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New Scientist Crosswords

Welcome to our new crossword site.

You can now tackle all our crosswords online in our mobile-friendly digital format, which lets you check your answers, keep a score and play with friends.

We publish a new crossword every Thursday, alternating between quick and cryptic.

Subscribers can access the full archive of crosswords. For non-subscribers, one cryptic crossword and one quick crossword are free to play to give you a taste of what our puzzles have to offer.

If you have questions, email us at [email protected].

Happy puzzling!


Quick crossword #47: Nerve agent developed in Russia (8)

Richard Smyth - 12 December 2019

Cryptic crossword #20: How baleen is shaped for use in corsetry? (9)

Sparticle - 5 December 2019

Quick crossword #46: The use of labour-saving devices (10)

Richard Smyth - 28 November 2019

Cryptic crossword #19: Mutations

Wingding - 21 November 2019

Quick crossword #45: Rust-resistant sheet metal (6,4)

Richard Smyth - 14 November 2019

Cryptic crossword #18: Inner city geek, when moving, has this? (7,6)

Wingding - 7 November 2019


New Scientist puzzle #34: Ant on a tetrahedron

New Scientist puzzle #33: The mountain pass

New Scientist puzzle #32: Rearranging books

New Scientist puzzle #31: Three hats

New Scientist puzzle #30: Sticking in a pin

New Scientist puzzle #29: How many strips?

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  1. 'Rediscovered' toad was known to Colombian locals for decades
  2. AI genome scanner says Denisovans could live until 38 years old
  3. Turkey is getting military drones armed with machine guns
  4. Insect biomass in Britain falling but may still be double 1960s level
  5. Arctic sea ice may vanish sooner than we thought – it happened before