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  1. PhotoCreditChristopher Lee for The New York Times


    It Was ‘Like We Were in Love in Another Life’

    Christine Chang packed her bags to go away for a weekend with Josh Mateo and his family — before they had even gone on a single date.

    By Tammy La Gorce

    1. PhotoCredit

      Field Notes

      Until Honeymoon We Do Part

      First the wedding, now for some me time! They’re called solomoons — couples taking separate trips after the ceremony.

      By Danielle Braff

    2. PhotoCredit


      There Were No Other Fish in Their Sea

      The couple met as graduate students and became engaged last year on Valentine’s at the New England Aquarium.

      By Vincent M. Mallozzi

  1. It’s No Secret

    PhotoCreditElizabeth Bick for The New York Times

    Collaborating in Their Artwork and in Life

    “Marriage has taught me this relationship is no longer an abstract, that it’s a forever thing.”

    By Alix Strauss

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  1. PhotoCreditBrian Sager Photography

    Kathryn Smith, William Korengold

    The couple met in 2011 at a Halloween party at Trinity College, from which they graduated. The bride dressed up as the Tin Man and the groom dressed up as a Blue Man.

  2. PhotoCreditCharliePWindsor

    Regina Escano, Mark Zappi

    The couple married at St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church in Washington. They met there too, in 2015.

  3. PhotoCredit

    Anna Kaschel, Bryan Zanisnik

    They first met at a New Year’s Eve party in Brooklyn in 2014 when she was visiting from Germany. Two years after meeting they began a long-distance relationship.



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  1. PhotoCreditBob Gruen

    Drawn Together by a Sense of Adventure

    The couple met in June 2013 at an airport in Bogotá, Colombia. He was returning from a 10,000-mile motorcycle trip that began in New York and ended in Peru.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi

  2. PhotoCreditBruno Dubreuil

    They Soon Learned What the Doorman Knew

    The couple met at a wedding in June 2014 in New York, and soon each discovered that their “ultimate soul mate” was just two floors away.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi

  3. PhotoCreditTamytha Cameron

    She Wanted a Mate, He Needed a Mower

    The couple met through Craigslist in March 2018. She was looking to get engaged at some point that year.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi


Field Notes

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  1. PhotoCreditMichael Stephens Photography

    Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Hashtag

    With a designated #WeddingHashtag, guests can post photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media, serving as personal paparazzi.

    By Daniel Bortz

  2. PhotoCreditGretchen Ertl for The New York Times

    She Watches Weddings, One Click at a Time

    The photographer Genevieve de Manio said, “A truly good image stirs something in you when you see it, a feeling of adoration, love, sorrow, joy, hope, or surprise.”

    By Alix Strauss

  3. PhotoCreditAmanda Lanzone

    9 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Site

    Will there be enough toilets? Will my guests be able to hear, and have enough elbow room on the dance floor? What other events are scheduled that day? Do we need security?

    By Daniel Bortz


  1. Image

    Robyn Finkelstein, Alex Tolston

    The couple met in August 2017 at a sushi restaurant in Miami Beach.

  2. Image

    Sara Rhodin, Tyler Lechtenberg

    The couple met in April 2017 at a restaurant in Washington.

  3. Image

    This Week’s Wedding Announcements

    All of the weddings right here on one handy page for you.

  4. Image

    Veraliz Mercado, Al-Amir Jordan

    They met through the app Coffee Meets Bagel, and two years later he proposed to her in front of her entire family in Queens.

  5. Image

    Elizabeth Schoenbach, Brandon Baron

    The couple met in August 2015 in New York through mutual friends.

  6. Image

    Elizabeth Warnack, Andrew Gorman

    The bride is a fourth-year general surgery resident at NYU School of Medicine; the groom is a vice president at J.P. Morgan in New York.

  7. Image

    Erica Sackin, David Stroup

    The couple met on Tinder after he accidentally “super-liked” her profile.

  8. Image

    Lauren Youngman, John Bartnicki

    The couple met in November 2014 at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles.

  9. Image

    Betty Stolpen, Adam Weiner

    The couple met in 2016 through the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

  10. Image

    Megan McCarthy, Ted McLaughlin

    They met on Bumble, and then had their first date on quiz night at a pub in Astoria, Queens.