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Mary Dejevsky

@IndyVoices Mary Dejevsky is an Independent columnist on foreign affairs, having previously been the title’s foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington. She has written about the collapse of communism from inside Moscow, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Iraq War and is a key authority on Russian politics, and on diplomatic relations between the Kremlin and the west. Voices

How Theresa May could force through Brexit – and split the Tory Party

A competent negotiator should be able to bring enough dissenters on board to produce a majority in the House of Commons


Brexit Britain is as precarious as the dying days of the Soviet Union

Who would venture to forecast with any confidence that the UK will still be the UK in its current composition in the next 20 years?

Voices Flaws in our national security have been exposed by channel migrants Mary Dejevsky Voices Why the hostility to a US exit from Syria? Mary Dejevsky Voices How Russia has really distorted the Trump balance sheet Mary Dejevsky Independent Minds The UK can rejoin the EU if English voters accept where they belong Mary Dejevsky Voices It’s the British constitution that’s in trouble – not the American one Mary Dejevsky Voices Not everything you’ve heard about the Sea of Azov incident is true Mary Dejevsky Voices The west’s attitude to Russia over the Interpol presidency is risky Mary Dejevsky Voices Trump is much stronger now than you're being told Mary Dejevsky Long Reads The Cold War is over: Why can't the west accept it? Voices If the migrant caravan continues, Democrats cannot expect victory Mary Dejevsky Voices

Trump's plan to ditch an old arms treaty is not a disaster

East-west relations now may be fraught once again, but the contrast between then and now – not least in Europe – is one reason why the INF treaty may indeed be reaching the end of its useful life

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Mary Dejevsky Macedonia's identity crisis could shape the future of the EU

The stronger the sense of identity, the harder it is to make concessions – and Macedonians’ sense of their uniqueness is extremely strong


The tough questions we should ask about the Skripals and Bellingcat


Is Donald Trump the new face of global diplomacy?


Corbyn proved that he can – and will – win in a general election


Don't be blinded by Syria. Putin is more interested in peace

Voices More action against Russia over the Skripals will hurt the UK Mary Dejevsky Voices Putin's pensions crisis could hit his ratings – but does it matter? Mary Dejevsky Voices Trump angered the establishment – now it's biting back Mary Dejevsky Voices Ireland is closer than ever to unification because of Brexit Mary Dejevsky Voices Global warming could actually be good for the UK (yes, seriously) Mary Dejevsky Voices In the war of words between Trump and Rouhani, context is everything Mary Dejevsky Voices Donald Trump should be applauded for meeting with Vladimir Putin Mary Dejevsky Voices Why lifting the NHS immigration cap is a bad idea Mary Dejevsky Voices Why David Davis should no longer be chief Brexit negotiator Mary Dejevsky Voices Trump handled the press conference with Putin well Mary Dejevsky Voices Donald Trump's unease about Nato is neither shocking or new Mary Dejevsky Voices If anyone is going to protect the national interest, it's Theresa May Mary Dejevsky Voices Why Russia can claim the moral high ground over Babchenko Mary Dejevsky Voices These are the unanswered questions surrounding Yulia Skripal Mary Dejevsky Voices Russia's World Cup is an unmissable diplomatic opportunity Mary Dejevsky Voices Trump proved himself in North Korea – maybe he will with Iran Mary Dejevsky Voices It's time to accept the NHS isn't always fit for purpose Mary Dejevsky Voices The Korea peace talks wouldn't be happening without Trump Mary Dejevsky Voices

Corbyn was right to avoid blaming Moscow for the Skripal poisoning

Voices The UK overestimates its diplomatic clout post-Brexit Mary Dejevsky Voices These are the questions about Grenfell that need answering Mary Dejevsky Voices The response to Skripal proves we've learnt nothing from Iraq Mary Dejevsky Voices Sergei Skripal is not Litvinenko – and this is what that really means Mary Dejevsky Voices Putin's speech was a plea to the US to start talking again Mary Dejevsky Voices How the UK could use Brexit to get its internal affairs in order Mary Dejevsky Voices

Western cynicism risks missing a chance at peace with North Korea


Iran's power is growing in Syria – this is Israel’s worst nightmare


There’s no one better than Macron when it comes to smooth diplomacy

Voices What I learned from staying in Iran during the last days of the Shah Mary Dejevsky Voices How humanitarian aid for kids can make the Syrian conflict worse Mary Dejevsky Voices Boris is travelling to Russia this week – but you won't hear about it Mary Dejevsky Voices Hard Brexit can be defeated if MPs combine together Mary Dejevsky Voices The UK’s obsession with the ‘special relationship’ isn’t healthy Mary Dejevsky Voices Outside of Europe, Donald Trump isn't as unpopular as he seems Mary Dejevsky Voices It's time to stop pandering to millennials Mary Dejevsky Voices We must reorientate our foreign policy away from Israel Mary Dejevsky Voices Theresa May had no choice but to appoint Gavin Williamson Mary Dejevsky Voices Why Putin's torn on celebrating the anniversary of the Revolution Mary Dejevsky Voices Brexit has to all intents and purposes already happened Mary Dejevsky Voices May can restore some credibility by putting Boris in charge of Brexit Mary Dejevsky Voices

Russia was the target of Nato's own fake news


This is how it could all go wrong for Angela Merkel in the elections


Strange as it sounds, this might be a cry for help from North Korea

Voices Diana’s death didn’t change the nature of the monarchy Mary Dejevsky Voices A united Ireland is the only practical solution to Brexit Mary Dejevsky Voices Most politicians decrying the crisis in Venezuela don't actually care Mary Dejevsky Voices London's housing market has been revealed as a centre for dirty money Mary Dejevsky Voices Things may not be as bad as they seem between Trump and Putin Mary Dejevsky Voices Macron has never experienced war – and it shows Mary Dejevsky Voices What's scarier than Donald Trump Jr's Russian meeting? This Mary Dejevsky Voices The instincts of Charlie Gard’s parents should be listened to Mary Dejevsky Voices

A year on from the Brexit vote, the EU is more unified than ever


Brexit diminished our stature. Theresa May has made things worse


The election results could be drastically altered by the London attack