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Advocacy Initiatives

Photo by Mari Correa

These are troubling times for humanistic inquiry and international education. As avid supporters of these endeavors, we need to stand together for what we believe in. That’s why the MLA is expanding its advocacy efforts with the following initiatives to ensure that we can act quickly and with a unified voice:

  • MLA advocacy alert e-mails share urgent information with members and subscribers to coordinate actions and make our voices heard.

  • Strategic partnerships with organizations such as the National Humanities Alliance (NHA), the Coalition for International Education (CIE), and others allow us to share resources to expand our advocacy efforts and strengthen our impact.

  • The MLA Action Network Web site aggregates advocacy news, calls to action, and other resources in one convenient place.

  • The MLA News Digest includes updates on higher education policy and humanities study from around the Web to help members and subscribers stay informed about the shifting landscape.

Recent Activities

5 September 2017: The MLA Action Network Web site launches. Featuring news about the humanities workforce, issues in education, and local and national policy debates, the site is designed to educate and mobilize humanities advocates. Learn more…

14 March 2017: Kathleen Fitzpatrick, then associate executive director of the MLA, took part in Humanities Advocacy Day meetings on Capitol Hill that stressed the importance of the work of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Read more...

9 March 2017: The MLA’s director of programs, Dennis Looney, attended meetings on Capitol Hill organized by the Coalition of International Education to argue in favor of international and foreign language education programs. Read more...

Stay Informed

Are you interested in learning more about these advocacy efforts? Sign up here to receive advocacy alerts and be the first to know about actions you can take to defend the humanities. Advocacy Alerts Sign-Up

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