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Local election results May 2016 | Local election results May 2016 | Norwich City Council

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Local election results May 2016

The political make-up of the city council following the local elections on 5 May 2016 is as follows:

Labour: 26 seats, Green Party: 10, Liberal Democrats: 3

Labour has a majority of the seats and therefore has overall control.

Overall turnout: 36.3%

Bowthorpe ward

Candidate name Political party Votes Elected Hold/gain     BURGESS James Edward Conservative 387 BUTTON Sally Ann Labour 1218 X Labour hold CARTER Helen Green 213 MALINOWSKI Yan Leon Liberal Democrats 89 NEWTON Michelle UKIP 371

Catton Grove ward

Candidate name                Political party Votes Elected Hold/gain     ELMER Daniel Edward Conservative 607 HARRIS Gail Paula Labour 1150 X Labour hold HO Michelle UKIP 372 PARK Tony Arthur Green 175 TOOKE Leigh Liberal Democrats 123

Crome ward

Candidate name Political party         Votes Elected Hold/gain     BARBER Stephen Mark Conservative 375 BRADFORD David Charles Labour 1201 X Labour hold FORD Judith Marianne Green 163 NEAL Samuel Liberal Democrats 85 WILLIAMS Ann UKIP 396

Eaton ward

Candidate name        Political party        Votes Elected Hold/gain      CULLINGWORTH Gordon UKIP 194 ELDERTON CHRIS Labour 689 LUBBOCK Judith Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 1956 X Liberal Democrats hold ROBB William Alistair Conservative 725 SAUNDERS Jane Isobel Green 274

Lakenham ward

Candidate name Political party          Votes   Elected Hold/gain      CUTLER Emily Rachel Liberal Democrats 223 EMMENS Steve UKIP 393 HULL Christopher Antony Green 280 MANNING Patrick John Paul Labour 1279 X Labour hold WILTSHIRE Andrew Roy Conservative 234

Mancroft ward

Candidate name          Political party Votes Elected Hold/gain    BALL Michael UKIP 287 CHAMPAN Amanda Green 877 CRISP Thomas Richard Liberal Democrats 144 FULLMAN David Labour 1232 X Labour gain from Green WALLER Joshua Paul Francis Conservative 271

Mile Cross ward

Candidate name Political party                     Votes         Elected     Hold/gain          DYMOKE Thomas Antony Marmion Liberal Democrats 89 FISHER John Frederick Conservative 239 ROWELL David UKIP 338 SHAW Lisa Jayne Green 264 THOMAS Vivien Labour 1024 X Labour hold

Nelson ward

Candidate name Political party Votes    Elected Hold/gain          BRADLEY Steven UKIP 79 FAIRBAIRN David Angus Liberal Democrats 208 HAINES Alexander William Conservative 176 MALIK Hugo Labour 1718 X Labour gain from Green PASCOE Roland Green 1217

Sewell ward

Candidate name Political party             Votes       Elected       Hold/gain              CHACKSFIELD Mary Josephine Conservative 321 COLESHILL Ed Labour 1257 X Labour hold EIGENER Gunnar Walter William Green 402 SMITH Richard Haydn Liberal Democrats 160 TINGLE Glenn Stuart UKIP 254

Thorpe Hamlet ward

Candidate name Political party Votes       Elected    Hold/gain           BURGESS Eamonn Labour 1092 ELIAS Melvyn Harold Liberal Democrats 188 GILLESPIE Michael David Conservative 458 LANSDELL Nicholas UKIP 230 PRICE Benjamin John Oliver Green 1123 X Green hold

Town Close ward

Candidate name Political party             Votes                Elected            Hold/gain                     ANTHONY James Alexander Campbell Liberal Democrats 276 DAVIS Karen Ann Labour 1420 X Labour gain from Green EMMENS Tania UKIP 215 GILLESPIE Jonathan Richard Conservative 509 NEALE Paul Vincent Green 1233

University ward

Candidate name Political party Votes      Elected    Hold/gain        COLLINS Drew UKIP 189 DI PALMA Phil Anthony Green 315 JONES Beth Labour 1152 X Labour hold NEWTON Henry Charles Conservative 179 STOKES Adam Phillip Liberal Democrats 125

Wensum ward

Candidate name Political party          Votes         Elected       Hold/gain            EDWARDS Richard Alan Green 855 HARLEY Paul UKIP 379 MAGUIRE Kevin Labour 1110 X Labour gain from Green RICHARDSON William Peter Conservative 228 SPOOR Jack Liberal Democrats 77