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IRMNG webservice

As a user or developer you can use the IRMNG webservice to feed your own application with standard IRMNG data.
A non exhaustive list of applications:
  • get the IRMNG_ID for your taxon
  • check the spelling of your taxa
  • get the authority for your taxa
  • get the full classification for your taxa
  • resolve your unaccepted names to accepted ones
  • get all synonyms for a taxon
  • fuzzy/near match your species list
  • resolve a common name/vernacular to a scientific name
  • get the common name(s)/vernacular(s) for a taxon
  • get the sources/references for a taxon
  • get the IRMNG citation for a taxon
  • get the direct children for a taxon
  • get all taxa modified during a time interval
  • get an external identifier for a taxon
  • get the IRMNG_ID for an external identifier/database
  • get all distributions for a taxon
  • get all attributes for a taxon
We support these methods of accessing the service:

RESTful service

SOAP service

For problems or questions, please contact [email protected]

Linking to IRMNG

If you simply want to link to IRMNG, just use this URL: Species
i.e. []
(This assumes that you have no idea if the taxon exists, or you do not want to look up the IRMNG_ID)

If you know the taxon exists, lookup the IRMNG_ID, via the search interface, and link to this URL:
i.e. the IRMNG_ID for Solea solea is 10150800: []

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