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BELGIAN LIFEWATCH OBSERVATORY Latest News 2021-02-18WoRMS Philanthropy grants 2020
During 2020, the VLIZ Philanthropy program was able to issue four grants to support WoRMS editors, in making WoRMS more complete. Together, these four grants resulted in about 10.000 edits and additions...
2021-02-15Naming animals in images – a new guide to the process
“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name” (Confucius) … but sometimes, giving a name to something is easier said than done...
2021-02-09LifeWatch Flanders ready for the next level!
The Flemish LifeWatch Consortium receives additional funding for the next years.
2021-02-02Life in the North Sea is becoming more exotic
79 alien marine & brackish water animals and algae from the Belgian part of the North Sea and the Scheldt Estuary not only documented in a book, but also accessible through the LifeWatch Species Information...
2021-01-25LifeWatch to the (data) rescue: More than 90 historical datasets available!
Collected once, ready to be used many times!
Overview Bio-Oracle LifeWatch-WB ecotope database iAtlas World Register of Marine Species LifeWatch Data Explorer European Tracking Network (ETN) Land surface dynamics by remote sensing Events and Workshops Overview Twitter 2021-03-06WRMarineSpecies RT @OKFN
🎉 Happy Open Data Day! 🎉 Today people all over the world will celebrate #opendata Join in and spread the word via #OpenDataDay + #ODD2021 Visit which is now available in 15 languages Discover 280+ events from 74+ countries
Call for nominations WoRMS Achievement and WoRMS Early Career Researchers Award. All #marinespecies editors, cast your vote! (deadline 11 Apr 2021)
2021-03-05Antonarctica RT @UNOceanDecade
[OBIS] 🐟 OBIS is a collaborative platform that gathers #scientific communities to facilitate free and open access to #biodiversity and biogeographic #data and information on #marinelife. 👉
2021-03-04WRMarineSpecies RT @LifeWatchVLIZ
Today DiSSCo Flanders Kicks off! @DiSSCoPrepare To curate biological, anthropological and geological #collections, DiSSCO Flanders will implement the @LifeWatchVLIZ #Species #Information #Backbone @BGM_coll_res @INBOVlaanderen #KMDA @jmeesvliz
2021-03-03LifeWatchVLIZ RT @jmeesvliz
Today is the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2021. Follow the livestream of the event on The chat box is open for all your questions, remarks and ideas. #VMSD21 #KAAP
2021-03-02WRMarineSpecies RT @jmeesvliz
Looking forward to tomorrow's VLIZ Marine Science Day #VMSD21. The 20th edition will be fully online! With 500+ participants from 24 different countries, #VMSD21 will be more diverse than ever! We start at 9am CET. Check the programme here:
2021-03-02WRMarineSpecies RT @Jamiebojko
Welcome Cirolana westbyi (Isopoda) from the coast of #Belize! This species was found at a fishing camp and loves to eat lobster. Although Lucas and I worked on the taxonomy, the discovery was a team effort! It is named after a local fisherman, Mr Westby.
2021-03-02WRMarineSpecies RT @spaceforearth
📢 Calling all #MaritimeSector players & stakeholders. Do you use space in your work or would you like to do so in the future? Then help us shape the #space projects of tomorrow 🛰️🚢 The deadline for our questionnaire is extended to 7 March. More info 👉
2021-03-02WRMarineSpecies RT @NOCnews
Ever wondered how species are identified? @tammy_horton's study is the first of its kind for naming animals in images! Check it out here on our website.
2021-03-02LifeWatchVLIZ RT @jmeesvliz
Tomorrow is #VMSD21: there is opportunity to meet interesting 'blue economy' companies. Join the video call during the coffee break and step in the virtual booths of ECA Robotics @ECA_Group, Jan De Nul @jandenulgroup , #GEOxyz, MEET HET @MEETHET and #VLIZ
2021-02-27WRMarineSpecies RT @NiklasDreyer2
Extremely honored and proud of having contributed to this paper on barnacle evolution. We review sexual systems, larval characters and provide an updated taxonomy that reflects robust molecular phylogenies. Huge thx to @crandallkeith and @WRMarineSpecies
2021-02-25LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset 🔎🦀 - ca. 140 occurrence records from the #NorthAdriatic - 430 #meiofauna #taxa -- available via @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @OBISNetwork #FAIR #data @OGS_IT
2021-02-24LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset update 10 years of #phytoplankton monitoring - ca. 150K+ occurrence records from the #NorthSea - 430 #taxa -- available via @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @OBISNetwork #FAIR #data @deltares
2021-02-24LifeWatchVLIZ RT @BlueCloudEU
Did you miss any of our webinars? Check out the dedicated section on the Blue-Cloud website and get to know our real-life demonstrators for #marineresearch with the experts who are developing them! #OceanDecade #OpenScience
2021-02-24Antonarctica RT @SteffOpp
NEW JOB with @BAS_Jobs to manage data of #seabirds and other #marine animals from #islands in #tristandacunha:
2021-02-24Antonarctica RT @al_baylis
Come work with us - #GIS Officer based in the stunning #Falklands. Find out more: via @environmentjob @SAERI_FI
2021-02-23LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset A #predation story from the 70's 🔎📜 - 1️⃣3️⃣5️⃣ occurrence records from the #NorthSea -- available via 📷: Erling Svensen (fish) & Peuters Twee (shrimp) @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @OBISNetwork #FAIR #data #Crangon #Agonus
2021-02-22LifeWatchVLIZ RT @BlueCloudEU
#ICYMI, you can take a look back at the highly participated #webinar on the Blue-Cloud demonstrator Zoo & #Phytoplankton EOV Products, including answers to some of the most relevant questions raised during the discussion: #OceanDecade #biodiversity
2021-02-22LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset #meiobenthos #data in #1988 🔎📜 - 1.7K+ occurrence records - ca. 80 #taxa from the #Voordelta -- available via @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @OBISNetwork #FAIR
2021-02-17Antonarctica RT @DrMikeSparrow
The third Scientific Officer position with @WCRP_climate has just been advertised: ... (deadline 11th March) ...come join the team !
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