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"You owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win."

- Morton C. Blackwell

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There's no other group like the Leadership Institute -- the training ground for a new generation of conservative leaders. I hope you'll choose to support them today.

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A nearly unlimited number of books are available about political topics. Most teach you how to take the right positions on issues, frame the debate, or understand political theory. But few teach candidates how to win.

Hear the story of Congressman Alex Mooney who knocked on more than 10,000 doors -- and beat an entrenched incumbent. You'll learn exactly how he did it alone with bonus interviews from grassroots leaders.

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Leadership Institute Graduates Are Everywhere!

Jim Jordan - US Rep OH

If you want to accomplish anything of significance, it's never easy. It's always hard. But we need to stand up. If there is not a strong United States of America, the world gets truly dangerous. Thank you LI for training young people in these values.

Kat Timpf - Fox News

As part of my job at the Leadership Institute's Campus Reform, I received TV training that taught me the skills I needed to feel confident in my first few appearances -- and then the feedback on those appearances that I needed to sharpen them. I hadn't had any kind of formal TV training beforehand.

Grover Norquist - Americans for Tax Reform

Without effective activists on the ground, policy reform faces tremendous uphill challenge. By far, the easiest way to change government is from the grassroots, and in order to drive that kind of change, conservatives must be effective in the trenches. The Leadership Institute makes that possible.