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Baby Names MM

The Best Celebrity Baby Names Of 2020 (So Far)

READER FAVORITES PHOTO SPECIALS Baby Names Inspired By Influential Black People by Jennifer Baires These namesakes make great inspiration for naming your child. PHOTO SPECIALS Unique Baby Names Popular In Europe by Emily Westbrooks These baby names are trending in Europe. PHOTO SPECIALS The Ultimate Guide To Gender Neutral Baby Names by Olivia O'Bryon Welcome a baby of either gender with one of these beautiful names! PHOTO SPECIALS Baby Names That Are Rising And Falling Stars On The Top 100 by Emily Westbrooks Here are the baby names coming and going on the top 100 list. QUIZ What's Your Celebrity Baby Name? by Olivia O'Bryon We know celebrities choose unusual names, but which one would they choose for you? PHOTO SPECIALS The Most Popular Baby Names Right Now by Emily Westbrooks Here are the hottest baby names in 2020. QUIZZES What Will You Name Your Baby Someday? by Adrienne Robillard Take this quiz to help us predict what you will name your baby. PHOTO SPECIALS The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Baby Names by Olivia O'Bryon If you like classic baby names, start here. PHOTO SPECIALS The Most Beautiful Muslim Baby Names by Sara Nelson Anyuru These gorgeous Islamic baby names are the perfect place to look for inspiration! PHOTO SPECIALS These Baby Names Are So Ancient You've Probably Never Even Heard Them by Jessica Dumont Many parents favor vintage or old names, but these ones are so ancient you may have never even heard them. PHOTO SPECIALS Pagan Baby Names That Are Surprisingly Cool by Emily Westbrooks These pagan baby names aren't the least bit witchy PHOTO SPECIALS Baby Names That Bring Hope In Uncertain Times by Emily Westbrooks Here are the best baby names that offer hope. PHOTO SPECIALS The Best Baby Name Meanings For 2020 by Ashley Ziegler You'll love the true meanings behind some of the most popular baby names in 2020. PHOTO SPECIALS All The Meanings Behind The Kardashian/Jenner Baby Names by Ashley Ziegler Let's dig into the meanings behind all 10 of the Kardashian/Jenner babies' names. PHOTO SPECIALS Unusual Celebrity Baby Names by JJ Duncan From awesome to odd, these celebrity babies have names that aren't very common. PHOTO SPECIALS Baby Names Perfect For Babies Born Each Month Of The Year by Emily Westbrooks Here are baby names for every month of the year! PHOTO SPECIALS Baby Names Ruined By Pop Culture by Chloe Saul All those poor Alexas... PHOTO SPECIALS The '20s Are Back, Here Are Baby Names To Match by Emily Westbrooks These 1920s baby names are ready for a comeback! PHOTO SPECIALS Splendid September Baby Names For Your Fall Arrival by Emily Westbrooks 40 baby names that will help you name your September newborn PHOTO SPECIALS Awesome October Baby Names For Your Autumn Arrival by Emily Westbrooks The perfect baby names for October newborns PHOTO SPECIALS Marvelous May Baby Names by Emily Westbrooks May is a lovely time to have a baby — and to name one, too! PHOTO SPECIALS Charming Baby Names Inspired By 'Harry Potter' by Olivia O'Bryon If you're a Harry Potter fan, these names are for you! PHOTO SPECIALS Powerful Baby Girl Names Inspired By Strong Women by Jessica Dumont This roster of powerhouse women could inspire your baby girl's name. PHOTO SPECIALS Weird Baby Names With Pop Culture Origins by Chloe Saul Here are some seriously unusual names with similarly unusual origins. 1234 Newsletter Sign Up LIVINGLY MABEL + MOXIE LONNY STYLEBISTRO IT‘S ROSY ZIMBIO ABOUT US     ADVERTISE     SITEMAP     CONTENTMAP     California Notice / Do Not Sell My Personal Information     TERMS OF SERVICE     PRIVACY POLICY     Copyright © 2020 - Livingly Media, Inc., part of the auFeminin Group