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Season Ticket Renewals | Manchester United

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2019/20 Season Ticket prices frozen

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Manchester United is freezing Season Ticket prices ahead of the 2019/20 campaign for the eighth consecutive season, and the ninth in ten years. Match Ticket prices have also been frozen.

Renewal Deadline: 3rd May

- Season Ticket and Match Ticket prices announced for 2019/2020 season 
- Introduction of new dedicated ‘Atmosphere Section’ in Stretford End 
- New plans announced for accessible seating at Old Trafford

With 53,000 Season Tickets and more than 100,000 on the waiting list, Old Trafford consistently sells out and demand is increasing year-on-year. Due to this high level of demand, Season Tickets will once again only be available to Official Members on the current waiting list.

Manchester United is also firmly committed to supporting fan initiatives to create a consistently vibrant atmosphere at Old Trafford, whilst also helping younger fans to watch live, affordable football. 

Pricing concessions at Old Trafford will include the following: 

- £10 per game Season Ticket price for Under 16s in dedicated ‘Family’ areas
- Half-price tickets for other under 18s & those 65+ (prices from £14 per game, and capped at £20) 
- 25% discount for 18-20 year olds
- Fixed price of £15 per game for 18-25 year olds in the Stretford End lower
- Supporters will continue to receive a 25% reduction for Carabao Cup and UEFA Europa League (if applicable) games

Following successful fan-led trials over the past two seasons to help keep the atmosphere at Old Trafford consistently high, a dedicated atmosphere section in the Stretford End first tier is being created for next season. 

Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director comments: “The support from our fans and the atmosphere they generate is incredible, so we’re delighted to be freezing Season Ticket prices once again in recognition of that.”

The club also announced in November 2018 that new accessible seating options for disabled fans would be introduced around the stadium, providing a choice of price points and viewing positions. Overall, 118 new wheelchair positions and 158 new amenity seats will be created, bringing the total for both to 278.

Executive Club updates 

Executive Club renewals are now also available, as part of which two hospitality suites will undergo major refurbishments, offering brand new dining concepts for guests to enjoy on matchdays. Four other suites will also be upgraded, as the club seeks to continually evolve and enhance the hospitality facilities at Old Trafford.

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Season Ticket Prices

See the breakdown of prices for Season Tickets this season, including the breakdown by individual match. Area Adult     
16 16-17
year olds 18-20
year olds 65 and
above Red £950
£50 - £380 £712.50 £380 Silver £893
£47 - £380 £669.75 £380 Blue £836 £44
£380 £380 £627 £380 Green £798
£42 £380 £380 £598.50 £380 Orange £722
£38 - £361 £541.50 £361 Yellow £703
£37 £351.50 £351.50 £527.25 £351.50 Gold £665 £35
£190 £332.50 £498.75 £332.50 Pink £646
£190 £323 £484.50 £323 Purple* £532
£28 - £266 £399 £266

* Tickets for 18-25 year olds in blocks W101-W106 will be priced at £15 per game (£285 per Season Ticket).

Please note: for the 2019/20 season, ticket prices for wheelchair users and blind/partially sighted supporters (pre-registered from the 2015/16 season) will be reduced by 25%. Renew Now

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Season Ticket Use

Remember, you can share your Season Ticket with family & friends if you are not able to attend a game

If you hold a concessionary Season Ticket (Under 16, 16-17, 18-20, 18-25 or 65+), supporters in other age categories can also use your ticket on a match-by-match basis; you just need to contact us on 0161 868 8000 and provide the full details of the supporter attending. Payment will need to be made for the difference in ticket price and a paper ticket will be issued and posted to the supporter attending in your place.

Match-by-match re-grades of your Season Ticket must be processed at least 3 days before the match day, so that we are able to post the paper ticket out to the supporter attending (e.g. for a Saturday game re-grades must be processed by 8pm on the Tuesday). It is therefore recommended you do this as early as possible to allow maximum posting time.

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Important information for concessionary Season Ticket holders


You will continue to be allowed to opt-out of going to home games in the Carabao Cup and the UEFA Europa League (if applicable).

- If you do not opt-out seasonally, you can do so within the specified opt-out dates prior to each match. Please note, not purchasing tickets for cup matches may adversely affect your ability to apply for away match tickets

- Season Ticket holders are automatically allocated and required to buy tickets for home games in the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup competitions

- Cup payments will be processed from the payment card held by the club (we will email with the exact dates ahead of each draw)

- Under 16 Season Ticket holders can opt-out of all cup matches within the specified opt-out dates prior to each match

- Please check that each cup payment is taken successfully, as your Season Ticket will be suspended for a Premier League game if you miss a payment

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Away game application process

Away game applications will be accepted from Silver, Gold and Platinum Level Season Ticket holders, subject to payment for all home cup matches. Until the first home cup match of 2019/20 has been played, this will be based on payment for home cup matches in the 2018/19 season.

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European Away Games

All Season Ticket holders can apply for European away games.
Ballots will be conducted based on credits gained over a rolling three season period. For any ballots conducted following a 2018/19 European away game, tickets will be allocated using credits gained in the 2016/17, 2017/18 and the 2018/19 seasons.

- All tickets will be balloted in order of those supporters who have applied for the most European away games over the rolling three season period. Please therefore consider this before entering the ballot with supporters who have applied for less European away games than you, as your application will be based on the number of away games they have applied for To ensure that supporters without a credit history have a chance of receiving tickets, second and any subsequent ballots (and/or outbound calling) will be conducted randomly, and not based on credit history

- Supporters who are able to travel at short notice and have been unsuccessful in the second ballot will be given the opportunity to join a 'last-minute returns list' (this list will be used for any late ticket returns in the days immediately prior to the match)

- A cancellation period will be offered after every ballot, and will remain open as long as the tickets can be resold

- Credits will only be issued to supporters who collect their ticket at the specified location at/near the away ground, with valid ID. Renew Now

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