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  • a (eks) 1. denoting surprise or satisfaction
    2. ouch!
    3. enough of this!
    4. look out! li dir a, apre li dir b = he changes his story
  • a (v) Variation(s): ava, va to denote an indefinite future, nu a zwenn pli tar = we`ll meet again some other time, I`ll get you back one day
  • a-a-a-a (eks) sound for calling chickens
  • a-tut-fors (adv) by all means, at all costs
  • aba (eks) denoting loss, pain, failure, disappointment
  • aba (adv) in vain
  • abaka (n) manilla, lakord abaka = manilla rope
  • abakes (n) abacus, counting frame
  • abalonn (n) kind of sea-food
  • abandone (azek) 1. forsaken, rejected, abandoned
    2. unoccupied
  • abandonn (v) Variation(s): abandone 1. to abandon
    2. to give up, to yield
  • abat (v) to get through, to do (esp of work)
  • abat (n) a draw in dominoes
  • abat (azek) 1. depressed, dejected, weakened, exhausted
    2. humbled
  • abatman (n) allowance or relief, (esp of tax)
  • abaz (azek) made of
  • abazur (n) 1. lamp-shade
    2. blinds made of tiny slats of wood
  • abazurdi (azek) to be taken aback, stunned, overwhelmed
  • abdike (v) to give up, to resign, to abdicate
  • abdomenn (n) abdomen
  • abdominal (azek) abdominal
  • abe (konz) 1. but
    2. then
  • abe (kest) what did you expect?
  • abes (v) Variation(s): abese 1. to scoop to, to lower one`s standards
    2. to lower, to let down
    3. to humble, to humiliate
  • abey (n) bee
  • abi (n) abuse, misuse
  • abil (azek) 1. clever, skilful
    2. physically fit, on form
  • abim (v) Variation(s): abime 1. to spoil, to damage
    2. to be spoilt, to be damaged
  • abin (eks) Variation(s): aben 1. denoting surprise or satisfaction
    2. denoting affection, and hospitality, (esp in relation to children)
  • abit (v) Variation(s): abite to live in, to stay in
  • abitye (v) 1. to be used to, to be accustomed to
    2. to be hardened to
    3. to accustom oneself, to pe tro abitye = it`s developing into a bad habit now, you are taking advantage
  • abitye (n) one who is always present, or nearby
  • abitye (eks) of course!
  • abiy (v) Variation(s): abiye 1. to dress, to clothe
    2. to dress up, tuni pe abiye = someone`s becoming rich
  • abiz (v) Variation(s): abize 1. to abuse, to misuse
    2. to take advantage of
  • abo (adv) in vain
  • aboli (v) 1. to abolish, to repeal
    2. to be abolished, to be repealed
  • abolisyon (n) abolition
  • abon (eks) is that so?
  • abone (n) 1. subscriber
    2. a regular attender (fig)
  • abonn (v) Variation(s): abone to subscribe, to become a subscriber
  • abonnman (n) subscription
  • abor (adv) aboard, on board, travay abor = work as a stevedore
  • abord (v) Variation(s): aborde 1. to go up to someone
    2. to bring up a subject
  • abordab (azek) 1. accessible, approachable, affable (esp of a person)
    2. reasonable (esp of a price)
    3. easy (esp of a subject)
  • aborizenn (n) aborigine, original inhabitant
  • abrevyasyon (n) abbreviation, short form
  • abrez (v) Variation(s): abreze 1. to shorten
    2. to make brief
    3. to cut short
  • abrigo (n) Variation(s): apriko apricot
  • abriti (azek) confused
  • absan (azek) absent
  • absant (v) Variation(s): absante to absent oneself
  • absanteism (n) absenteeism
  • abse (n) abscess, boil
  • absird (azek) absurd, unreasonable, ridiculous
  • absirdite (n) absurdity
  • absoli (azek) absolute
  • absoliman (adv) 1. absolutely, completely
    2. without any choice in the matter, unquestionably
  • absorb (v) Variation(s): absorbe 1. to absorb
    2. to drink (esp of poisons)
  • absorban (azek) 1. absorbent
    2. absorbing, engrossing
  • absorbe (azek) absorbed
  • absorpsyon (n) 1. absorption
    2. absorption pit for septic tank
  • abstansyon (n) abstention
  • abstenir (v) to abstain
  • abstinans (n) 1. abstinence
    2. supposed method of contraception involving abstinence
  • abstrak (n) summary, abstract
  • abstraksyon (n) 1. abstraction
    2. neglect, fer abstraksyon = to neglect completely
  • abstre (azek) 1. abstract
    2. vague, distracted
  • absud (v) to absolve
  • abu (adv) to extremes, pus kikenn abu = to drive someone to extremes
  • abu (azek) exhausted, tired out
  • abuti (v) 1. to result, to succeed
    2. to lead to, pann abuti nanyen = came to nothing
  • achum (n) a sneeze
  • achut (n) term of abuse based on caste
  • Adan (n) Adam
  • adaptab (azek) adaptable
  • adapte (v) 1. to adjust, to fit together
    2. to adapt oneself to, to make the best of things
    3. to adapt (esp of book, play)
  • adapter (n) adaptor, adapter
  • adekwa (azek) adequate, enough
  • adenoid (n) adenoids
  • adep (n) adept, initiate, follower
  • ader (v) Variation(s): adere to adhere, to join
  • aderan (n) adherent, member, partisan, follower
  • adeton (azek) having two different colours, two-toned
  • adezif (n) adhesive, glue
  • adezyon (n) number of members, following, fer adezyon = to join, become a member
  • adik (n) 1. drug addict
    2. a fan
  • adiksyon (n) addiction
  • adil (v) Variation(s): adile to flatter, to fawn upon
  • adilt (n) adult
  • adilter (n) 1. adultery
    2. adulterer, adulteress
  • adilter (azek) adulterous
  • adiltere (v) 1. to adulterate
    2. to corrupt, to pervert
  • adisyon (n) 1. addition
    2. bill
  • adisyonn (v) Variation(s): adisyone 1. to add up
    2. to mix
  • admet (v) 1. to admit, to concede, to acknowledge, to accept, to avow
    2. to be admitted (esp of school, class, club, team, hospital)
  • admeton (part) Variation(s): meton granted, supposing
  • administrater (n) Variation(s): admistrater manager, director
  • admir (v) Variation(s): admire 1. to admire
    2. to approve
    3. to act like a narcissist, stare at one`s own reflection
  • admirab (azek) admirable, wonderful
  • admirater (n.m) admirer, fan
  • admiratris (n.f) admirer, fan
  • admisib (azek) admissible, permissible
  • admistrater (n) Variation(s): administrater manager, director
  • admisyon (n) 1. entrance examination
    2. admission
    3. first day of school for registering as a pupil
  • adok (azek) ad hoc (esp of a committee
  • adolesan (n) adolescent, teenager, youth
  • adopte (azek) adoptive, adopted
  • adopte (v) 1. to adopt
    2. to be carried (esp of resolution bill)
    3. to appropriate
  • adoptif (azek) adoptive
  • ador (v) Variation(s): adore 1. to adore, to worship, to idolize
    2. (ironically) to despise, to hate
  • adorab (azek) adorable, charming
  • adorasyon (n) adoration, worship
  • ados (v) Variation(s): adose to lean with the back against
  • adrenalinn (n) adrenaline, hormone produced under stress
  • adres (v) Variation(s): adrese 1. to address
    2. to appeal, li ti adres li ar entel = he appealed to someone, went to see someone
    3. to hit the target, score a goal
  • adrwa (azek) skilful, artful, clever, ingenious
  • adrwat (adv & azek) 1. on the right
    2. right-winged
  • adusi (v) 1. to sweeten
    2. to grow mild, to soften
  • advantis (n & azek) Seventh Day Adventist, Protestant
  • adverb (n) adverb
  • advers (azek) adverse, opposite
  • adverser (n) opponent, adversary
  • adye (n.f & eks) adieu, good-bye, farewell, dir adye = to renounce, to give up, to leave off thinking of
  • adzwin (n & azek) Variation(s): adzwen deputy-mayor
  • aerasyon (n) ventilation, airing
  • aere (v) to ventilate, to air
  • aere (azek) 1. ventilated, airy, spacious
    2. light (esp of cakes)
  • aerodrom (n) aerodrome, airport
  • aeropor (n) airport
  • aeryin (azek) Variation(s): aeryen, aeryenn 1. aerial, overhead
    2. about air traffic
  • afadi (v) to become insipid, to become flat or dull
  • afal (v) Variation(s): afale to drop, to flop into
  • afame (azek) 1. famished, starving, hungry
    2. greedy, craving
  • afebli (v) 1. to enfeeble, to weaken,
    2. to lessen, to abate
  • afebli (azek) weaker, tired
  • afeksyon (n) love, affection
  • afekte (v) 1. to affect
    2. to touch
    3. to be touched, to be moved
    4. to be posted to, sent to
  • afermi (v) 1. to strengthen, to become firm or fast
    2. to establish, to consolidate
  • Afgan (n) of Afghanistan
  • Afgan (azek) of Afghanistan
  • afidavid (n) affidavit
  • afilyasyon (n) affiliation
  • afilye (v) to affiliate, to join, to associate
  • afilye (n) an associate
  • afilye (azek) affiliated
  • afinki (konz) Variation(s): afenki in order that, so that
  • afirm (v) Variation(s): afirme to affirm, to assert, to declare, to swear
  • afirmasyon (n) affirmation, assertion
  • afirmatif (azek) 1. affirmative, true,
    2. positive, sure
  • afis (v) Variation(s): afise 1. to stick up
    2. to proclaim, to divulge, to spread
  • afler (azek) with floral designs
  • aflere (v) to level, to make even
  • aflere (adv) on a level with, flush
  • afliksyon (n) affliction, trouble, distress
  • afliz (v) Variation(s): aflize to afflict, to grieve, to distress
  • aflizan (azek) afflicting, distressing, sad
  • aflize (azek) afflicted, distressed, grieved
  • afo (adv) falsely, unjustly, port afo = out of the perpendicular, pled afo pu dekuver laverite = to be the devils` advocate
  • afol (v) Variation(s): afole 1. to be distracted, to get into a panic, to be in a tizzy
    2. to be infatuated, madly in love
  • afon (adv) fully, thoroughly
  • afors (adv) 1. by dint of
    2. so much so___ (that)
  • afransi (v) 1. to free, to set free (esp of slaves)
    2. to stamp, to frank
  • afransi (n) freedman, freedwoman
  • afransi (azek) freed
  • afret (v) Variation(s): afrete to charter
  • Afrikenn (n.f) African woman
  • Afrikin (n & azek) Variation(s): Afriken African
  • afro (n & azek) African style, (esp in hair and clothes)
  • afrodizyak (n & azek) aphrodisiac
  • afron (n) affront, outrage, insult
  • afront (v) Variation(s): afronte 1. to face, to brave
    2. to fight boldly
  • agalbagal (adv) from each end, from all
    4 sides (esp of an agricultural field)
  • agar (n) gelatinous substance from sea-weed, agar-agar
  • agarbati (n) incense (esp for religious ceremonies)
  • agas (v) Variation(s): agase to irritate, to worry, to set on edge
  • agasan (azek) irritating, worrying
  • agasman (n) irritation, worry
  • age (eks) 1. hey there!
