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Microsoft and Tsinghua University release billion-scale Open
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AI News and Innovations

Microsoft Research Podcast

Introducing Microsoft Research Podcast, intimate conversations with the researchers behind cutting edge discoveries and how they plan to change the world. Hear directly from Dr. Eric Horvitz, Dr. Jamie Teevan and more every Wednesday. Learn about cutting edge topics like our future relationship with machines, how AI beat Ms. Pac-Man, and the productivity revolution.

Improving AI Systems with Human Feedback and no Heartburn

Humans play an indispensable role in many modern AI-enabled services – not just as consumers of the service, but as the actual intelligence behind the artificial intelligence. From news portals to e-commerce websites, it is people’s ratings, clicks, and other interactions which provide a teaching signal used by the underlying intelligent systems to learn.

Microsoft looks to healthcare partners for ways to bring AI benefits to cancer patients

Will machines one day be as creative as humans? Recent methods in artificial intelligence enable AI software to produce rich and creative digital artifacts such as text and images painted from scratch.

Neural Fuzzing

A new method for discovering software security vulnerabilities that uses machine learning and deep neural networks.

Podcast: Life at the Intersection of AI and Society with Dr. Ece Kamar

As the reality of artificial intelligence continues to capture our imagination, and critical AI systems enter our world at a rapid pace, Dr. Ece Kamar, a senior researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group at Microsoft Research, is working to help us understand AI’s far-reaching implications, both as we use it, and as we build it.

Towards quantum computing

New to quantum? Here's a primer.

An introduction to the mind-bending world of quantum computing. Learn how Microsoft is blending quantum physics with computer science with Quantum Computing 101.

Meet the quantum computing team at Microsoft

Microsoft has brought together some of the world’s top physicists, computer scientists and engineers to build a scalable, fault-tolerant, universal quantum computer.

Ars Technica: Microsoft makes play for next wave of computing with quantum computing toolkit

Stay updated: Empowering the quantum revolution

"Quantum computing could solve problems that would take today's computers eons in the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee."

Read more about Microsoft's quest for a quantum future.

The Future is Quantum with Dr. Krysta Svore

Podcast: Today, Dr. Svore shares her passion for quantum algorithms and their potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Security & Privacy

Microsoft Security Risk Detection

A cloud-based tool, formerly known as Project Springfield, that developers can use to look for bugs and other security vulnerabilities in the software they are preparing to release or use, saving companies the heartache of having to patch a bug, deal with crashes or respond to an attack after it has been released.

Privacy in the Internet (Without Giving up Everything Else)

Merging cryptology with AI to safeguard privacy when AI algorithms work on health, education, financial, and other sensitive data.

Check out the libraries and tools

Microsoft security, privacy, and cryptography efforts are guided by the responsibility to build and maintain trust in the computing ecosystem with state-of-the-art systems, controls, and services.

Trusted Cloud Project

Microsoft Research aims to provide customers of cloud computing complete control over their data—no one should be able to access the data without the customer’s permission.

Securing the cloud

At any point in time on any day of the week, Microsoft’s cloud computing operations are under attack: The company detects a whopping 1.5 million attempts a day to compromise its systems. But Microsoft isn’t just fending off those attacks. It’s also learning from them.

Advances in AI & Machine Learning

How do you teach AI to fly? With their own highly realistic simulator

The ability to differentiate things like trees, curbs, and glass doors come easily to humans, but it's still difficult for AI-based systems. Microsoft researchers are aiming to change that by working on a new set of tools, now available on GitHub, that other researchers and developers can use to train and test robots, drones and other gadgets for operating autonomously and safely in the real world.

Leading innovation in AI to improve citizen health

How can doctors keep up with the explosion of medical research? The Azure for Research program provided an Azure grant to University College London to quickly develop and deploy AI solutions in the cloud.

Generating computer code based on a user's intent with deep learning

How Microsoft researchers are helping keep AI accurate and unbiased

We’re hiring in AI!

Researchers in AI are pursuing computing advances to create intelligent machines that complement human reasoning to augment and enrich our experience and competencies.

Minecraft and AI: Enabling technology that can collaborate with humans

Learn more about Project Malmo, a platform that uses the world of Minecraft as a testing ground for advanced artificial intelligence research and innovation.

Scientists and engineers working together to help solve global challenges

In the news

Microsoft helping bring AI to Apollo Hospitals

TechRadar | March 9, 2018

Microsoft says AI and cloud computing are giving precision medicine a boost

Healthcare IT News | March 7, 2018

How Microsoft’s top scientists have built a big business in hacking healthcare — and helped a lot of people along the way

Business Insider | February 28, 2018

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