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Nominations for 2020 MLA Elections

The association’s annual elections for second vice president, Executive Council, Delegate Assembly, and forum executive committees are held in the fall. Information about the election of the second vice president and Executive Council members can be found on the council’s Web page. Information about the election of Delegate Assembly members is available on the assembly’s Web page. The executive committee elections are described on the Committees page.

Results of the association’s annual elections are usually known shortly after 10 December, the deadline for receipt of ballots. All candidates are notified of the election results as soon as possible after 10 December, and the names of all winners are then posted on the MLA Web site. Members may also wish to consult the policy on reporting election results that the Executive Council adopted in October 2015.


8–9 Oct.

PMLA Editorial Board meeting

22–23 Oct.

Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Rights and Responsibilities meeting

28–30 Oct.

Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee meeting

30–31 Oct.

Executive Council meeting

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