    2. I say ...
  • agobay (eks) denoting shock
  • agogo (adv) plentifully
  • agogo (azek) plentiful
  • agoniz (v) Variation(s): agonize to be dying
  • agonizan (azek) dying
  • agos (adv) 1. on the left-hand side, to the left
    2. of a left-wing party or idea
  • agraf (v) Variation(s): agrafe to clasp, to staple, to fasten
  • agram-bagram (n) 1. accessories. assorted un-matching objects
    2. etcetera, etcetera
  • agrandi (v) 1. to enlarge, to widen
    2. to exaggerate (esp of an event)
    3. (fig) to break up things
  • agrandisan (azek) increasing
  • agrandisaz (n) enlargement (esp of photocopy)
  • agrandiser (n) enlarger
  • agrandisman (n) enlargement
  • agrav (v) Variation(s): agrave to aggravate, to make worse, to worsen
  • agreab (azek) agreeable, pleasing, pleasant, pa fer to agreab! = don`t play up!
  • agreser (n) aggressor
  • agresif (azek) 1. aggressive, threatening
    2. assertive
  • agresivite (n) 1. aggressiveness
    2. assertiveness
  • agrikilter (n) agriculturalist, farmer
  • agrikiltir (n) 1. agriculture
    2. a sub-station of the department of agriculture (also see lagrikiltir)
  • agrikol (azek) agricultural
  • agrim (n) family of citrus fruits
  • agrip (v) Variation(s): agripe 1. to clutch at, to cling to
    2. to be suffering from a cold
  • agronom (n) agronomist, agriculturalist
  • agwa (n) 1. an intermediary between two groups
    2. a person who acts as a go-between, especially for marriage
  • aha (eks) 1. caught you red-handed!
    2. yes, it`s so!
  • aja (n) grand-father
  • aji haji (n) 1. one who has been on a pilgrimage to Mecca
    2. grandmother
  • ajinomoto (n) monosodium glutamate
  • ajuna (eks) exhorting thunder to go away
  • ak (n) act, ak de nesans = birth certificate
  • ak (azek) 1. acrid
    2. (fig) hard, tough, painful
  • aka (n) 1. Chinese language current in Mauritius, Hakka
    2. sister
  • akablan (azek) crushing, oppressive
  • akable (v) to crush, to overwhelm, to overburden
  • akable (v) overwhelmed
  • akademik (azek) academical
  • akademisyin (n) Variation(s): akademisyen academician
  • akaeptab (azek) 1. acceptable
    2. presentable
  • akalmi (n) 1. calming down
    2. eye of a cyclone
  • akamurgi (n) 1. big girl dressed up oddly
    2. a chicken dish
  • akapar (v) Variation(s): akapare to secure for oneself at the expense of others, to take over
  • akaparer (n) monopoliser, hoarder
  • akaro (azek) checked (esp of cloth)
  • akawnts (n) accounts (esp as a subject)
  • akazu (n) mahogany
  • akenn (n) spring roll
  • akerir (v) to earn, to win, to gain, to acquire, to obtain
  • akey (v) to receive, to welcome
  • akeyan (azek) welcoming, hospitable
  • aki (n) acquirements, attainments, gains
  • akil (v) Variation(s): akile 1. to drive back
    2. to corner
  • akile (azek) 1. pushed back, cornered
    2. politically isolated
  • akimil (v) Variation(s): akimile to accumulate, to amass, to pile up, to hoard
  • akimilasyon (n) accumulation
  • akipontir (n) acupuncture, healing with needles
  • akit (v) Variation(s): akite to acquit
  • akite (azek) acquitted (esp in court)
  • akiz (v) Variation(s): akize to accuse, to blame, akiz leku = to suffer a masked attack, and to betray one`s guilt, concern, etc
  • akize (n) the accused {esp in court)
  • aklamasyon (n) applause, acclamation
  • akolad (n) ceremonial embrace, accolade
  • akolit (n) 1. accomplice
    2. henchman
  • akondisyon (prep) on the condition that, on the undertaking that
  • akonpayn (v) Variation(s): akonpayne to accompany, to go with
  • akonpli (v) to accomplish, to fulfil
  • akont (n) down-payment
  • akor ()
  • akor elektoral (n) electoral agreement
  • akord (v) Variation(s): akorde 1. to tune, to harmonize
    2. to grant
  • akordeonis (n) accordionist
  • akorite (n) Variation(s): lakorite consensus, general agreement
  • akoste (v) 1. to come alongside
    2. to accost
  • akot (adv & int) where
  • akote (adv & prep) 1. beside, next to
    2. wide of (goal), off-target
  • akoz (konz) because, since
  • akoz (prep) due to
  • akredite (azek) accredited (esp of a representative)
  • akrilik (n) 1. acrylic (esp of paint)
    2. kind of cloth
  • akrobat (n) 1. acrobat, rope-dancer
    2. acrobatics
  • akrobatik (azek) acrobatic
  • akros (v) Variation(s): akrose 1. to hang or hook on
    2. to be caught, to be torn by being caught, to snag or be snagged
  • akrosaz (n) minor dispute between two people
  • akrostis (n) acrostic
  • akrupi (v) to crouch, to cower
  • akrwasman (n) increase, growth
  • aksan (n) 1. accent, stress
    2. pronunciation
  • aksangrav (n) grave accent, written like this: "
  • aksansirkonfleks (n) flex accent, accent written like this:
  • aksantegi (n) acute accent written like this:
  • aksantye (v) to accentuate
  • akse (n) access
  • aksed (v) Variation(s): aksede to accede, to attain, to reach
  • akseler (v) Variation(s): akselere to accelerate, to quicken, to hasten
  • akselerater (n) accelerator
  • aksepte (v) 1. to accept, to agree to, to welcome
    2. to admit to being in the wrong
  • aksesib (azek) accessible, within reach
  • akseswar (n) 1. accessories
    2. props
  • aksidan (n) 1. accident
    2. unwished pregnancy
  • aksyon (n)

    1. action, deed, work, conduct
    2. share, met an aksyon = to act, to carry out, rant an aksyon = to come into force, to begin operations, pran

  • aksyoner (n) shareholder
  • aksyonn (v) Variation(s): aksyone 1. to operate, to run
    2. to bestir, to rouse up, to set going
  • akter (n) 1. actor
    2. hero
  • aktif (azek) 1. active, busy, energetic
    2. in eruption (esp of a volcano)
  • aktiv (v) Variation(s): aktive 1. to accelerate, to hurry
    2. to stir up
  • aktivis (n) activist
  • aktivite (n) activity, function, event, an aktivite = running, active
  • aktivman (adv) actively, vigorously
  • aktris (n) 1. actress
    2. heroine
  • aktyalite (n) 1. news
    2. news-reel
  • aktyaliz (v) Variation(s): aktyalize bring up to date
  • aktyalizasyon (n) actualization, realization
  • aktyel (azek) 1� present, a ler aktyel = now, nowadays
    2. real
  • aktyelman (adv) now, at the present time
  • akudpye (adv) being kicked in the back�side, in disgrace
  • akuple (v) 1o to couple, to copulate
    2. to connect
  • akurterm (adv) in the short run
  • akus (v) Variation(s): akuse to deliver, to give birth
  • akusman (n) 1. child-birth
    2. delivery
  • akustik (azek) acoustic
  • akute (eks) listen! wait!
  • akutime (v) accustom, habituate, inure
  • akutre (v) to be dressed, to be rigged out
  • akwakiltir (n) cultivation of marine plants and animals
  • akwarel (n) aquarelle, painting in water-colours
  • akwaryom (n) aquarium
  • akwatik (azek) aquatic
  • akwite (n) acuteness, keenness, sharpness
  • akyes (v) Variation(s): akyese acquiesce, agree, assent, yield, comply
  • al ale (v) to go, sa al byin ek twa = it suits you, zot al byin ansam = they are well matched, to pu ale mem ek mwa la = are you going to
  • ala (eks) 1. here he comes!
    2. there you are! ala ki manyer = that`s how it is!
  • alafil (adv) one behind the other, in a line
  • alafin (adv) Variation(s): alafen at last, at length, in the end, in the long run, at long last
  • alal (n & azek) food prepared according to religious rules
  • alala (eks) 1. there you are (esp when child breaks something after being warned)
    2. you must be joking; not on your life!
