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Relation: ‪Schleswig-Holstein‬ (‪62775‬) | OpenStreetMap


Relation: Schleswig-Holstein (62775)

Grenzverlauf nordöstlich Kiel

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ISO3166-2DE-SH admin_level4 de:amtlicher_gemeindeschluessel01 de:regionalschluessel01 descriptionSchleswig-Holstein (Landmasse) description:deSchleswig-Holstein (Landmasse) description:frSchleswig-Holstein (terres) description:lvŠlēsviga-Holšteina description:plSzlezwik-Holsztyn (ląd) description:skŠlezvicko-Holštajnsko description:srШлезвиг-Холштајн land_areaadministrative nameSchleswig-Holstein noteSchleswig-Holstein (Landmasse) note:TMCGrenze am damm geschlossen, damit der ring geschlossen ist. typeland_area wikidataQ1194


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