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Rakuten - Earn Super Points at your favourite retailers and choose great rewards.


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Home & Garden

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Sports and Outdoors

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Health and Beauty

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IWOOT, Moonpig, Twinings, Cadbury...

Finance & Utilities, transfergo, Western Union, Boots...

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is an exciting new loyalty programme launched in October 2016. It was developed from the former Rakuten marketplace business. The programme allows users to earn Rakuten Super Points by shopping online at affiliate stores that are listed on the Rakuten website.

How does Rakuten work?

Rakuten Super Points can be redeemed for TV programmes or movies on Rakuten TV, or used to purchase Viber Out credit to make calls to any phone by using the Rakuten Viber app or Rakuten Kobo. Rakuten Super Points can now also be exchanged for coupons and store credit at selected brands.

Reward yourself with great entertainment at

You can now use your Super Points   to enjoy the latest movie releases, top blockbusters and award-winning classics with Rakuten TV.  Use your account for easy access.

Shop with vouchers and credit

Use your Super Points to get gift cards and shop credit from top retailers like Tesco and M&S.

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Connect with

Top up your balance using Super Points and make calls to numbers worldwide.

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Discover your next great read at

Exchange your Super Points into gift cards at Kobo and choose from books in 77 languages, including the latest bestsellers, all time classics and engaging children's titles. Discover more here .

If Only I Could Tell You

Nightfall Berlin

The Flatshare

Never Tell

The Mother-in-Law

The Forgotten Sister

Kobo Aura H20

Join and get your 500   Rakuten Super Points welcome bonus!*

*To qualify for a welcome bonus, you must be a new member and make a minimum purchase of £20 within 60 days of registering.

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