    3. balls to you! (esp while indicating scrotum)
    4. here we are! (esp when presenting something)
  • alalila (eks) there you have it! there it is!
  • alamyab (adv) amicably, in a conciliatory manner
  • alanaz (adv) by swimming
  • alantur (n) neighbourhood
  • alantur (adv) around, about
  • alanver (adv) 1. inside out
    2. wrongly
  • alariger (adv) at the most, at the limit
  • alarm (n) 1. alarm bell
    2. alarm clock
  • alarman (azek) alarming
  • alaryer (adv) Variation(s): anaryer behind, backward
  • alatrenn (azek) 1. lying about, scattered
    2. trailing (esp in fishing)
  • alavans (adv) Variation(s): anavans 1. ahead of time
    2. fast (esp of watch)
  • alawens (n) money paid by employer to cover a worker`s expenses of one kind or another
  • alba (n) liquid antacid medicine
  • albatros (n) albatros
  • albem (n) album
  • albibinn (n) albiminuria, renal failure
  • albinos (n) albino, lacking natural or usual colour
  • aldi (n) Variation(s): haldi religious ceremony preceding wedding
  • aldrinn (n) insecticide, aldrine
  • ale (v) Variation(s): al to go, fer li ale = to have an abortion
  • ale (eks) 1. I agree!
    2. let`s!
    3. go ahead!
  • alegasyon (n) allegation, assertion
  • alegori (n) allegory, system of symbols
  • alegro (adv) fast allegro (in music)
  • aleksteryer (azek) abroad
  • aleluya (n & int) hallelujah
  • aler (azek & adv) 1. right (of a watch, clock)
    2. in time
  • alerman (adv) apparently, no doubt
  • alert (n) coquette
  • alert (azek) flirtatious
  • alerzi (n) allergy
  • alerzik (azek) allergic
  • alet (v) Variation(s): alete to suckle, to breastfeed, to give milk
  • alez (v) Variation(s): aleze to lighten
  • alez (azek & adv) 1. at ease, comfortable
    2. in comfort
  • alfabet (n) 1. alphabet
    2. literate
  • alfabetik (azek) alphabetical
  • alfabetism (n) literacy
  • alfabetiz (v) Variation(s): alfabetize to teach to read and write
  • alfabetizasyon (n) literacy teaching, literacy learning
  • alg (n) 1. sea-weed (esp of edible sea-weed)
    2. mushroom-like plants in the forest (esp of edible varieties)
  • alibaba (n) thief
  • alibi (n) alibi
  • alim (n) a soup of lentils, fat and bone
  • alim (v) Variation(s): alime 1. to light, to set on fire
    2. to switch on
  • alimant (v) Variation(s): alimante to throw oil on the flames, to fuel (esp of rumours)
  • alimant (v) Variation(s): alimante to supply
  • alimantasyon (n) nutrition
  • aliminyom (n & azek) aluminium
  • alimoni (n) alimony, allowance husband has to pay his wife after divorce
  • alinteryer (azek) inside
  • alisinasyon (n) hallucination
  • alite (azek) convalescent
  • aliyn (v) Variation(s): aliyne 1. to align, to put in a straight line, to fall into line
    2. to take position with (esp of an idea)
  • alizyon (n) 1. allusion, unclear reference
    2. a mention in passing
  • alkali (n) alkali
  • alkaloid (n) group of chemical compounds , alkaloid
  • alkolik (n) 1. alcoholic (esp of person)
    2. alcoholic (esp of drink)
  • alla (n) God
  • alman (n & azek) German
  • almanak (n) almanac
  • alo (n) water-based, emulsion (esp of paint), tu so lapenn inn tom alo = all his efforts, for nothing; he is ruined
  • alo (eks) hello, hullo
    2. when one catches someone red-handed
  • alo-alo (eks) your attention, please!
  • alokasyon (n) allocation, allowance alokasyon familyal = family allowances, alokasyon somaz = unemployment benefit, dole
  • alonz (v) Variation(s): alonze to lie down full length, to stretch oneself
  • alonze (azek) horizontal
  • alor (konz & adv) Variation(s): alors 1. then, and then
    2. in that case
    3. what does this mean?
  • alpaka (n) alpaca, a kind of animal
  • alter (n) weights (esp in weight-lifting)
  • alterliku (n) neck artery
  • altern (v) Variation(s): alterne to alternate
  • altern (v) Variation(s): alterne to alternate
  • alternatif (n & azek) alternative
  • alterne (azek) alternate
  • alterofil (n) a weight-lifter
  • alterofili (n) weight-lifting
  • altitid (n) altitude
  • alu (n) potato
  • aluda (n) cool drink
  • alurdi (v) to make heavy, to grow heavy
  • alwa (n) sweet jelly like cake
  • alwe (v) allocate
  • alwet (n) 1. lark
    2. helicopter
  • alwil (azek) 1. oily
    2. mellos (of the jujube only)
    2. oil-based (esp of paint)
  • alyans (v) Variation(s): alyanse 1. to unite, to league, to join forces
    2. to get engaged
  • alyas (konz) also known as, alias
  • alyaz (n) alloy, mixed metals
  • alye (n) ally
  • alyenasyon (n) alienation, estrangement
  • alyene (azek & adv) alienated, estranged
  • alzasyin (n) Variation(s): alzasyen Alsatian (esp of dog), German sheep dog
  • alzasyin (azek) Variation(s): alzasyen of Alsace
  • alzeb (n) algebra
  • Alzeri (n) Algeria
  • Alzeryin (n) Variation(s): Alzeryen, Alzeryenn Algerian
  • ama (n) mother
  • amadiya (n) a religion
  • amak (n) hammock
  • amalgam (n) 1. medley
    2. mixture
  • amalgam (v) Variation(s): amalgame to amalgamate, to combine, to blend
  • aman (n) lover
  • amand (v) Variation(s): amande to amend
  • amandman (n) amendment
  • amani (azek) finicky
  • amans (v) Variation(s): amanse 1. to deal a blow, to strike
    2. to lie to, to fool
  • amar (v) Variation(s): amare to get stuck, weighed down
  • amars (azek) 1. functioning, in action, running
    2. in running order
  • amater (n) 1. amateur
    2. someone who is recognised for having a working knowledge of a subject, amater sinema = cinema lover
  • amater (azek) shoddy (esp of work)
  • amay (n) maternal grandmother
  • amazonn (n) 1. Amazon
    2. female following
  • amberger (n) hamburger
  • amebleman (n) furnishing
  • amegri (v) 1. to grow thin
    2. to become emaciated
  • amelyor (v) Variation(s): amelyore to ameliorate, to improve, to better, to mend
  • amelyorasyon (n) amelioration, improvement
  • amenaz (v) Variation(s): amenaze to move in and do up a room or house
  • amenazman (n) doing up a new home
  • amenn (n) god relevant to fire-walking
  • amenn (n & eks) amen
  • amenn (v) Variation(s): amene to bring, to take to, to take along
  • amer (azek) 1. bitter
    2. harsh, grievous
    3. embittered
  • amerd (v) Variation(s): amerde to bother, to make angry, to annoy
  • amerdan (n) a person who is a nuisance
  • amerdan (azek) tedious, annoying
  • amerde (azek) cross, angry, furious
  • amerikaniz (v) Variation(s): amerikanize to americanize
  • Amerikenn (n) American woman
  • Amerikin (n & azek) Variation(s): Ameriken 1. American
    2. western (esp of film)
  • amezir (konz) 1. as
    2. in as much as
  • amib (n) 1. amoeba
    2. amoebic dysentery
  • amidal (n) tonsils
  • amikal (azek) 1. friendly, amicable
    2. friendship society
  • aminsi (v) Variation(s): amensi to make thinner, to become thinner
  • amiral (n) admiral
  • amisti (n) amnesty, pardon
  • amiz (v) Variation(s): amize 1. to amuse, to divert, to entertain, to enjoy oneself, to have a good time
    2. to Rat up, to drink up
    3. to beat up
  • amizan (azek) amusing, diverting, entertaining
  • amizer (n) pleasure-seeker
  • amizir (adv) as, gradually as
  • amnezi (n) amnesia, having lost one`s memory
  • amnezik (n & azek) amnesic
  • amnistye (v) to amnesty
  • amor (adv) to the death, with dedication
  • amors (v) to start off, to launch into
  • amorti (v) to deaden, to allay, to break, to cushion
  • amortiser (n) shock absorber
  • amure (azek) 1. in love
    2. mad about, addicted to
  • amwatye (adv) half, partly
  • amwindri (v) Variation(s): amwendri to lessen, to decrease, to diminish
  • amwinki (prep) Variation(s): amwenki unless
  • amyel (v) to soothe, to cajole, to gain over
  • an (n) year (used after a number)
  • an (prep) in, to
  • an (eks) is that so!
  • an-mem-tan (adv) 1. simultaneously |
    2. concurrently
    3. at the same time
  • an-no (azek) watery
  • an-nor (azek) made of gold, golden
  • anabondans (adv) in abundance, plenty of
  • anakor (prep) in agreement with
  • anakronis (n) anachronism
  • analfabet (azek) illiterate, unable to read nor write
  • analiz (n) Variation(s): analize an analysis, a study
  • analiz (v) Variation(s): analize to analyse, to study
  • anantye (azek & adv) as a whole, as one unit
  • anarsi (n) anarchy
  • anarsik (azek) anarchic
  • anarsis (n & azek) anarchist
  • anaryer (adv) Variation(s): alaryer behind, backward
  • anarzan (azek) silver
  • anasestral (azek) ancestral, of one`s community
  • anatomik (azek) anatomical
  • anavan (eks) forward!
