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Market Notices

10-08-2018 Operational Notice - Activities of 15th August 2018   →162kbPDF CC&G: Lancio del nuovo basket ABS su XCOM   →293kbPDF 2018-07-12 MARKET NOTICE Open Close Futures   →162kbPDF 2018-06-29 Market Notice BCS   →57kbPDF 31-05-2018 Support for Brexit Impact on UK Clients   →84kbPDF 28-05-2018 Open Close for Futures and T+5 for Clearing Functions   →139kbPDF 28-05-2018 Open Close for Futures and T+5 for Clearing Functions   →30kbPDF 25-05-2018 Market Notice - Change of the communication’s method of Default Fund’s variations   →402kbPDF 25-05-2018 Market Notice - MIC - Change of the communication’s method of Default Fund’s variations   →363kbPDF 18-05-2018:IDEM - EXTRAORDINARY DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION - MARGIN PARAMETERS   →72kbPDF

Risk Management

CC&G is leader in offering a robust and efficient risk management system and to protect its Clients with asset segregation and state of the art margining methodology.

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Triparty collateral service

X-COM, the CC&G Triparty Collateral Management service: simple, easy and fast

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Extended Asset Coverage

CC&G provides services across a diverse range of asset classes clearing house within the London Stock Exchange Group.

Products and Services

Contact the CC&G Team

On this page you will find a list of contact details for all areas of our business. CC&G is happy to respond to any requests and enquiries that you may have.

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MIFID II strengthens investor protection and improve the functioning of financial markets making them more efficient, resilient and transparent.

Rules and Regulations


On this page you will find all information necessary to become a CC&G Client. Click here to find out more.


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