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Comparing Darwinism, Creationism/ID and Cosmic Ancestry. by Brig Klyce

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Compare Darwinism, Creationism/ID, Cosmic Ancestry What'sNEW

Question Answer From: Darwinism Creationism/ID Cosmic Ancestry Origin of life? chance (1) God/unspecified
intelligence (1) undemonstrated (2) Source of life? the cosmos Origin of genetic programs? chance (1) God/unspecified
intelligence (1) undemonstrated (2) Source of genetic programs? the cosmos Can mutation and natural selection produce microevolution? yes (1) maybe/yes yes Can mutation and natural selection produce sustained macroevolutionary progress? no only with HGT (3) Can new genetic programs arrive suddenly? no ?/? yes Has life inhabited Earth for more than three billion years? yes no/yes yes Did higher life forms descend from lower ones? yes no/maybe, but how? yes with HGT (3) Does sustained macroevolutionary progress require ongoing miracles? yes! (4) yes/yes? no What existed before the standard big bang? nothing God something Was there life before the standard big bang? no no yes What caused the material world to exist? the big bang God science cannot answer What caused life to exist? chance God/unspecified
intelligence science cannot answer (1) The answering philosophy treats these two questions as the same question.
(2) The origin of life and the origins of genetic programs are assumed events lacking direct supporting evidence and without logical grounding except for the standard big bang.
(3) HGT = Horizontal [or Lateral] Gene [or DNA or RNA] Transfer.
(4) The superastronomical unlikelihoods that darwinian evolution must overcome are effectively miracles.

          There are clear unknowables in science — Marcelo Gleiser, Nature, 2018.
10 Aug 2019: Darwin's Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer [book review].
10 Jul 2014: "The Third Way" website: quotation and link
12-25 Jun 2013: correspondence with Michael Behe illuminates some differences between ID and CA.
10 Feb 2013: Thomas Nagel questions the adequacy of neo-darwinan evolution [book review].
11 Apr 2012: Tennessee law allows high school science classes to consider problems with the theory of evolution....
12 Oct 2011: Panspermia might reconcile creationism and neo-Darwinism according to a paper available online today.
12 Dec 2010: The existence of an aeon preceding our Big Bang is proposed by a pair of cosmologists.
5 Jun 2009: The enemy has become more diverse, says anthropologist Eugenie Scott.
7 Jul 2008: The Design Matrix: A Consilience of Clues — a book review with relevant discussion.
19 Oct 2005: Michael Behe testified in favor of Intelligent Design in a lawsuit in Dover, PA.

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