  • anavan (adv) onward, forward
  • anavangard (azek) in the vanguard, in the forefront
  • anavans (adv & azek) 1. in advance of, before time, ahead of
    2. fast (esp of clock)
  • anba (adv & prep) 1. on the ground, at the bottom, downstairs, downtown, down the road, down there
    2. under, bann anba = the people downstairs, down the road, or downtown, the underdog
  • anba-anba (eks) when encouraging someone to dance sega leaning backwards
  • anba-anba (adv) 1. dancing sega leaning backwards
    2. treacherously
  • anba-laba (adv) down over there
  • anba-lao (n) species of long fish with long thin lower jaw
  • anba-lao (azek & adv) upside down, topsy-turvy, inside out, in a mess, vir anba-lao = to make havoc of
  • anbaban (azek) not paying attention in class
  • anbal (v) Variation(s): anbale 1. to wrap up, tie up, to package
    2. to bolt (esp of a horse)
    3. to rev up (esp of a motor-car or other engine)
  • anbale (azek) 1. carried away
    2. tied up
  • anbapon (azek) bunking school
  • anbara (n) financial problem
  • anbara (n) embarassment
  • anbaradiswa (n) wide variety
  • anbaradiswa (adv) too many to choose from
  • anbaras (v) Variation(s): anbarase to embarrass, to encumber, to inconvenience, to trouble
  • anbarase (azek) 1. constrained
    2. hard up, skint
    3. embarrassed
  • anbark (v) Variation(s): anbarke 1. to embark, to put aboard, to go on board
    2. to get picked up by the police
    3. to set off (esp on a big project)
  • anbasader (n) 1. ambassador
    2. messenger, go-between
  • anbeli (n) a calming down (esp of the sea)
  • anbeli (v) to make beautiful, to decorate
  • anbern (azek) at half mast (esp of flag)
  • anbet (v) Variation(s): anbete to deceive, to fool
  • anbetan (azek) 1. inconvenient, annoying, irritating
    2. silly, insignificant
  • anbetan (n) minor obstacle
  • anbigi (azek) ambiguous
  • anbigwite (n) ambiguity
  • anbilan (azek) ambulant, itinerant, marsan anbilan = itinerant merchant
  • anbisye (azek) ambitious
  • anbisyon (n) Variation(s): lanbisyon ambition
  • anblem (n) emblem, logo
  • anblok (adv) 1. as a lot (e.g. of things bought or sold)
    2. close together, united
    3. at one time and for one reason (e.g. of a walk-out)
  • anblok (azek) brick (esp of house)
  • anbobinn (v) Variation(s): anbobine 1. to reel, to spool
    2. to wheedle, to get round, to coax, to hoodwink
    3. to wind, to repair a coil
  • anbom (v) Variation(s): anbome 1. to embalm
    2. to emit a vile or over-powering perfume
    3 . to emit a sweet smell
  • anbos (v) Variation(s): anbose to hire, to engage, to sign on, to employ
  • anbote (adv) beautifully, could not be better (esp of ending a match, career)
  • anbras (v) Variation(s): anbrase 1. to kiss
    2. to greet
  • anbrey (v) Variation(s): anbreye to put into gear
  • anbriyon (n) embryo
  • anbruy (v) Variation(s): anbruye to muddle, to confuse, to perplex
  • anbruyaz (n) a mess, muddle, confusion
  • anbruye (azek) confused, fuddled, muddled
  • anburzwaze (azek) having become bourgeois
  • anbutey (v) Variation(s): anbuteye to bottle
  • anbutey (azek) made of glass
  • anbuteyaz (n) 1. bottling
    2. traffic jam
    3. a bottle-neck (fig)
  • anbwat (v) Variation(s): anbwate to fit in, to joint
  • anbwat (azek) canned, tinned
  • andan (n) 1. inner self
    2. entrails, bowels
    3. inside (esp of a thing)
  • andan (adv) 1. within, inside
    2. in the lagoon, lagoon-fishing
    3. in prison
  • andan-andan (adv) secretly, inwardly
  • ande (adv) into two, in half
  • andeker (azek) afraid, scared
  • andeor (adv) outside
    2. beyond the reef
    3. out of prison
    4. knocked out (esp of a game)
  • andesandan (adv) as going down, on one`s way down
  • andet (v) Variation(s): andete to get into debt, to run into debt
  • andetay (azek & adv) retail, in detail, thoroughly, meticulously
  • andete (azek) in debt
  • andey (v) Variation(s): andeye to be in mourning
  • andey (azek) in mourning
  • andezord (azek) 1. disorderly, in a mess, untidy
    2. of unconventional morals, or immoral, or amoral
    3. skimpily dressed
  • andifikilte (azek) in trouble (esp of financial)
  • andikap (v) Variation(s): andikape to handicap
  • andikape (n & azek) handicapped, disabled, cripple
  • andimans (v) Variation(s): andimanse to put on one`s Sunday best
  • andir (v) Variation(s): andire to endure, to bear, to put up with, to stand
  • andir (azek) concrete
  • andirsi (v) 1. to harden, to toughen,
    2. to be steeled, to become hardened
  • andokrinn (n) endocrine gland
  • andoktrinn (v) Variation(s): andoktrine to indoctrinate, to teach
  • andomaz (v) Variation(s): andomaze to damage, to injure, to harm, to impair, to mar
  • andomazman (n) injury, damage, suffering, deterioration
  • andorni (v) 1. to anapcthetize, to send to sleep, to hypnotise
    2. to lull
  • andorni (azek) 1. sleepy, drowsy, sluggish
    2. anaesthetized, hypnotised
  • andors (v) Variation(s): andorse to endorse, sign
  • andos (azek) squint-eyed, squint
  • andos (v) Variation(s): andose 1. to put on, to wear
    2. to be saddled with, to take on oneself
  • andotmo (konz & adv) in other words, more frankly
  • andreanom (n) kind of flower
  • androzenn (n) a hormone, androgen
  • andrwa (azek) having the right, within one`s rights
  • andub (adv) at once, immediately
  • andyable (azek) 1. possessed, devilish, diabolical
    2. reckless (music), irrepressible
  • ane (n) brother
  • aneanti (v) to destroy, to annihilate
  • anefe (adv) as a matter of fact, in reality
  • anekdot (n) anecdote
  • aneks (n) a sub-section of a sugar estate
  • anekse (v) to take over, to add to, to join on to
  • anemi (azek) Variation(s): anemik anaemic, bloodless, pale, weak
  • anenonn (n) kind of flower, anemone
  • anestetiz (v) anaesthetise
  • anestezi (n) Variation(s): lanestezi anaesthesia
  • anfantin (azek) Variation(s): anfanten 1. infantile, childish
    2. immature
  • anfantiyaz (n) nonsense, childishness
  • anfarine (azek) mealy, floury
  • anfas (adv) straight in the face , directly
  • anfas (azek) facing, opposite
  • anferm (v) Variation(s): anferme 1. to keep in, to restrict, to imprison
    2. to wall in, to enclose
  • anfes (azek) bad, terrible
  • anfibi (n & azek) amphibian, amphibious
  • anfil (v) Variation(s): anfile 1. to thread (a needle), to string (beads)
    2. to pull on, to slip on (clothes)
    3. to pierce, to run through
    4. to penetrate sexually
  • anfil (azek) made of thread (not, say, wool)
  • anfile (adv) in file, one behind the other
  • anfile (azek) threaded
  • anfin (adv) Variation(s): anfen at last, finally, at length, after all, anfin dekont = to sum up, when all is said and done
  • anflam (v) Variation(s): anflame 1. to break into flames, to blaze, to burn
    2. to excite, to make angry, to provoke
    3. to be inflamed
  • anfle (n) 1. lorry-helper
    2. assistant (for a task, or a skill)
  • anfle (azek) swollen
  • anfle (v) to swell
  • anfler (azek) in flower, in bloom, in blossom
  • anflir (n) swelling
  • anfoli (azek) boy-crazy, girl-crazy
  • anfons (v) Variation(s): anfonse 1. to drive in
    2. to sink
    3. (fig) to get into trouble
    4. (fig) to go ahead too fast, without enough thought
  • anform (azek) 1. fit and well, in fine fettle, in the pink of condition
    2. at his best
  • angaz (v) Variation(s): angaze to take on (of employment), to engage, to employ
    2. to pledge, to pawn
  • angaz (azek) pawned, in pledge
  • angaze (n) indentured labourer
  • angaze (azek) 1. engaged (of telephone lines)
    2. committed (artist, writer)
    3. indentured (of labourer)
    4. pledged, pawned
    5. engaged (to be married!
