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Career Resources

On this page you will find a range of career resources for PhDs in the humanities who are seeking jobs in and outside the academy, as well as guidelines and tools for faculty members and hiring departments. Although resources have been organized by audience, we recommend browsing all of them. It is useful for job seekers to understand what they can expect from hiring departments and for hiring departments to know what guidelines job seekers have been given.

Academic Job Market Data

The Job Search: Information and Recommendations

For Job Seekers

In this section, you will find information relevant to both the academic job search and careers outside the academy. We strongly recommend that all job seekers browse the resources below to familiarize themselves with a broad range of career options.

In addition to the guidelines, we also recommend these specific statements and recommendations from the MLA:

Resources from the MLA’s Connected Academics: Preparing Doctoral Students of Language and Literature for a Variety of Careers

Additional resources for job seekers:

For Faculty Advisers

The MLA encourages faculty advisers to become familiar with the most recent data on academic hiring and to share this information with their graduate students. In addition, we recommend the following faculty resources on doctoral education and on assisting students with career planning.

For Hiring Departments

The MLA encourages all faculty members serving on hiring committees to review the following documents, which contain best practice recommendations for hiring entry-level faculty members in MLA fields.

In addition to these guidelines, we also recommend these specific statements and recommendations from the MLA on interviews, hiring, and compensation:

Search Resources

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