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Medieval London – free gallery | Museum of London

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Roman London

AD 50-410

War, Plague & Fire


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Medieval London


From the collapse of the Roman city to the accession of Queen Elizabeth I – what was life like in Medieval London?

Medieval London was destroyed by invaders, racked by famine, fire and disease, and torn apart by religious and political controversy. But it grew to become one of the wealthiest and most important cities in Europe.

Discover the story of London in the middle ages through the collections in our Medieval gallery.

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Brooch decorated with gold and garnets, mid 7th century

This beautiful brooch, from the Saxon town of Lundenwic, was discovered in the grave of a woman during an excavation in Covent Garden.

Recreated late Saxon house

This reconstruction of a typical house shows what everyday life was like in the late Saxon town of Lundenburg.

Viking battle axes, early 11th century

From the late 900s to 1066, Viking raiders armed with weapons like these attacked London, led by Scandinavian rulers like Swein Forkbeard of Denmark.

Learn about the trades of London

These jugs, made in Surrey for the London market, showcase some of the daily life of people who lived in London as it became a bustling commercial centre.

Step back into the heart of medieval London

The gallery includes interactive maps to explore how London grew from the remains of the Roman city. You can also walk into an immersive exploration of the Black Death.

Wince-inducing pointy shoes

These pointed medieval shoes, known as a 'poulaine', were the height of fashion in the late Medieval period. The toes had to be stuffed with moss to keep their shape.

Twin altarpiece panels, around 1500

These opulent painted and gilded panels show the Angel Gabriel telling the Virgin Mary that she will give birth to Jesus. They would have flanked an altar.

Crucifix containing a splinter of the True Cross

This small enamelled gold cross has a small cavity that was used to hold a holy relic - believed by its owner to be a fragment of the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Pilgrim badge depicting a scene from the life of St. Thomas Becket, around 1350

These badges would have been brought back by pilgrims from religious sites, such as Canterbury Cathedral, where St Thomas Becket was martyred in 1170.

Two sides of a rosary bead, 16th century

This bead is carved from bone, with a woman's face on one side and a skull on the other. Known as a "memento mori" it is meant to encourage thoughts of death and the soul.

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