  • angel (v) Variation(s): angele to abuse, to swear at, to tell off
  • angelad (n) scolding, abuse, choking off
  • anger (azek) at war with, in a feud against
  • angi (n) eel, ena angi su ros = something suspicious is going on
  • angi kong (n) conger eel
  • angi labu (n) kind of eel
  • angi lamandyan (n) black-and-white eel
  • angi morel (n) moray eel
  • angiv (n) bitter vegetable
  • Angle (n) 1. Englishman
    2. English language, Angle potis = bad English
  • Angle (azek) English, British, lakle angle = adjustable spanner, lepok angle = colonial times, kapot angle = condom
  • Angleter (n) England, Britain, United Kingdom
  • Anglez (n) Englishwoman, lapat anglez = dough made of stale cakes
  • anglikan (n & azek) Variation(s): anglikann anglican, protestant
  • anglob (v) Variation(s): anglobe to comprehend, to include, to encompass
  • angluti (v) 1. to squander, to dissipate
    2. to engulf
  • Angola (n) Angola, country in Africa
  • Angole (n & azek) Angolan
  • angora (n) kind of cat
  • angorze (azek) 1. congested (esp of a woman`s breast when too full of milk)
    2. swollen
  • angran (adv) full length, on a large scale
  • angres (v) Variation(s): angrese 1. to fatten, to grow fat, to become corpulent
    2. to manure
  • angrev (azek) on strike
  • angrin (azek) Variation(s): angren 1. granular
    2. each grain separate (esp of rice)
  • angro (azek & adv) 1. wholesale
    2. roughly, approximately
  • angros (v) Variation(s): angrose 1. to make pregnant, to get with child
    2. to become pregnant, to be with child
  • angulangule (v) to drink
  • angurdi (v) to be benumbed, to become numb
  • angurdi (azek) numb
  • angurdisman (n) 1. numbness
    2. pins-and-needles
  • angwas (n) anguish
  • ani (n) sister-in-law
  • anil (v) Variation(s): anile 1. to cancel
    2. to be cancelled
  • anile (azek) cancelled
  • anilinn (n) anilinn, dye for making ink
  • anim (v) Variation(s): anime 1. to speak (esp at a meeting)
    2. to perform (esp at a concert)
  • animal (azek) animal, animal-like
  • animator (n) co-ordinator, trouble-shooter, organiser
  • anime (azek) heated, animated
  • anka (konz) Variation(s): oka if, in the event of
  • ankadre (v) 1. to frame
    2. to put into perspective
  • ankadrer (n) framer, picture-frame maker
  • ankastre (v) to fit in, to encase, to imbed
  • ankes (v) Variation(s): ankese 1. to receive money, to hoard money
    2. to take blows
  • anket (v) Variation(s): ankete to inquire into, to conduct an inquiry, to investigate
  • ankikinan (azek) pestering
  • ankikiner (n) Variation(s): ankikinez a pesterer, person who is a nuisance
  • ankikinn (v) Variation(s): ankikine to tease, to pester
  • ankilostom (n) hook-worm
  • anklav (n) enclave, closed off geographical area
  • anklin (azek) Variation(s): anklen inclined, prone, given to
  • anklo (n) hutch
  • ankoler (azek) angry, indignant, cross
  • ankonbran (azek) encumbering, cumbrous, cumbersome
  • ankor (adv) 1. again, once more, anew
    2. still, yet
  • ankor (azek) more
  • ankraz (n) being rooted (esp in an area)
  • ankre (azek) firmly fixed or established, to be rooted
  • ankriz (azek & adv) in a crisis, under difficult conditions
  • ankuler (azek) in colour, techni-colour
  • ankur (adv) before the courts, to court
  • ankuraz (v) Variation(s): ankuraze to encourage, to support, to egg on
  • ankurazan (azek) encouraging, a good sign, cheering
  • ankuyonad (adv) badly done, cheaply done
  • ankuyonad (azek) 1. bad
    2. cheap, poor quality
  • anler (adv) up, in the air, met kikenn anler = to flatter
  • anler-anler (adv) superficially
  • anler-anler (azek) superficial
  • anlev (v) Variation(s): anleve 1. to remove,
    2. to steal, to rob
    3. to kidnap
    4. to elope with
  • anlevman (n) 1. robbery
    2. kidnapping
    3. elopement
  • anliyn (adv) in line
  • anliyne (v) to put in line
  • anlok (azek) in rags
  • anmagazine (azek) in storage
  • anmagazinn (v) Variation(s): anmagazine to store
  • anmars (azek) running (esp of a machine), net anmars = to start
  • anmer (adv) out at sea
  • annsard (n) Hansard, record of parliamentary debates
  • anofel (n) anopheles, mosquito
  • anomali (n) 1. salary rationalisation
    2. exceptional cases concerning wage differentials
  • anonim (azek) anonymous
  • anons (v) Variation(s): anonse to announce
  • anord (adv) in good order, neat and tidy
  • anormal (azek & adv) unusual, abnormal , odd
  • anote (adv) worthy of note, worth taking notice of
  • anp (azek) ample, full, large
  • anpann (azek) broken down (esp of engine)
  • anpartikilye (adv) in particular, more specifically
  • anpay (azek) thatched
  • anpay (v) Variation(s): anpaye 1. to roof with straw, to thatch
    2. to stuff
    3. to deceive, to cheat, to fool
  • anpayer (n) 1. one who stuffs animals, birds
    2. trickster, clown
  • anpe (adv) peacefully, in harmony
  • anper (n) Variation(s): lanper 1. ampere
    2. delay between working and receiving pay
  • anperer (n) 1. emperor
    2. marlin
  • anpermet (n) machine which measures electrical current
  • anpes (v) Variation(s): anpese to prevent from, to stop someone doing something
  • anpese (azek) forbidden
  • anpesman (n) hindrance, something that has cropped up to prevent one attending a function
  • anpik (azek) keen, raring to go
  • anpil (v) Variation(s): anpile 1. to pile up, to stack, to hoard
    2. to become piled up
  • anpintir (azek) like, same as
  • anpir (v) Variation(s): anpire to get worse, to grow worse
  • anpirik (azek) empirical, based on experiments
  • anpisilinn (n) ampicillin, common anti-biotic
  • anpit (v) Variation(s): anpite to amputate
  • anpite (azek) amputated
  • anplan (adv) 1. unfinished
    2. left behind, high and dry
  • anplas (eks) as usual! no better than usual
  • anplas (prep) instead of
  • anplas (azek) 1. fixed
    2. stagnant
    3. game unchanged (esp in dominoes)
  • anplasman (n) premises
  • anpleman (azek) ample, full, plenty, enough
  • anplener (adv) in the open air
  • anpli (n) amplifier
  • anplifikater (n) 1. amplifier
    2. enlarger
  • anplifye (v) 1. to amplify, to enlarge, to magnify
    2. to exaggerate
  • anplin (adv) Variation(s): anplen in the middle of, in the act of, red-handed
  • anplis (adv) in addition to, into the bargain
  • anplis (azek) 1. extra, left over
    2. (fig) left out, not wanted, taler to anplis = we`ll kick you out, I`ll do you in
  • anplot (azek) 1. clotted
    2. in a clump
  • anploy (v) Variation(s): anploye to employ, to give employment to
  • anplway (v) Variation(s): anplwaye to use (esp of time)
  • anplwaye (n) employee, anplwayed mezon = household worker
  • anplwayer (n) boss, employer
  • anpok (azek) sore and swollen
  • anporte (v) to be carried away
  • anpos (v) Variation(s): anpose to pocket, to appropriate
  • anpoyn (v) Variation(s): anpoyne to grapple
  • anprizonn (v) to imprison
  • anprizonnman (n) imprisonment (esp of the sentence)
  • anpud (azek) powdered
  • anpul (n) 1. bulb
    2. blister
    3. ampoule (esp of liquid medicine) , anpul bivab = ampoule with medicine to be taken orally
  • anpwazone (azek) 1. poisoned
    2. poisonous, kado anpwazone = a gift which may turn out dangerous
  • anpwazonn (v) Variation(s): anpwazone to poison, to infect, to corrupt
  • anpwazonnman (n) poisoning
  • anrasinn (v) Variation(s): anrasine to root, to take root, to become rooted
  • anreg (azek) in order, anreg ek lakes = fully paid up
  • anretar (adv) 1. late
    2. to be slow
  • anretur (adv) in exchange, in appreciation
  • anrezistre (v) 1. to register
    2. to record
  • anrezistreman (n) 1. registration
    2. recording
  • anrim (v) Variation(s): anrime to give a cold, to catch a cold
  • anrisi (v) to enrich, to grow rich, to make one`s riches
  • anrol (v) Variation(s): anrole to enrol, to enlist
  • anron (adv) in circles, getting nowhere
  • anrul (v) Variation(s): anrule to roll, to roll up, to coil
  • anrwe (azek) hoarse, husky
  • ans (n) cove
  • ansaler (azek) to be on heat
  • ansam (adv) together, at the same time
  • ansan (azek) bleeding, bloody
  • ansante (eks) pleased to meet you
  • ansekre (adv) in secret, secretly
  • ansene (adv) 1. in a chain of events, concatenating
    2. following immediately (esp in a musical show)
  • anserkle (v) to encircle
  • anset (n) Variation(s): zanset ancestor
  • anseyman (n) 1. teachings
    2. teaching
  • anseyn (v) Variation(s): anseyne to teach, to instruct
  • anseynan (n) teacher
  • ansiklopedi (n) encyclopaedia
  • ansint (azek) Variation(s): ansent pregnant, expecting a baby
  • ansom (adv) 1. in fact
    2. in summary
  • ansorsel (v) Variation(s): ansorsele 1. to bewitch
    2. to be bewitched
  • anstok (adv & azek) in stock, in supply
  • answa (n) anchovy
  • answit (adv) after, afterwards, then
  • ansyennman (adv) anciently, formerly, of yore
  • ansyennte (n) seniority
  • ansyin (azek) Variation(s): ansyen 1. ancient, old
    2. antique
    3. late, ex-
    4. senior
  • ant (prep) between, among
