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Shappi Khorsandi

@ShappiKhorsandi Shappi Khorsandi is a stand-up comedian, writer and Independent columnist. She is also the president of the British Humanist Association. Voices

Iceland's Christmas ad ban for being 'too political' is heartless

This makes about as much sense as complaining that a Dogs Trust ad is manipulating us into being kind to dogs


You can have money and still be a socialist – here’s how

We all do what we can under the system we live under. My words and action are not insincere just because I have a desirable postcode to go back to and a quality bottle of shiraz (by that I mean worth £6.50)

Voices I don't want Sinead O'Connor to tell us to wear a hijab Shappi Khorsandi Voices Why I'm speaking out in support of reforming the Gender Recogition Act Shappi Khorsandi Voices Let's be honest about why kids are actually obese Shappi Khorsandi Voices Trump has turned America into a place where victims are mocked Shappi Khorsandi Voices Like Christine Blasey Ford, I also stayed silent for decades Shappi Khorsandi Voices I'll be happy to see a model with Down’s syndrome at Fashion Week Shappi Khorsandi Voices I'm not surprised an Israeli teen fell to his death taking a selfie Shappi Khorsandi Voices I used to love Eminem – but is his new album going to be 2018 edgy? Shappi Khorsandi Voices I know why Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's case has not been a priority Shappi Khorsandi Voices We shouldn’t sneer at the idea of men getting postnatal depression Shappi Khorsandi



Rowan Atkinson isn't a racist for what he said about Boris burqa joke

My own family were exiled from Iran because my father made a joke in a newspaper column, but in very different circumstances. And there are times when a burqa joke is genuinely funny – but not in the case of Boris’s


Edinburgh fringe is dominated by snobby reviewers – it needs to change

For too long the same bunch have prowled around the festival dictating what we should and shouldn't talk about in order to meet their approval. If you're working class or BAME, then you'd better be their kind of working class or BAME. We need a coup


Why it's wrong to call out people like James Gunn for their old jokes


Do your part this summer and join the dreaded school WhatsApp group


I'm dreading my child going to 'big school' after the summer

Live News

England v Croatia: The alternative World Cup commentary

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Voices I watched my friend be taken to Yarl's Wood and deported Shappi Khorsandi Voices Like many women, I had an abortion in Ealing before the buffer zone Shappi Khorsandi Voices Labour take Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s plight no more seriously than Johnson Shappi Khorsandi Voices There's something beautiful about raising a child as a sole parent Shappi Khorsandi Voices The conviction of Count Dankula sets a dangerous precedent Shappi Khorsandi Voices As a working single mum, I feel guilty – but for very specific things Shappi Khorsandi Voices

Why westerners should back this Iranian woman’s anti-hijab protest

Voices Some want sex ed to teach girls how to get pregnant – and why not? Shappi Khorsandi Voices Here's why Stormzy struck a chord with so many people at the Brits Shappi Khorsandi Voices We forgave Logan Paul for Suicide Forest and now he's tasering rats Shappi Khorsandi Voices Why the hijab should be banned in primary schools Shappi Khorsandi Voices Give Gavin Williamson a break – monogamy is unrealistic anyway Shappi Khorsandi Voices I'm not surprised scientists now think adolescence goes up to 24 Shappi Khorsandi Voices

My fellow lefties, let's start talking to our Brexiteer neighbours


My ex-husband just got engaged and I couldn't be happier


Why we should all have to pay for drunk tanks

Voices Why I never officially came out as bisexual Shappi Khorsandi Voices We need a bunch of children in every old people's home Shappi Khorsandi Voices This is what it's like to be on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Shappi Khorsandi Voices I refuse to overload my children with Christmas presents Shappi Khorsandi Voices Why millennials make me feel old Shappi Khorsandi Voices I can't stop taking selfies – and that's a problem Shappi Khorsandi Voices Women shouldn't have to spare a man's feelings Shappi Khorsandi Voices The strange reactions when you come out as vegan Shappi Khorsandi


Voices Touring the country has made me realise why Londoners are unfriendly Shappi Khorsandi Voices Was this really an appropriate way to grieve Sean Hughes? Shappi Khorsandi Voices Double Take: Theresa May should spend some time on the comedy circuit Shappi Khorsandi Voices I'm an addict – and I know what Harvey Weinstein has isn't addiction Shappi Khorsandi Voices

I talked to my son about porn and it was mortifying but important


I'm allergic to secondary schools – but now I have to choose one


I spent the day in A&E with my child – our NHS is so precious

Voices Humanism should be on the national curriculum Shappi Khorsandi Voices No one will ask my kids what they did over the summer Shappi Khorsandi