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Fagus L.

, Sp. Pl. 2: 997 (1753).
IPNI Identifier
Species Plantarum
2: 997
Date of Publication
1 May 1753
Family as entered in IPNI

Original Data

Benth. & Hook. f. Gen. Pl. iii. 410 CALUCECHINUS, Hombr. & Jacquinot, ex Decne.Bot. Voy. Astrol. et Zel. 19 (1853). CALUSPARASSUS, Hombr. & Jacquinot, exDecne. Bot. Voy Astrol. et Zel. 20 (1858). LOPHOZONIA, Turcz. in Bull. Soc. Nat.Mosc. (1858) I. 396. MYRTILLOIDES, Banks & Soland. ex Hook. Ic. Pl. t. 639(1844). NOTHOPAGUS, Blume, Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. i. 307 (1850). PHEGOS, St. Ann. Soc. Bot. Lyon, vii. (1880) 133. {corrected when editing for database}
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