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Vows, weddings, Modern Love and more.

Vows, weddings, Modern Love and more.


  1. PhotoCredit

    Home Together

    Finding Beauty in a New Routine

    The talk show host Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and the musician Israel Houghton have not slowed down since being in quarantine. Between moving into a new house (with no furniture) and becoming each other’s personal camera crew, their days are full.

    By Stephanie Cain

  2. PhotoCreditIlana Panich-Linsman for The New York Times


    Pass the Popcorn and Shhh! The Wedding Is About to Start

    Two brides, Lindsey Leaverton and Bri Houk, shared their happy ending (or is it a beginning?) on the big screens at Doc’s Drive-In Theatre in Buda, Texas.

    By Jenny Block

  3. PhotoCreditHannah Yoon for The New York Times


    They Both Found Their Jukebox Hero

    Kirsten Wazalis and Glenn Leader initially planned to marry two years ago. Then life, and the coronavirus, got in the way.

    By Tammy La Gorce


    PhotoCreditAnna Godeassi

    Sheltering With My Boyfriend and No Booze

    Eliminating alcohol for a month drastically changed this New Yorker’s dating life, and ultimately her relationship.

    By Hilary Sheinbaum

  2. Mini-Vows

    PhotoCreditMr. NYC Subway

    Welcome to Our Surprise Zwedding

    Plans for a wedding in Bolivia are called off, but a ceremony in Central Park, disguised as a Zoom happy hour, brought their families together.

    By Tammy La Gorce

  3. Mini-Vows

    PhotoCreditPrayosha Villa and Tim Schaefer/&imagery Photography

    9 Miles, 7 Locations and a 3-Hour Ceremony

    “By deconstructing a traditional wedding, we performed one wedding ritual at each station, drawn from either the German or Chinese traditions,” said Dr. Huchuan Xia of his wedding to Erik Lorenz.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi


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  1. PhotoCredit

    A Driveway Wedding and Flowers by Trader Joe’s

    “Despite the craziness, we were still able to zero in on what’s really important to us, and that’s being together,” said Laurie Moise about her wedding to Horton Sears.

    By Nina Reyes

  2. PhotoCreditValory Immel/Valory and Benny Photo + Video

    A Big Sur Elopement for Two Olivias

    Olivia Hall and Olivia Reaney were married in an outdoor ceremony on the California coast in Big Sur as family members watched on Zoom.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi

  3. PhotoCreditJamie West McGiver

    Love on the Mountain Bike Trail

    The couple met on a bicycle outing, had their first date on another, and fell in love on a biking road trip. But for the wedding? They hiked.

    By Nina Reyes

  4. PhotoCredit

    Within a Week, They Fell in Love

    Clare Goslant and Alex Plum met in Washington, and fell in love right away. But she went back to college, and then he joined the Marine Corps. They managed to marry even so.

    By Nina Reyes

Modern Love

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  1. PhotoCreditAndrew White for The New York Times

    A Very Small Family Gathering Will Do This Time

    Deepika Subbiah and Michael Cicoria each come from large families. They had hoped to celebrate their wedding with more than 300 guests. Those plans changed.

    By Tammy La Gorce

  2. PhotoCreditWes Frazer for The New York Times

    The Little Wedding on the Deck

    Ashley Gruber and Jeph Mwaituka had originally invited 230 guests to their church wedding in Birmingham, Ala. But, almost everyone stayed home and watched online, from near and far.

    By Tammy La Gorce

  3. PhotoCreditEvan Jenkins for The New York Times

    A Significant, Yet Ordinary, Sunday in Chicago

    Sophia Newman and Jason Leverett were married on a city sidewalk, then they walked back to their apartment and watched one of their favorite Marvel movies. It wasn’t what they had planned for their wedding day, but it was all they needed for now.