  • anta (azek) lazy, spineless, anta kuma pul muye = sluggard, met anta = to put into a heap
  • antabiz (n) medicine used in treatment of chronic alcoholism
  • antagonik (azek) antagonistic
  • antagonis (n) antagonism, friction
  • antam (v) Variation(s): antame to start (esp of negotiations)
  • antas (v) Variation(s): antase 1. to heap up, to pile up, to amass, to hoard up
    2. to crowd, to cram, to pack together
  • antasid (n) antacid
  • ante (azek) haunted
  • anter (v) Variation(s): antere 1. to bury
    2. to survive
    3. to kill
    4. to hush up
    5. to bluff
  • anteraz (n) work consisting of burying previous plants (esp leguminous)
  • antere (azek) 1. buried
    2. forgotten
  • anterit (n) gastro-enteritis
  • anterm (prep) in terms of
  • antet (adv & azek) 1. in one`s head, gard antet = keep in mind
    2. in front, ahead, antet delis = first on the list
  • antete (v) to be stubborn, to be obstinate, antete fer kiksoz = to persist
  • antete (azek) stubborn, obstinate
  • anti-avortaan (azek) anti-abortion
  • anti-esklavaz (azek) anti-slavery
  • anti-fam (azek) sexist, misogynist
  • anti-inflamatwar (n) anti-inflammatory medicine
  • anti-inperyalis (azek) anti-imperialist
  • anti-istaminn (n) antihistamine, medicine against allergies
  • antibyotik (n) antibiotic
  • antiderapan (n) non-skid surface
  • antidot (n) anti-dote, remedy
  • antifawling (n) anti-fouling paint (esp for boats)
  • antiguvernmantal (adv & azek) anti-governmental
  • antik (n) antique furniture
  • antikapitalis (adv & azek) anti-capitalist
  • antikite (n) 1. olden days, old times
    2. old things
    3. antique furniture
  • antikominalis (n & azek) anti-communalist, anti-racist
  • antikominis (n & azek) anti-communist
  • antikor (n) substance produced in body in defence
  • antikoripsyon (adv & azek) anti-corruption
  • antilog (n) antilogarithm
  • antimwann (n) antimony
  • antinikleer (azek) antinuclear
  • antiparti (azek) anti-party
  • antiruy (n) anti-rust paint
  • antiryom (n) a kind of flower
  • antiseptik (n) antiseptic, disinfectant
  • antisiklonn (n) anticyclone
  • antisindikal (adv & azek) anti-trade union
  • antisip (v) Variation(s): antisipe 1. to anticipate
    2. to predict
  • antisipe (azek) snap (esp of elections)
  • antisoler (azek) protecting the skin from ultra-violet rays
  • antisosyal (adv & azek) anti-social
  • antite (n) entity, separate thing
  • antitoksinn (n) antitoxin, serum against bacteria
  • antivol (n) burglar guards
  • antizenn (n) antigen, substance capable of stimulating the formation of an antibody
  • antol (azek) 1. made of sheet-iron, corrugated iron
    2. in prison
  • antolozi (n) anthology (esp of poems, songs)
  • antonn (v) Variation(s): antone to stuff oneself
  • antor (adv) in the wrong
  • antors (v) to sprain
  • antors (n) a sprain
  • antray (adv) in prison awaiting trial, on remand
  • antred (n) 1. mutual aid
    2. help between neighbours
  • antrede (n) ribbon in between two sections of cloth
  • antrede (adv) way of rearing animals jointly by two households, where one invests and the other works
  • antrekot (n) steak cut .from between the ribs
  • antrekup (n & azek) intercrop season
  • antreliyn (n & azek) interline (esp of crops)
  • antremeter (n) go-between, procurer, pander, pimp
  • antremetez (n.f) go-between, procuress, pander, pimp
  • antrener (n) trainer, coach
  • antrenn (v) Variation(s): antrene 1. to train
    2. lead (esp of astray)
    3. to bring about a chain of events
    4. to trail
  • antrenu (adv) 1. amongst ourselves
    2. Secretly
  • antrepran (v) to take on (esp of a job of work)
  • antreprener (n) job sub-contractor
  • antretan (adv) meanwhile, in the meantime
  • antretenir (v) 1. to look after, keep up
    2. to keep (esp of a man of a woman)
  • antretyin (n) Variation(s): antretyen up-keep
  • antrevi (n) interview
  • antrezot (adv) amongst themselves
  • antropolozi (n) anthropology, study of man in society
  • antu (adv) 1. in all
    2. on the whole
  • antuka (konz) Variation(s): antuleka however, nevertheless, at any rate
  • antur (v) Variation(s): anture 1. to surround, to encircle
    2. to gather round, to be about
  • anture (azek) surrounded
  • antuzyas (n) enthusiasm, zeal
  • antuzyas (azek) enthusiastic, zealous, keen
  • antye (n & azek) 1. whole
    2. unscathed
  • antyer (azek) full, complete, entire
  • antyerman (adv) wholly, completely, entirely, fully
  • anu (eks) let`s
  • anumann (n) god (esp of strength)
  • anumann (azek) strong
  • anuy (v) Variation(s): anuye 1. to annoy, to irritate
    2. to be annoyed, irritated
  • anuye (azek) annoyed
  • anvant (azek) for sale, on sale
  • anvayir (v) to take over, invade, to encroach upon
  • anve (v) Variation(s): anvye to envy, to be envious of
  • anvenim (v) Variation(s): avenime to aggravate, to worsen the problem
  • anver (prep) to, towards, in relation to
  • anverite (adv) truly, indeed
  • anvi (v) 1. to want, to wish, to desire, to long
    2. to desire sexually, fer anvi = to tempt
  • anviger (adv) in force (esp of cyclone warning)
  • anvil (n) Port Louis, al anvil = go and learn about things
  • anviron (adv) about, around
  • anvizaz (v) Variation(s): anvizaze to consider, to regard, to view
  • anvlop (v) Variation(s): anvlope 1. to wrap up, to cover up
    2. to enclose, embrace
    3. to coil round
  • anvol (v) Variation(s): anvole 1. to fly, to take wing
    2. to disappear, to vanish
    3. to scatter, be scattered
  • anvoy (v) Variation(s): anvoye 1. to throw
    2. to send, anvoy serse = to send for, anvoy dir = to send word, anvoy promne = not to give a damn, ignore,
  • anvut (v) Variation(s): anvute to cast a spell on someone
  • anvwadfami (azek) pregnant, expecting a baby
  • anvyab (azek) enviable
  • anyel (adv & azek) annual, once a year
  • anz (n & azek) 1. angel, enn ti anz = an innocent being, like a child or a baby, anz gardyin = guardian angel, anz rebel = the demons
    2. (
  • anzinn (n) angina
  • ap (eks) when feeding baby
  • ap (azek) apt, fit, suitable, proper
  • apa (n) father
  • apana (n) herbal remedy
  • apandan (azek) 1. hanging in the air, dangling
    2. clinging to
  • apandis (n) appendix
  • apandisik (n) appendicitis
  • apar (azek) 1. way-out, odd, nisa apar = specially good experience
    2. another matter, nothing to do with this
  • apar (adv) on one`s own (to live)
  • apar (prep) except for
  • aparaman (adv) apparently, likely, probably
  • aparan (azek) obvious, clear
  • aparante (azek) related
  • aparet (v) Variation(s): paret 1. to appear, to come into sight, to spring up
    2. to seem
  • apareye (v) to weigh anchor, to get under way
  • aparisyon (n) 1. apparition, coining, coming out
    2. ghost
  • apart (prep) excepting, except for, not counting
  • apart (adv) other than this, apart bez, tu korek = things are o.k.
  • apartenans (n) membership of, forming part of (esp of a community)
  • apartenir (v) to belong to, form part of
  • aparteyt (n) apartheid, racial discrimination by law
  • apartir (prep) 1. from (esp of a place)
    2. since (esp of a specific time)
    3. from a starting point (fig)
  • apartman (n) flat
  • apartsa (eks) any other news?
  • apas (n) apache
  • apat (v) to allure, to entice
  • apay (n) paternal grand-mother
  • ape (v) Variation(s): pe am, is, are (continuous)
  • apel (v) Variation(s): apele 1. to call, to name
    2. to send for, summon
    3. to ring up (on the phone)
  • apelasyon (n) proper name
  • apenn (adv) scarcely, barely, only just
  • apepre (adv) nearly, about, approximately
  • aperitif (n) aperitif, drink before a meal
  • apersevab (azek) perceivable, perceptible
  • apersevwar (v) 1. to catch sight of
    2. to be aware of, to notice
  • apersi (n) estimate, summary, enn ti apersi = an insight into, a short outline
  • apetisan (azek) appetizing, delicious, tempting
  • apez (v) Variation(s): apeze 1. to quiet, to calm, to appease, to subside
    2. to abate, to allay, to alleviate, to mitigate
    3. to stay (hunger)
    4. to quench (thirst)
  • apezanti (v) to dwell upon, to expatiate
  • apezman (n) appeasement, abatement
  • apik (azek) 1. steep
    2. headlong
  • apikiltir (n) bee-keeping
  • apiy (v) Variation(s): apiye 1. to lean, to recline, to rest
    2. to support, to back up
    3. to lay stress on, to dwell upon
    4. to speed up, to accelerate, apiy lor baton papay = to trust to a broken reed
  • aplat (adv) flat
  • aplati (v) 1. to flatten, to beat flat
    2. to floor, to overcome
  • aplay (v) to apply (esp for a job)
  • aple (v) 1. called upon
    2. summoned or ordered (esp in court)
  • aplik (v) Variation(s): aplike 1. to apply (one-self to a task)
    2. to lay or to fasten on
    3. to fit, to be suitable
    4. to concern, to refer to
    5. to use
    6. to put into practice
  • aplik (n) 1. wall-fitting (furniture, electrical or plumbing)
    2. kind of embroidery with extra cloth
  • aplikab (azek) applicable, apposite, relevant, suitable
  • aplikasyon (n) application (esp for work)
  • aplitar (eks) see you later!
