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Schneier on Security: Crypto-Gram

Schneier on Security

Crypto-Gram Newsletter

Crypto-Gram is a free monthly e-mail digest of posts from Bruce Schneier's Schneier on Security blog.

Recent Issues

November 15, 2018

In this issue:

  1. How DNA Databases Violate Everyone's Privacy
  2. Privacy for Tigers
  3. Government Perspective on Supply Chain Security
  4. West Virginia Using Internet Voting
  5. Are the Police Using Smart-Home IoT Devices to Spy on People?
  6. On Disguise
  7. China's Hacking of the Border Gateway Protocol
  8. Android Ad-Fraud Scheme
  9. Detecting Fake Videos
  10. Security Vulnerability in Internet-Connected Construction Cranes
  11. More on the Supermicro Spying Story
  12. Cell Phone Security and Heads of State
  13. ID Systems Throughout the 50 States
  14. Was the Triton Malware Attack Russian in Origin?
  15. Buying Used Voting Machines on eBay
  16. How to Punish Cybercriminals
  17. Troy Hunt on Passwords
  18. Security of Solid-State-Drive Encryption
  19. Consumer Reports Reviews Wireless Home-Security Cameras
  20. iOS 12.1 Vulnerability
  21. Privacy and Security of Data at Universities
  22. The Pentagon Is Publishing Foreign Nation-State Malware
  23. Hiding Secret Messages in Fingerprints
  24. New IoT Security Regulations
  25. Oracle and "Responsible Disclosure"
  26. More Spectre/Meltdown-Like Attacks
  27. Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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October 15, 2018

In this issue:

  1. NSA Attacks Against Virtual Private Networks
  2. Public Shaming of Companies for Bad Security
  3. Pegasus Spyware Used in 45 Countries
  4. Security Vulnerability in ESS ExpressVote Touchscreen Voting Computer
  5. AES Resulted in a $250-Billion Economic Benefit
  6. New Findings About Prime Number Distribution Almost Certainly Irrelevant to Cryptography
  7. New Variants of Cold-Boot Attack
  8. Evidence for the Security of PKCS #1 Digital Signatures
  9. Counting People through a Wall with Wi-Fi
  10. Yet Another IoT Cybersecurity Document
  11. Major Tech Companies Finally Endorse Federal Privacy Regulation
  12. More on the Five Eyes Statement on Encryption and Backdoors
  13. Facebook Is Using Your Two-Factor Authentication Phone Number to Target Advertising
  14. Sophisticated Voice Phishing Scams
  15. Terahertz Millimeter-Wave Scanners
  16. The Effects of GDPR's 72-Hour Notification Rule
  17. Helen Nissenbaum on Data Privacy and Consent
  18. Chinese Supply Chain Hardware Attack
  19. Conspiracy Theories around the "Presidential Alert"
  20. Detecting Credit Card Skimmers
  21. Defeating the "Deal or No Deal" Arcade Game
  22. The US National Cyber Strategy
  23. Access Now Is Looking for a Chief Security Officer
  24. Security Vulnerabilities in US Weapons Systems
  25. Another Bloomberg Story about Supply-Chain Hardware Attacks from China
  26. Security in a World of Physically Capable Computers
  27. Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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September 15, 2018

In this issue:

  1. New Book Announcement: Click Here to Kill Everybody
  2. Speculation Attack Against Intel's SGX
  3. New Ways to Track Internet Browsing
  4. James Mickens on the Current State of Computer Security
  5. "Two Stage" BMW Theft Attempt
  6. Good Primer on Two-Factor Authentication Security
  7. John Mueller and Mark Stewart on the Risks of Terrorism
  8. Future Cyberwar
  9. NotPetya
  10. CIA Network Exposed through Insecure Communications System
  11. Cheating in Bird Racing
  12. Eavesdropping on Computer Screens through the Webcam Mic
  13. Using a Smartphone's Microphone and Speakers to Eavesdrop on Passwords
  14. Five-Eyes Intelligence Services Choose Surveillance Over Security
  15. Reddit AMA
  16. Using Hacked IoT Devices to Disrupt the Power Grid
  17. Security Vulnerability in Smart Electric Outlets
  18. Security Risks of Government Hacking
  19. Quantum Computing and Cryptography
  20. Click Here to Kill Everybody Reviews and Press Mentions
  21. Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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