  4. PhotoCreditSamantha Ellis

    Their Ring Bearer Was a Bear

    Rita Janecek and Joseph Schaar, both animal lovers, had to call off a much-anticipated Alaskan wedding. Their new venue was about 5,000 miles away, at an animal sanctuary in Florida.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi


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  1. PhotoCredit

    The Joy of Vegan Cooking, 60 Seconds at a Time

    Tabitha Brown, an unlikely TikTok star, draws on challenges from her past to soothe millions of followers who are trapped inside during a pandemic.

    By Sandra E. Garcia and Rozette Rago


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Field Notes

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  1. PhotoCreditMadiha Yearwood

    Creating a Name for Themselves

    As some married couples seek to join their identities, while also acknowledging they are equals, they are combining surnames or are creating entirely new ones.

    By Suzannah Weiss

  2. PhotoCreditMarne Grahlman

    Wedding Insurance 101

    Want to protect yourself in the event of a wedding mishap, severe weather conditions or a vendor incident? Here’s what to consider before getting wedding insurance.

    By Daniel Bortz

  3. PhotoCreditRozette Rago for The New York Times

    Questions for a Wedding D.J.

    Monique Proctor, who changed her name to DJ Smiles Davis 11 years ago, talks about playlists, fees and her favorite wedding moments.

    By Alix Strauss


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  1. PhotoCreditAndré da Loba

    Pulled Apart by Addiction

    Eli Falk and Rina Shapiro say expectations from their upbringing and Jewish communities caused them to marry prematurely.

    By Louise Rafkin

  2. PhotoCredit

    The Perfect Divorce

    The couple endured many changes in their long marriage. But the space between them grew when he took up sailing and she opened her own restaurants.

    By Louise Rafkin


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Binge Read Featured Couples

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  1. PhotoCreditAlicia Ann Photographers

    Ayelet Bentley, Samuel Tbeile

    They met in college and became a couple about a year later while on a Birthright Israel trip.

  2. PhotoCredit

    Kathy Su, Eric Schultz

    The couple met in 2017 through OkCupid and had their first date at a whiskey bar in New York.

  3. PhotoCreditPaul Blackmore

    Emily Herzberg, Samuel Dowd

    The couple met on the dating app Bumble, and, boldly, spent their second and third dates answering “36 questions that lead to love.”

  4. PhotoCreditSara Wight

    Jessica Murray, Joshua Sheppard

    The couple kept their wedding date, but changed the location because of the effects of the coronavirus.

  1. Married but Living Far Apart

    Some couples, driven by their careers, decide to stay put rather than move in with their spouse. Lately, some have changed their minds about that arrangement.

    By Jennifer Altmann

  2. Wedding Album

    Quarantined and Engaged: They Said ‘Yes!’

    The coronavirus didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love with fun, creative and romantic proposals.

    By Charanna Alexander

  3. How to Rethink Your Wedding

    It can still be great. First, do not panic.

  4. A New Lease With More Space Than They Needed

    They were roommates, then friends, then had a first date just a few days before they planned to become roommates again.

    By Nina Reyes

  5. No Debating Their Love

    Sparks flew at their initial meeting, as he criticized her style of activism. They quickly realized their attraction wasn’t just about politics.

    By Nina Reyes

  6. A Groom, by Proxy, on Zoom

    Veronica Wickline and Taylor Barker were determined to find a way to wed, even if he couldn’t be there for the ceremony.

    By Alyson Krueger

  7. A ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Will Have to Wait

    Vungelia Glyptis and John Damianos, both from Greek families and graduates of Dartmouth, were forced to considerably scale down their wedding plans.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi

  8. Sparks Flew Before the Curtain Call

    Lindsay Murphy and Julianne Miller developed a friendship on an online message forum that turned romantic shortly after they met.

    By Vincent M. Mallozzi

  9. It was an On-Time Proposal

    He proposed at the TWA hotel at JFK using the old arrivals departures board from the former midcentury modern terminal.

    By Rosalie R. Radomsky

  10. Singles Have to Think Outside the Screen

    Matchmakers are seeing higher demand for advice and coaching services now that drinks and dinner are on hold.

    By Tammy La Gorce


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