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Way: ‪Burj Khalifa‬ (‪137153127‬) | OpenStreetMap


Way: Burj Khalifa (137153127)

Find all the http:// website tags in OSM that redirect to https:// and update them.

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addr:cityDubai addr:housenumber1 addr:streetشارع الشيخ محمد بن راشد alt_name:enBurj Dubai alt_name:huKalifa-torony alt_old_name:huDubaj-torony buildingyes building:materialglass email[email protected] height828 nameBurj Khalifa name:arبرج خليفة name:ckbبورجی خەلیفە name:csBurdž Chalífa name:enBurj Khalifa name:etBurj Khalīfah name:huBurdzs Kalifa name:jaブルジュ・ハリファ name:ko부르즈 할리파 name:ruБурдж-Халифа name:skBurdž Khalífa name:slBurj Kalifa name:sqBurxh Khalifa name:thบุรจญ์เคาะลีฟะฮ์ name:trBurç Halife name:ukБурдж Халіфа name:yue哈利法塔 name:zh迪拜塔 note:heightBuilding attributes (e.g., address, name, overall height, operator, etc.) must be tagged on the building outline. [] old_nameBurj Dubai old_name:huBurdzs Dubaj start_date2010-01-04 tourismattraction website[] wheelchairyes wikidataQ12495 wikipediaen:Burj Khalifa

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