  • aplodi (v) 1. to applaud, to clap
    2. to approve
  • aplodisman (n) applause, cheering
  • aplon (n) crisp fired wheat pan-cake
  • aplon (azek) vertical
  • apo (v) an old woman
  • apopleksi (n) apoplexy, stroke
  • apoplektik (n & azek) apoplectic
  • aport (v) Variation(s): aporte 1. to bring
    2. to bear
  • apostola (n) apostolate, apostleship
  • apostolik (azek) apostolic, papal
  • apostrof (n) apostrophe
  • apovri (v) 1. to impoverish
    2. to become poor
    3. to deteriorate (esp of hand-writing)
  • apovrisman (n) impoverishment
  • aprann (v) 1. to learn, to study
    2. to hear of, to be informed of, sa aprann twa = it serves you right
  • apranti (n) 1. apprentice
    2. novice
  • aprantisaz (n) 1. apprenticeship
    2. training
  • apre (prep & adv) after, next, afterwards , apre ku = too late, apre tu = after all, apre lamor latizann = it`s too late
  • apre (v) 1. to run after, to chase
    2. to get hold of someone
  • apre-dime (adv) Variation(s): apredemin day after to-morrow
  • apresyab (azek) appreciable
  • apresyasyon (n) appreciation
  • apresye (v) 1. to appreciate
    2. to esteem
    3. to be thankful for
  • aprezan (adv) right now, at the present time
  • apriko (n) Variation(s): abrigo apricot
  • aprivwaz (v) Variation(s): aprivwaze 1. to tame, to win over
    2. to become socialised
  • aprivwaze (azek) 1. tame
    2. sociable
  • aprofondi (v) to fathom, to investigate, to examine thoroughly
  • aprofondi (azek) thorough, deep
  • aproksimatif (azek) approximate
  • aproksimativman (adv) approximately
  • apropriyasyon (n) appropriation
  • apropriye (adv & azek) appropriate, appropriately, fitting, fittingly
  • apros (v) Variation(s): aprose 1. to bring, to draw near or nearer
    2. to appeal to
    3. to be nearly
  • aprosan (prep & azek) much the same, approximate, about
  • aprovizyonnnan (n) supplies
  • apruv (v) Variation(s): apruve to approve, to sanction, to ratify, to authorize, to consent to
  • apwa (azek) spotted
  • apwint (v) Variation(s): apwinte to employ with a fixed salary
  • ar (prep) with
  • ar (eks) to express disapproval, annoyance
  • ara (azek) angry, cross
  • arab (n & azek) 1. arab, arabian, arabic
    2. moslem, so vant kuma soset arab = he eats enormously
  • Arabi (n) Arabia
  • Arabi Sowdit (n) Saudi Arabia
  • arakiri (n) suicide after disgrace
  • aran (n) herring, aran tomat = canned herring in tomato sauce
  • aranz (v) Variation(s): aranze 1. to arrange, to organise, put in proper place
    2. to fix, repair
    3. (fig) to cover up
    4. (fig) to prepare an alibi
  • aranze (azek) 1. organised, decided
    2. fixed, arranged, maryaz aranze = arranged marriage, koze aranze = a lie, zafer aranze = matter set
  • aranzman (n) arrangement, agreement
  • aras (v) Variation(s): arase, ras, rase 1. to pull out (esp of weeds)
    2. to seize, confiscate
  • araz (v) Variation(s): araze to infuriate, to enrage, to fume, enn lisyin araze = a mad dog, pwason inn araze = fish are biting, manze ziska araze = to ove
  • arbis (n) small tree
  • arbitraz (n) arbitration (esp in trade union disputes)
  • arbitre (v) to act as referee, to arbitrate
  • arbitrer (azek) arbitrary, unjust (esp of law)
  • ard (azek) 1. difficult
    2. pitiless
  • ardbord (n) hardboard
  • ardkover (n) hard-covered book
  • ardlayn (azek) hard-liner
  • ardsip-kes (n) hardship case (esp of social security)
  • ardvark (n) aardvark, ant bear
  • are (n) stop, pause, halt
  • are (azek) striped
  • arem (n) harem, series of wives
  • ares (n) detention (esp in school)
  • aret (v) Variation(s): arete 1. to stop, to cease, to end
    2. to arrest
    3. to switch off
    4. to end off (esp of a stitch)
    5. to decide
    6. to detain
    7. to reserve, book, arete ar mwa = stop annoying me, arftaym (n) half-time
  • argiman (n) argument, reasoning
  • argimant (v) Variation(s): argimante to argue
  • arimer (n) stevedore, stower
  • aristo (n) member of the upper class, the rich, aristocrat
  • aristokrat (n) aristocrat
  • aritmetik (n & azek) arithmetic, arithmetical
  • ariv (v) Variation(s): arive 1. to arrive, to come, to reach
    2. to happen, to occur, to take place
    3. to make one`s way, to succeed
    4. to sail with the wind (esp in a boat), ariv seki ariv = whatever will be
  • arivaz (n) arrival (esp of ships, goods)
  • arivis (n) careerist, unscrupulous fellow
  • arjunn (n) devotee of god Krishna
  • arkad (n) a block with shops and offices on the ground floor and apartments upstairs; arcade
  • arkaik (azek) archaic
  • arkansyel (n) Variation(s): larkansyel rainbow
  • arkanter (n) auctioneer (esp of vegetables)
  • arkdetryonf (n) triumphal arch
  • arlila (eks) he`s a one
  • arm (v) Variation(s): arme 1. to arm
    2. to load, to cock
  • arme (azek) armed, beton arme = reinforced concrete
  • armeman (n) armaments, arms
  • armenn (n & eks) amen
  • armenyin (n) Variation(s): armenyen Armenian
  • armonika (n) harmonica
  • armonyom (n) harmonium
  • arnes (n) harness
  • arogan (azek) arrogant, haughty, overbearing
  • arogans (n) arrogance, haughtiness
  • arom (n) aroma, perfume, scent
  • arondi (v) to round off
  • arondisman (n) municipal constituency
  • aroz (v) Variation(s): aroze 1. to water, to irrigate
    2. to wet, to soak
    3. to make water on
  • arozer (n) a person working as waterer of a garden or field
  • arpan (n) 1. arpent
    2. real estate
  • arpant (v) Variation(s): arpante 1. to survey (esp of a piece of land)
    2. to wander up and down
  • arpanter (n) land-surveyor
  • arpon (n) 1. double-handed saw
    2. harpoon
  • arrti (n) religious ceremony with camphor
  • arsenal (n) stock of arms
  • arsevek (n) archbishop
  • arsi (adv) repeatedly, countlessly
  • arsipel (n) archipelago
  • arsitek (n) architect
  • arsiv (n) archives
  • arsivis (n) archivist
  • art (n) art or drawing (esp as a subject)
  • arter (n) artery
  • arteryel (azek) arterial, tansyon arteryel = blood pressure
  • artifisyel (azek) artificial
  • artikil (v) Variation(s): artikile 1. to articulate (esp of joint)
    2. to articulate (esp of social forces)
    3. to pronounce (esp of words)
  • artikilasyon (n) 1. articulation (esp of a joint)
    2. articulation (esp of two or more social forces)
    3. pronunciation (esp of words)
  • artilri (n) artillery
  • artis (n) 1. artist
    2. performer
  • artiso (n) artichoke
  • artistik (azek) artistic
  • artizan (n) 1. artisan, mechanic
    2. a factory worker (esp in sugar mill)
  • artizana (n) crafts
  • artizanal (azek) 1. hand-made
    2. on a small scale (esp of production)
    3. not perfected
  • artrit (n) rheumatism, arthritis
  • artwala (eks) you`re a one!
  • arula (eks) you`re a one!
  • arwi (n) root vegetable, gato arwi = fried cake made of this vegetable
  • arya (v) to lower away, arya lekor = to yield
  • arya (n) follower of reform movement denying importance of caste
  • arya ravived (n) sect in arya movement regrouping certain castes
  • arya samaj (n) society of religious reformers
  • aryenn (azek) pertaining to arya movement
  • aryenn vedic (azek) reformed interpretation of vedic scripts
  • aryer (adv) met aryer = to back
  • aryer (eks) away! avaunt! back!
  • aryer-gramer (n) great grandmother
  • aryer-granper (n) great grandfather
  • aryer-panse (n) underlying design, hidden motive
  • aryer-ti-zanfan (n) great grandchildren
  • aryeraz (n) arrears
  • aryere (n & azek) 1. behindhand, backward, poorly developed
    2. ignorant, uneducated
  • arzante (azek) silvery
  • Arzantin (n) Variation(s): Arzanten Argentinian
  • Arzantinn (n & azek) Argentina, Argentinian
  • arzantri (n) side-board
  • arzantye (n) 1. plate-cupboard, sideboard, dresser
    2. Minister of Finance
  • arzotla (eks) they are really something!
  • asa (n) 1. a thing recently bought
    2. shopping as
  • asam (prep) with
  • asarne (azek) 1. bitter (esp of enemy)
    2. persistent
  • asasin (n) Variation(s): asasen murderer
  • asasina (n) assassination, murder
  • asay (adv) ceaselessly
  • ase (adv & azek) enough
  • ase (eks) stop it!, ase badine = stop messing around
  • ase (azek) chopped up
  • asek (adv) high and dry, when a boat is grounded, stranded
  • asek (azek) empty, dry (esp radiator)
  • aseminn (v) Variation(s): asemine send on
  • aseser (n) assessor(esp for commission of enquiry)
  • asestad (adv) at this stage
  • aset (n) assets (esp of an association)
  • asetilenn (n) acetylene
  • asetonn (n) acetone
  • asezonnman (n) spicing, seasoning
  • asfalt (n) asphalt
  • asfalte (v) to tar (esp of a road)
  • asfalte (azek) tarred
  • asidik (azek) acidic, having properties of an acid
  • asim (v) Variation(s): asime 1. assume, suppose, take fur granted
    2. take upon oneself
  • asimile (azek) 1. assimilated
    2. culturally dominated
  • asir (v) Variation(s): asire 1. assure
    2. make sure of, ascertain, convince
    3. insure
  • asire (azek) 1. assured, certain, confident
    2. insured
  • asirer (n) insurer
  • asis (n) hashish
  • asistan (n) assistant
  • asistans (n) aid, help
  • asistans piblik (n) social security
  • asiste (v) 1. to be present at, in the audience
    2. to give a hand
  • asiz (v) Variation(s): asize 1. to sit
    2. to stay put
  • asize (eks) do sit down!
