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Advances in AI & Machine Learning

How do you teach AI to fly? With their own highly realistic simulator

The ability to differentiate things like trees, curbs, and glass doors come easily to humans, but it's still difficult for AI-based systems. Microsoft researchers are aiming to change that by working on a new set of tools, now available on GitHub, that other researchers and developers can use to train and test robots, drones and other gadgets for operating autonomously and safely in the real world.

Leading innovation in AI to improve citizen health

How can doctors keep up with the explosion of medical research? The Azure for Research program provided an Azure grant to University College London to quickly develop and deploy AI solutions in the cloud.

Generating computer code based on a user's intent with deep learning

How Microsoft researchers are helping keep AI accurate and unbiased

We’re hiring in AI!

Researchers in AI are pursuing computing advances to create intelligent machines that complement human reasoning to augment and enrich our experience and competencies.

Minecraft and AI: Enabling technology that can collaborate with humans

Learn more about Project Malmo, a platform that uses the world of Minecraft as a testing ground for advanced artificial intelligence research and innovation.

Towards quantum computing

New to quantum? Here's a primer.

Quantum Computing 101: An introduction to the mind-bending world of quantum computing.

Station Q

Station Q represents Microsoft’s global effort to bring together the world’s mathematicians, computer scientists, quantum physicists, and engineers to build a scalable, fault-tolerant, universal quantum computer.

With quantum computing simulator, a sneak peak into the future of computing - Microsoft Research blog

Quantum computing at Microsoft - meet the team

"Quantum computing could solve problems that would take today's computers eons..." - read more about The Quest for a Quantum Future

Language-Integrated Quantum Operations: LIQUi|>

LIQUi|> is a software architecture and tool suite for quantum computing. It includes a programming language, optimization and scheduling algorithms, and quantum simulators. LIQUi|> can be used to translate a quantum algorithm written in the form of a high-level program into the low-level machine instructions for a quantum device.

Using computing to fight cancer

How Microsoft computer scientists and researchers are working to “solve” cancer

Jasmin Fisher doesn’t want to cure cancer. She wants to solve it - and she believes it’s possible in her lifetime.

Video: Programming cells

If scientists can understand cancer and the immune systems as well as they understand how to make Microsoft Word run on a PC, they might be able to equip the immune system to mount a powerful response to cancer on its own.

Project Hanover: Parsing the world's genetic knowledge

Meet the researchers: Biological Computation Group

Blog: Molecular biology meets computer science tools in new system for CRISPR

A team of researchers has developed a new system that allows researchers to more quickly and effectively use the powerful gene editing tool CRISPR.

Video: Using technology to personalize cancer treatment

Machine learning is helping doctors automatically sort fragmented patient information to find the most relevant pieces of data to define the best treatment plan for their patients.

Lowering the barriers to artificial intelligence​

Unleash the Power of AI for Everyone

Today, we are changing how companies approach automatic translation by leveraging our artificial intelligence expertise to enable anyone to quickly and easily customize translation systems, even without large amounts of previously translated sentences.

Microsoft Researchers win ImageNet computer vision challenge

Featured Program: AI Engage

Browse the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Area

Microsoft Bot Framework (preview)

Build and connect intelligent bots to interact with your users naturally wherever they are, from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.

CNTK: Open source deep learning toolkit on GitHub

Microsoft is making the tools that its own researchers use to speed up advances in artificial intelligence available to a broader group of developers by releasing its Computational Network Toolkit on GitHub.

Scientists and engineers working together to help solve global challenges

In the news

In the AI wars, Microsoft now has the clearer vision

TechCrunch, May 21, 2017

After lots of talk, Microsoft’s bots show signs of life

Fast Company, May 16, 2017

Microsoft research team creates unique drone training simulator

UAS Magazine, May 10, 2017

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