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Career question: Do I really need to learn Trados? Career question: Do I really need to learn Trados? (with recommendations influenced by analysis of 200+ job postings) As an employer and a professor, I have often heard the question, “Do I need to learn Trados to get a job in translation?” Students regularl... Translation Technology Adam Wooten 0 1518 August 17, 2017 Localization testing for software and websites Localization testing for software and websites Once you have localized your software or website, how do you know if the localized version functions properly? Have the images been accurately localized? Are the dates, time, currency and addresses properly for... Language in Business Sarita Desai 0 813 August 10, 2017 Google, gender and money Google, gender and money Google is scrambling to distance itself from a ten-page memo currently circulating around the internet and written by an employee. A male, self-described “classical liberal” outlined his ideas on ge... Localization Culture Katie Botkin 0 506 August 9, 2017


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Aug 20, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017 Interspeech 2017 Special Session
Stockholm, Sweden Aug 26, 2017 - Aug 27, 2017 ConVTI 2017
Giovanna Lester, Marcia Nabrzecki
online Aug 31, 2017 Community Interpreting as a Profession
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
online Sep 02, 2017 - Sep 08, 2017 RANLP 2017
University of Wolverhampton, LMD, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, BAS
Varna, Bulgaria


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