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Morning Edition - Ron Haviv

'Blood and Honey — A Balkan War Journal'

Serbian "Tiger" Leader Arkan and his troops pose with a baby tiger.
© 1991 Ron Haviv Listen to the Morning Edition interview.

Ron Haviv has spent a career photographing the way conflict devastates the lives of soldiers and civilians. Haviv has traveled the world, documenting everything from Colombia's drug wars to Kurds fleeing Iraq. His award-winning photographs have appeared in numerous international newspapers and magazines.

In 1991, Haviv headed to the Balkans. He was 27 and didn't know much about the region. Soon after he arrived, Haviv photographed a Serbian soldier kicking the head of a dying Muslim woman. He hoped the violent images would send a message to the world that the conflict demanded immediate intervention. His pictures reached a mass audience when they appeared on the pages of Newsweek, Time and Paris Match. Haviv was shocked to discover that there would be no response to the violence he had caught on film. A week later, shooting broke out in Sarajevo and the bloody conflict escalated.

Kosovar Albanians arrive in Albania on a tractor after being expelled by Serb forces
© 1999 Ron Haviv Haviv stayed and continued to photograph soldiers and families from the Balkans for 10 years. His work appears in a new book, Blood and Honey - A Balkan War Journal. The photographs are accompanied by essays written by Chuck Sudetic and David Rieff.

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