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Tech 21 develops Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp pedal for Rush bassist’s “new projects” Expect new music to feature YYZ The 10 best pedalboard power supplies: our pick of the best power supplies for guitar effects pedals Get the best power source for your pedals with our buyers’ guide The 10 best pedalboards 2019: our pick of the best pedalboards for guitarists Get your effects pedals organised with our buyers’ guide

Latest news

Space: “I actually wrote all the songs just on a bass. No guitar. All of them. I was trying to be Cypress Hill”

By Joel McIver

Space's bassmen tell us about their new album, injuries and ancient-yet-beloved gear

TC Electronic lifts the lid on tiny 200W BAM200 bass amp head

By Michael Astley-Brown

Complete with a tiny price tag

Soulfly's Mike Leon: “I use slapping and popping all the time - there’s something about the attack”

By Joel McIver

The metal maestro on Flea, violin and his aggressive technique

Revolution bassist Mark Brown: “Prince would fine us $1,500 for making a mistake!”

By Jamie Blaine

BrownMark dishes the dirt on Prince's tone tricks and 12-hour jam sessions

Guitar accessory pioneer Jim Dunlop Sr dies aged 82: guitarists pay tribute

By Michael Astley-Brown

Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani and Kirk Hammett lead tributes to Tortex pick innovator

In pictures: the people's pedalboards

By Michael Astley-Brown

Updated for February 2019! MusicRadar users share their guitar and bass pedal rigs

KT Tunstall: “I really like puzzles. It's much harder for me to write music when there are absolutely no parameters at all”

By Matt Parker

The songwriter on the challenges of her soul, body and mind trilogy

Zoom’s GCE-3 is an unbelievably small guitar multi-effects/interface

By Michael Astley-Brown

But not everything is as it seems...

Rosewood could return to low-cost guitars this year

By Michael Astley-Brown

New proposal to exempt rosewood instruments from CITES underway

Buffalo FX unveils Patriot MkII fuzz pedal

By Michael Astley-Brown

Civil War Muff circuit adds bass-cut and mid-boost controls

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Latest tuition

10 things you need to know before you record your band

By Total Guitar

10 essential tips for tracking guitar, bass, drums and vocals live

How to play walking basslines

By Total Guitar

Take your blues bass playing for a wander with this tab and audio-ready lesson

How to assemble a guitar effects rack

By Alex Lynham

First steps to putting your rack in order

Guitar setup: how to fix a broken jack socket

By Ed Mitchell

A step-by-step guide to repairing your electric's output

Guitar setup: how to fix a broken strap pin

By Jack Ellis

Go beyond matchsticks and get the job done properly

How to play slap bass

By Total Guitar

A beginner lesson in slap and pop, with tab and audio

How to play fast-paced rock and metal fingerstyle bass

By Total Guitar

Learn the techniques behind iconic bassists

How to play bass like James Jamerson

By Total Guitar

Get the gear, licks and technique behind the iconic bassist

Bass basics: how to write compelling basslines by working around root notes

By Total Guitar

An easy lesson in essential bass technique with tab and audio

The best sites for finding musicians and band members

By Total Guitar

Get your group together with these handy resources

Latest reviews

Sandberg California II TM5 Grand Dark review

By Mike Brooks

  • £1,953
  • €1,885

A real tone monster

Overwater Hybrid Custom 5 review

By Kev Sanders

  • £3,470

A look at Chris May’s latest creation

Ibanez BTB1805-NTL Premium review

By Mike Brooks

  • £1,299
  • $1,299

Recalling the ‘hippy sandwich’ days

Eich T-100 and 1210S-8 review

By Mike Brooks

  • £1,199
  • €911

Eich Amplification continues to make waves

Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor review

By Joel McIver

  • £235
  • €259
  • $249

The Finnish effects king returns with a glowing new product

Aguilar Tone Hammer 700 review

By Kev Sanders

  • £1,169
  • €1,177
  • $1,199

Bring the hammer down

Ashdown Original C112-300 review

By Ian Glasper

  • £549
  • $999

Kicking back with a lightweight combo

Faith FTNE Titan Neptune review

By Mike Brooks

  • £939

Keep the Faith!

Marco N1 review

By Mike Brooks

  • £1375

A new Swiss kid on the block

Oliver Lang Rumo 4 review

By Kev Sanders

  • £2100

Understated retro looks...but bang up to date

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