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Nudat 2

NuDat 2.7
Levels and Gammas Search
Ground and excited states (energy, T1/2
spin/parity, decay modes), gamma rays
(energy, intensity, multipolarity, coinc.) Nuclear Wallet Cards Search 
Latest Ground and isomeric
states properties Decay Radiation Search
Radiation type, energy,
intensity and dose
following nuclear decay Search and plot nuclear structure
and decay data interactively. More. Color code Half-life Decay Mode Qβ- QEC Qβ+ Sn Sp Qα ΔQα S2n S2p Q2β- Q2EC QECp Qβ-n Qβ-2n BE/A (BE-LDM Fit)/A Pair. gap E1st ex. st. E2+ E3- E4+ E4+/E2+ β2 B(E2)42/B(E2)20 σ(n,γ) σ(n,F) 235U FY 239Pu FY 252Cf FY Interactive Chart of Nuclides Click on a nucleus to obtain information Tooltips On Off Zoom  1   2   3   4   5   6  7 Uncertainty NDS Standard Screen
Narrow Wide Seconds > 10+15 10-01 10+10 10-02 10+07 10-03 10+05 10-04 10+04 10-05 10+03 10-06 10+02 10-07 10+01 10-15 10+00 < 10-15 unknown

NNDC ENSDF NSR Nuclear Wallet Cards

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