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Far from a ‘coup’, this step could give the people a Final Say

If Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn oppose a new referendum, it falls to others to give MPs a democratic choice – and Sir Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper and Dominic Grieve are among those playing their part


Michael Cohen’s revelations may prove uncomfortable for Trump

The barriers to a successful impeachment of the president are high, necessarily so as it should be no easy matter to unseat an incumbent duly elected by the American people

Editorials Corbyn will do no better than May when it comes to Brexit Editorials A Final Say referendum is the only option left on the table Editorials Without divine intervention, Theresa May’s deal is finished Editorials Corbyn could destroy the government’s Brexit authority – but will he? Editorials After four weeks, the president is starting to look for a way out Editorials Rudd has done the right thing, but universal credit should be scrapped Editorials Shinzo Abe reminds us Britain’s influence is magnified by the EU Editorials Delaying Article 50 is the only option left on the table Editorials We should not allow the threat of violence to obstruct our democracy Editorials To save the NHS, a drastic shift in public opinion is needed Editorials

With only 10 days to go, it’s not looking good for May’s Brexit deal


Baby leave rules are a test of parliament’s commitment to equal rights


Donald Trump may have met his match in Nancy Pelosi


Tory leadership hopefuls are using refugees to further their careers

Theresa May has unintentionally fired the starting pistol on the race for No 10, with all the unpredictable posturing that entails


Britain needs honesty about the hard choices for its rail network

The public are waiting on a freezing platform, trying to get to work, not eagerly anticipating some years-away infrastructure mega project

Editorials Sajid Javid is right to take urgent action against people-smuggling Editorials The problem with the government's affordable housing plans Editorials It is time to finally end the NHS parking stealth tax Editorials It's no surprise the far right knows how to appeal to the middle class Editorials A slow-burn US trade deal is no bad thing – for the UK at least Editorials May will be in no position to secure a Brexit deal in the new year Editorials Even the most progressive of states have their moral frailties Editorials The engine that sustained Trump's popularity could be about to stall Editorials We are a worried nation with a worried monarch Editorials Corbyn’s stubbornness could re-energise Paddy Ashdown's centrism Editorials Brexit is a tragic diversion of resources from the real priorities Editorials No one should be surprised by the departure of James Mattis Editorials

The high street can still be saved – but not by punishing the internet

Retail is going through its biggest revolution since Victorian times. It is slow, but it need not end in desolation and dereliction


Sajid Javid’s flawed immigration policy is doomed to fail

In the home secretary’s new world, business figures and entrepreneurs are welcome – but labourers, NHS cleaners and bus drivers (like his father) are not

Editorials With 100 days until Brexit, our job is to find clarity in the mess Editorials Facial recognition will soon raise difficult questions for us all Editorials

Blair and May’s Brexit row shouldn’t overshadow calls for a Final Say


Amber Rudd’s call for cross-party talks on Brexit is the way forward


May has returned from Brussels empty-handed – but there's hope

Editorials May's chances of success with this withdrawal agreement are poor Editorials The only allies Theresa May can rely on now are the sands of time Editorials May’s disdain for parliament is a sign of a government on life support Editorials May’s deal is in deadlock – only a Final Say can release the bind Editorials Why now is the time to seek answers to the problem of Brexit Editorials With France on the brink and Germany in limbo, Europe is in danger Editorials The grammar-comprehensive school advantage gap has never been so wide Editorials The government needs to be honest about the consequences of Brexit Editorials

Other Brexit options are failing – our best choice is a Final Say

People need to be given a clear, informed choice about the future of our country. We have delivered our petition to Downing Street, but the campaign doesn't stop here


We’ve come a long way – but the HIV/Aids crisis is still alive

One HIV-related death this year should be unforgivable, let alone the yearly toll of 1 million, which is why The Independent, the Evening Standard and the Elton John Aids Foundation are bringing attention to the issue this Christmas

Editorials It may be late in the day but the real Brexit debate is just beginning Editorials Theresa May will have a tough time selling Brexit at the G20 Editorials The Conservative case for a Final Say referendum grows stronger Editorials The economic cost of Brexit strengthens the case for a new referendum Editorials Do not give in to climate change pessimism just yet Editorials Let’s give Leavers a Final Say rather than a bad deal Editorials It’ll take a more than the withdrawal agreement to bring the UK unity Editorials Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP, is at her moment of maximum power Editorials Hedges' case should cause the west to reconsider who its allies are Editorials Manchester attack report raises serious questions for May and MI5 Editorials Amber Rudd should make tackling homelessness her first priority Editorials The Supreme Court has proven itself a friend of democracy Editorials We can only hope Hunt does a better job than his predecessor in Iran Editorials Trade deals are helpful, but we need to focus on production quality Editorials

Earth to hard Brexiteers: It’s time to return to reality


Editorial: All that is left now is a Final Say


A confidence vote would be a distraction at such a critical juncture