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Loran Unit 92 Gardner Island

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4 41 41.65 S 174 29 50.61 W MIT
4 41 44.90 S 174 29 37.19 W Antenna Field - Google Earth

Fact Sheet:

Site Survey: 8 - 9 JUN 1944

Construction Date 24 JUL 1944 – Clearing of land commenced
18 AUG 1944 – SPICEWOOD arrived with 100 tons
1 SEP 1944 – Construction of site started
16 DEC 1944 Station commissioned and turned over to 14th District

Constructed by: CONSTRUCTION DET “D”

Established: SEP 1944

Disestablished: JUL 1946

Operated by: USCG


Station Letter designation: 2L4, 2L5 “R”

Station code name:

Station Unit Number: 92

Radio Call Sign: NRN-2

Station nickname:

On-air testing date: 20 SEP 1944 READY FOR OPERATION
29 SEP 1944

Operational date: 15 NOV 1944

Operations Ceased: 15 MAY 1946

Station Operation: Double MASTER (DM)

Station pair: 2L4 – BAKER

Loran Rate: 2L4, 2L5

On-Air: 2L4 - 15 NOV 1944
2L5 - 15 NOV 1944

Off-Air 2L4 - 15 MAY 1946
2L5 - 15 MAY 1946

Monitor Rate:


Personnel Allowance: 25 person crew

Miscellaneous: 24 JUL 1944 - Construction started
14 OCT 1944 - Construction crew and material departed island
15 JUL 1945 DC to AC completed
15 MAY 1946 Station placed in caretaker status

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge 1st CO: ENS Charles Sopko 1944 - DEC 1945
CO: LT George A Finn DEC 1945 – 2 MAR 1946
CO: LT Ralph A Peterson 2 MAR 1946 - MAY 1946



Picture from google earth

The below photos and document was contributed by Steve Spoko
(son of the 1st Commanding Officer)

LTJG Charles Sopko, Gardner Island, 1944-1945

LTJG Charles Sopko with station puppies c./1944-45


Gardner Island is one of the Loran Stations on the chart.

If any member of the crew wishes to reminisce about their time on the island to be included in this page, please contact us.

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