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Information about the 2011 Census outputs, reports and supporting information.

The 2011 Census Output Prospectus sets out the release plans for the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland.

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Population and household estimates

The population and household estimate releases provide estimates of the usually resident population by age and sex in Northern Ireland.

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Key Statistics

Key Statistics (KS) tables provide summary statistics for the majority of census questions and topics, mainly presented as percentages of population totals.

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Quick Statistics

Quick Statistics (QS) tables provide the most detailed information available from the census about a single topic. The detail is provided by using the full, expanded versions of the classifications which have the most categories.

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Detailed Characteristics

Detailed Characteristics (DC) tables provide more detailed multivariate tables covering a wide variety of census variables.

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Local Characteristics

Local Characteristics (LC) also contains multivariate tables; however they contain less detail than Detailed Characteristics.

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Alternative populations

Statistics are available for three alternative populations: Short-Term Resident Population, Daytime Population and Workplace Population.

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Specialist products

Microdata are small samples of data for whole households and individuals, which include some associated census characteristics but no information that could identify a household or individual.

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Commissioned output

2011 Census commissioned outputs are produced in response to user requests.

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Grid square

The combined grid square product provides basic 2011 Census statistics for a combination of 1 kilometre and 100-metre grid squares in Northern Ireland.

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UK census outputs

The UK censuses took place on 27 March 2011. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for disseminating census statistics for the UK.

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Headcount and household estimates

Headcount and household estimate tables for Ward (2014) from the 2011 Census are available to download.

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Ireland and Northern Ireland

The timing of the 2011 Censuses in Northern Ireland and Ireland, just two weeks apart, on 27 March 2011 and 11 April 2011 respectively, has offered an opportunity to present a detailed picture of the populations of both jurisdictions at a single point in time.

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Supporting information

A selection of reports and documents relating to the 2011 Census results.

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Most recent documents

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05 October 2016

2011 Census - Revisions and Issues Log

31 August 2016

2011 Census - Key Statistics for District Electoral Areas (2014) in Northern Ireland

08 March 2016

2011 Census - Combined Grid Square Product for Northern Ireland

15 October 2015

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