  • asmatik (n & azek) asthmatic
  • asosye (azek) linked to, associated with
  • asper (v) Variation(s): aspere to wait
  • aspers (n) asparagus
  • aspiran (azek) aspiring
  • aspirasyon (n) method of abortion and menstrual regulation
  • aspirater (n) vacuum cleaner, hoover
  • aspire (v) to suck in
  • aspro (n) aspirin
  • asram (n) ashram, place for meditation
  • aste (v) 1. to buy
    2. to bribe, to corrupt
  • aster (adv) Variation(s): asterla 1. now, nowadays
    2. moreover
  • aster (konz) Variation(s): asterla and then
  • asterisk (n) asterisk
  • asterla-mem (adv) at once, immediately
  • astik (v) Variation(s): astike 1. polish
    2. polish oneself up, tidy up
  • astisye (azek) crafty, cunning, wily
  • astrolog (n) astrologer
  • astrolozi (n) prediction by the stars, astrology
  • astronom (n) astronomer
  • astronomi (n) astronomy, study of stars, planets
  • astronot (n) astronaut
  • asupi (v) doze off
  • asupli (v) to give way (esp in bargaining)
  • asuvir (v) to gratify, to satiate, to satisfy
  • aswafe (azek) power-hungry
  • aswiv (adv) 1. again and again, repeatedly
    2. to be continued
  • atab (eks) dinner is served!
  • atab (azek) at table
  • atable (v) sit or be at table, take one`s place at table
  • atak (n) 1. stroke, cerebro-vascular accident
    2. attack, onslaught
  • atak (v) Variation(s): atake 1. to attack, to assault, assail
    2. criticize
  • atan (n) brother-in-law
  • atana (n) fifty cents
  • atann (v) 1. wait for, await
    2. expect
  • atann (eks) hold on!, don`t hurry me!
  • atansyon (n) Variation(s): tansyon attention, care
  • atansyon (eks) Variation(s): tansyon look-out!, beware! fer atansyon = to take care, to withdraw in time (esp of sex)
  • atansyone (azek) attentive, careful, considerate
  • atanta (n) assassination attempt
  • atantif (azek) attentive, heedful
  • atarde (azek) retarded
  • atas (v) Variation(s): atase 1. tie up, bind
    2. cling to
    3. be attached to atase ek mama = tied to one`s mother`s apron-strings
  • atase (n) person working at embassy, attach�
  • ate (n) aunt
  • ate (n & azek) atheist, atheistic
  • atenant (azek) contiguous, adjoining
  • atenn (v) 1. to succeed in reaching (esp of a readership, audience)
    2. to reach
  • atenn (v) 1. to succeed in reaching (esp of a readership, audience)
    2. to reach, atenn u bi = to reach one`s objective
  • ater (adv) on dry land (esp as opposed to `at sea`)
  • aterir (v) 1. to land
    2. to settle
  • aterisaz (n) landing
  • ateste (v) to avow
  • atir (v) Variation(s): atire 1. attract, win over
    2. draw, lure
  • atiran (azek) attractive, winning
  • atitre (adv) regularly, ceaselessly, continuously
  • atiz (v) Variation(s): atize stir up, poke
  • atlas (n) 1. world-map
    2. atlas
    3. cane-loading machine
  • atlaz (n) harness
  • atle (v) to harness (esp of a horse)
  • atlet (n) athlete
  • atletik (azek) athletic
  • atol (n) atoll, coral island
  • atom (n) atom
  • atomik (azek) atomic
  • atoratraver (adv) shoddily, badly (esp of a task done)
  • atraksyon (n) a feature, an attraction
  • atrap (v) Variation(s): atrape 1. to catch
    2. to hold
    3. to contract (esp of an illness)
  • atraver (prep) through, by means of
  • atristan (azek) saddening, sorrowful, grievous
  • atriste (azek) saddened, grieved
  • atrofye (v) to atrophy, to wither , to stunt
  • atros (azek) atrocious, heinous, cruel
  • atrosite (n) atrocity
  • atrupe (v) gather, crowd, flock, mob
  • atrupman (n) crowd, mob
  • atu (n) trump, trump-card
  • atufer (n) household employee with varied duties
  • atuler (adv) again and again, repeatedly
  • atupri (adv) at all costs
  • aturderol (adv) one at a time, one after the other
  • atuse (azek) adjoining
  • ava (part) shall, will
  • aval (v) Variation(s): avale 1. swallow
    2. believe, aval so lalang = be tongue-tied, aval lake sat = become hoarse, husky, aval kulev = to accept lies a
  • avalans (n) avalanche
  • avalwar (n) down-payment, deposit
  • avan (adv) before, previously, first
  • avan (prep) before, prior to
  • avan-sant (n) centre-forward (esp in football)
  • avangard (n) vanguard
  • avangu (n) foretaste
  • avann (azek) for sale
  • avans (v) Variation(s): avanse 1. move
    2. stand aside, make room for, move over
    3. pay money in advance, lend
    4. progress, thrive, succeed
    5. promote
  • avanse (azek) 1. far-gone
    2. developed
  • avantaz (v) Variation(s): avantaze advantage, favour, benefit
  • avantaze (azek) advantageous, favourable, profitable
  • avantir (n) adventure
  • avantir (v) Variation(s): avantire to get involved in a nasty business
  • avantirye (n) adventurer
  • avantyer (adv) the day before yesterday
  • avar (n & azek) miser, stingy, niggard
  • avaryab (azek) damageable
  • avarye (azek) damaged, spoiled, deteriorated, dilapidated
  • aveg (azek) 1. blind
    2. ignorant, foolish
  • avegle (azek) 1. blinded
    2. dazzled
    3. deluded
  • avek ek (prep) 1. with
    2. by means of
  • aveni (n) avenue (esp followed by its name)
  • averti (v) inform, warn
  • averti (azek) well-informed
  • avertisman (n) warning, admonition
  • avi (n) notice, announcement, avi mortyer = death notice
  • avi (azek) for life, always
  • avid (azek) greedy, rapacious, covetous
  • aviz (v) Variation(s): avize 1. to let know, to inform
    2. to be informed
  • avoka (n) barrister, counsel
  • avokat (n) barrister (woman)
  • avort (v) Variation(s): avorte to have an abortion
  • avortman (n) abortion
  • avoy (v) Variation(s): avoye 1. to send
    2. to throw, avoy lame = to steal, avoy promne = to take no notice of, avoy ferfut = to ignore completely,
  • Avril (n) April, pwason davril = april fool
  • avwar (n) assets, deklar avwar = declare all one`s assets
  • avwazinan (azek) next-door, nearby, pel avwazinan = countries on Indian Ocean
  • avwe (v) avow, admit, confess
  • avwe (n) attorney, solicitor
  • avyater (n) aviator, air-man
  • avyatris (n) air-woman
  • avyon (n) aeroplane, aircraft, avyon bonbardman = bomber, avyon kargo = a cargo plane
  • Awai (n) Hawaii
  • awann (n) Variation(s): hawann non-specific religious service usually held at home
  • awara (n) villain
  • award (n) labour legislation for a sector, remuneration order
  • awaz (n) song
  • awsyon (n) religious offering
  • awt (azek) outside touch-line (esp in football)
  • awting (n) outing
  • awzing (n) Ministry of Housing
  • aya (n) teacher, sir
  • ayayay (eks) oh dear oh dear!, good gracious me!
  • ayer (n) priest
  • ayer (adv) somewhere else, another place, to or from another place
  • ayfay (n) record player
  • ayir (v) to hate, to loathe
  • ayjak (n) a hijack (esp of aeroplane)
  • ayjaker (n) hijacker
  • ayjinp (n) Variation(s): ayjenp high-jump
  • aykars (n & azek) high-caste
  • ayo (eks) Variation(s): aryo 1. oh dear!
    2. ouch!
  • aypotenis (n) hypotenuse
  • aysing (n) icing sugar
  • ayskrim (n) ice-cream
  • Ayti (n) Haiti
  • Aytyin (n) Variation(s): Aytyen person of Haiti
  • aza (n) measure of film-speed
  • azan (n) 1. electoral agent
    2. secret agent
    3. commercial representative
  • azanda (n) agenda
  • azann (n) a call to prayer
  • azar (n) chance, fluke, par azar = by accident, by sheer chance
  • azarde (v) 1. to take risks
    2. to jump in at the deep end
  • aze (azek) aged, old, elderly
  • azektif (n) adjective
  • azenu (v) Variation(s): azunu 1. to kneel down, to fall on one`s knees
    2. to submit
  • azil (azek) agile, nimble
  • azilite (n) agility, nimbleness, lightness
  • azin (adv & azek) Variation(s): azen 1. on an empty stomach
    2. sober
  • azir (v) 1. to act, to do
    2. to behave
    3. to have an effect
  • azistaz (n) fitting, adjusting
  • aziste (v) 1. to adjust, to fit
    2. to make tally
  • azisteman (n) adjustment, fitting
  • azister (n) fitter
  • azit (v) Variation(s): azite 1. to agitate, to shake
    2. to be restless, to toss, to fret
  • azitasyon (n) 1. agitation
    2. disturbance
  • azitater (n) agitator
  • azordi (adv) Variation(s): zordi 1. to-day
    2. now, azordi zur = nowadays
  • azur (azek) up-to-date, met azur = to bring up to date
  • azurn (v) Variation(s): azurne to adjourn, to put off, to postpone
  • azut (v) Variation(s): azute add
  • Azyatik (n & azek) Asiatic
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