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The Supreme Court has proven itself a friend of democracy

The court (known as ‘enemies of the people’ in some quarters)  has ruled that the government has no business trying to prevent a judicial review of the UK’s, and the EU’s, Article 50 legislation


We can only hope Hunt does a better job than his predecessor in Iran

The foreign secretary may not be able to do much worse than Boris Johnson, but like the man before him faces an uphill struggle to have Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe released

Editorials Trade deals are helpful, but we need to focus on production quality Editorials Earth to hard Brexiteers: It’s time to return to reality Editorials Editorial: All that is left now is a Final Say Editorials A confidence vote would be a distraction at such a critical juncture Editorials Theresa May has ended up pleasing no one Editorials Honest politics: put up taxes to pay for social care Editorials Every day takes us closer to giving the people the Final Say on Brexit Editorials Trump’s Remembrance no-show is hard to forgive Editorials Listen to Jo Johnson's warnings on Brexit – and to his brother Editorials We must reflect on our past shortfalls as Armistice Day approaches



The results are in – and the world is in ill-health


The midterms were not a complete rejection of Donald Trump


A public health model is required to deal with knife crime


A ‘blue surge’, but success unlikely to last beyond the midterms

There seems to be no ‘story’ that can win back, on a permanent, national basis, the blue-collar vote that defected to Trump in 2016


The Arron Banks debacle is a threat to our democracy

The Banks investigation is about much more than Brexit. After evidence of Russian interference in elections, including the 2016 US presidential race, it is vital the UK authorities ensure that the fabric of this country is not tarnished


Editorials Making misogyny a hate crime is not the solution to gender inequality Editorials The IFS is right – Philip Hammond took a big gamble with his Budget Editorials There is more riding on the Budget than may initially meet the eye Editorials House of Commons must act now to stop bullying at Westminster Editorials Britain must stop selling arms to Saudis until there is peace in Yemen Editorials Trump demonising the migrant caravan is a cynical ploy to win votes


Editorials The Independent’s Final Say petition has reached a million signatures Editorials Allegations against Green are sickening – but should he be named? Editorials Trump's attacks on the media have brought us to a dangerous moment Editorials The new EHRC report shows our disadvantaged children's future is bleak Editorials Tory MPs have enough sense to see that a new leader is not a good idea Editorials Like Germany's teachers, we should guard against political extremes Editorials

Trump has eroded what little trust was left between him and Putin

In a new arms race, the West will win once again for the very same reason of economic superiority, although this time round the Europeans will pay more of the bills


Beyond the march, The Independent presses MPs to keep our options open

Whatever happens in the Brexit negotiations, politicians know that the people want their voice to be heard

Editorials Marching for a Final Say on Brexit tomorrow is the right thing to do Editorials Medicine uncertainty after Brexit is another good reason to march Editorials

Canada's legalisation of cannabis will be interesting to watch


Abuses of power in the Commons should not be tolerated


As she prepares to meet EU leaders, May should aim for compromise

Editorials Now we know HS2 really is a flawed project Editorials Fracking is too high a price to pay for cheap energy Editorials John Major is right, universal credit is a disaster for the Tories Editorials The Supreme Court got it wrong on the so-called ‘gay cake’ Editorials What will US midterm elections tell us about Donald Trump’s prospects? Editorials The biggest barrier to saving the planet is sitting in the White House Editorials Brett Kavanaugh’s career is a symbol of America’s growing conservatism Editorials A no-deal Brexit is against the ‘will of the people’



This year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipients should be celebrated

Prize-winners have been predominantly politicians, presidents and international organisations – but too few campaigners


The exposures of Russian cyberattacks prove that the west is watching

Even the smartest operatives leave clues, and the movements of Russia’s agents can now be tracked in ways that were impossible even a few years ago

Editorials Theresa May's speech put her a step closer to securing her leadership Editorials Boris’ leadership chances just increased – but it doesn't matter now Editorials Why Philip Hammond's Brexit optimism isn't convincing Editorials Theresa May has yet to tackle social immobility – now's her chance Editorials The Conservatives urgently need to talk about more than Brexit Editorials The Kavanaugh hearing has tested constitutional conventions to the max Editorials Public spending cuts have gone too far – many Conservatives know it Editorials Corbyn's conference speech was in some ways too confident Editorials Labour's members have spoken on Brexit – a Final Say on Brexit looms Editorials Labour should back a Remain option if there's a second referendum Editorials A Final Say, not a snap election, could solve the problem of Brexit Editorials Jeremy Corbyn says he wants an election – but what would it be about? Editorials Theresa May's Salzburg failures were not for lack of persuasiveness Editorials One head rolling will do little to save our defective prison system



The future of the Korean peninsula has never looked brighter


America was made great by prosperous trade deals


Theresa May deserves credit for getting on with Brexit as best she can


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