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RCSB PDB Download Features

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Download Related Features

The Download Tool can download coordinate and experimental data files, FASTA sequence files, and ligand data files for one or many PDB entries. After entering the IDs of interest, select the "Launch Download" button and you will be prompted to open and/or download and save locally a file called download_rcsb.jnlp (for Chrome, the file must be downloaded and then opened).

The Download Tool launches a stand-alone application using the&nbspJava Web Start protocol. You can find&nbsphelp for this feature here. To view software requirements or if you have problems launching the application, please view the the&nbspJava Web Start troubleshooting guide. DownloadStructure

Download: Coordinates & Experimental Data

Enter PDB IDs separated by comma or white space. Note: The Download Tool is launched as a stand-alone application using the Java Web Start protocol.&nbspMore Download Help&nbsp

*Note: These files can also be downloaded individually from Structure Summary pages.


Download: Sequences

Enter PDB IDs separated by comma or white space.&nbspDownload Help&nbsp

Download a FASTA file containing&nbspall&nbspPDB sequences:&nbspuncompressed |&nbspgzipped

*Note: The uncompressed single FASTA File can also be downloaded from the Structure Summary pages.


Download: Ligands

Enter ligand IDs separated by comma or white space.&nbspDownload Help&nbsp

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