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Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics (Second Edition)

2006, Pages 72-75

Spelling Reform Proposals: English

Author links open overlay panelD.AbercrombieP.T.Daniels []Get rights and content

Four centuries of proposals for the reform of English spelling are discussed.

Peter T. Daniels is one of the world's few scholars specializing exclusively in the study of writing systems. With degrees in linguistics from Cornell University and the University of Chicago, he has taught at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and Chicago State University and has presented invited lectures on three continents. His translations include Introduction to the Semitic Languages, by Gotthelf Bergsträsser, and From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire, by Pierre Briant (both published by Eisenbrauns). He is author of numerous articles and reviews on writing and on the topic of languages of the world; co-editor and principal contributor to The World's Writing Systems (Oxford, 1996); and consulting editor for issues of the children's magazines Calliope and AppleSeeds devoted to writing, to appear in 2004. He lives in New York City.


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