citations in HEP]
  91. 1838
    The Renormalization group and the epsilon expansion
    By K.G. Wilson (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study & Cornell U., LNS), John B. Kogut (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.12:75-200,1974
    [1840 Total citations in HEP]
  92. 1832
    Topologically Massive Gauge Theories
    By Stanley Deser (Brandeis U.), R. Jackiw, S. Templeton (MIT, LNS).
    Published in:Annals Phys.140:372-411,1982, Erratum-ibid.185:406,1988, Annals Phys.185:406,1988
    [1882 Total citations in HEP]
  93. 1808
    Evidence for the 2 pi Decay of the k(2)0 Meson
    By J.H. Christenson, J.W. Cronin, V.L. Fitch, R. Turlay (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.13:138-140,1964
    [1808 Total citations in HEP]
  94. 1802
    Vortex Line Models for Dual Strings
    By Holger Bech Nielsen, P. Olesen (Bohr Inst.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B61:45-61,1973
    [1803 Total citations in HEP]
  95. 1801
    Semihard Processes in QCD
    By L.V. Gribov, E.M. Levin, M.G. Ryskin (St. Petersburg, INP).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.100:1-150,1983
    [1801 Total citations in HEP]
  96. 1796
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