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Mark Steel

@mrmarksteel Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian, radio presenter and Independent columnist. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally. Voices

We won't praise the PM's resilience when things get worse

This is sparkly British determination to see the good in someone. But Theresa May breaks records for scales of disaster every day and grins as if everything’s turned out fine


Project Fear tactics have gone into overdrive

By showing what happens when everyone in charge is an idiot, perhaps the behaviour of MPs over the last two years has been in preparation for a no-deal Brexit all along

Voices Sajid Javid is right – those feckless refugees are ruining everything Mark Steel Voices Lessons in feminism from the Tories? Lucky Jeremy Mark Steel Voices Give up approaching politics with logic – the prime minister has Mark Steel Voices Brexit fact deniers are becoming like climate change sceptics Mark Steel Voices Damn the Europeans who jump the queue to do jobs we’d rather not Mark Steel Voices Is May’s Brexit plan the fairest? Everyone does hate it, I suppose Mark Steel Voices Trump will definitely be open to compromises with Democrats – probably Mark Steel Voices I called my son Mustard Gas so I'll never forget the war dead Mark Steel Voices Why step selling arms to the Saudis? It keeps so many people in a job Mark Steel Voices Who's to say it wasn't the Belgians who are responsible for Khashoggi? Mark Steel Voices

Why not let the DUP run the whole of the British government?

The good news is that instead of dull press conferences, the Bank of England will be asked to announce all future changes in interest rates by painting them on a mural in East Belfast with someone on a white horse


Why does Theresa May deserve praise for backtracking on bad policy?

Of few meaningful announcements, the prime minister promised to allow councils to borrow money to build houses, which councils have been demanding – and the Tories have opposed – for decades


I'm not worried we're stockpiling Brexit food – if anything, I'm glad


We are so bored with Brexit we'll agree to anything


Richard Branson – have you been on a British train journey recently?


Tony Blair and Matteo Salvini: the politics of the centre we need now

Voices Never mind Brexit, the South Africans will love us after May's dancing Mark Steel Voices A Pope who wants to stop all child abuse is maybe too radical Mark Steel Voices Islamic fundamentalist Jeremy Corbyn should be ashamed of himself Mark Steel Voices The real victims of Boris's burqa remarks are the teachers at Eton Mark Steel Voices Corbyn didn't yell at a Holocaust survivor? He must be antisemitic Mark Steel Voices May has voted for the worst option consistently throughout her career Mark Steel Live World Cup England v Sweden: The alternative World Cup live blog Voices May's Brexit talks at Chequers will go terribly, as they always do Mark Steel Voices The England team is like Brexit – anything is a bonus now Mark Steel Voices Any two words could describe Brexit better than ‘strong and stable’ Mark Steel Voices Don’t worry, Trump, we don’t abandon friends we disagree with Mark Steel Live News England v Croatia: The alternative World Cup commentary Voices Anti-abortion groups could learn from the Tories’ strategy on cannabis Mark Steel Voices England can win the World Cup if we treat it like Brexit Mark Steel Voices Tories can't even nail bacon to their doors these days Mark Steel Voices Steve Bannon is right – Martin Luther King Jr would be proud of Trump Mark Steel Voices Forget the Markles – the Windsors are far worse Mark Steel Voices The House of Commons should behave more like the Iranian parliament Mark Steel Voices

Why Cherie Blair should take over from Jeremy Corbyn

Voices It's unfair to blame the Tories for the things the Tories did, OK? Mark Steel Voices Let's forgive Theresa May for Windrush – we all make mistakes Mark Steel Voices Yes, decent members of society tear up floral tributes to the dead Mark Steel Voices Who knew Corbyn's antisemitic beetroot would cause such anger? Mark Steel Voices A second referendum could be fun – the country would eat itself alive Mark Steel Voices Angry Brexiteers make me proud to be British Mark Steel Voices

Why Putin could never have afforded to poison Sergei Skripal


If anything the Saudi Arabian government is just too feminist


Clever Nigel Farage knows the truth about global warming

Voices Jeremy 'Stalin' Corbyn really does have some explaining to do now Mark Steel Voices The Florida school shooting proves we need to arm kids with guns Mark Steel Voices Cheddar man was black. It’s time for Ukip to deport white people Mark Steel Voices Watching Tory infighting is like listening to a group of Arsenal fans Mark Steel Voices I hope feminists are happy they've ruined the Presidents Club Mark Steel Voices Carillion proves the intelligence and efficiency of our Government Mark Steel Voices Everything to do with the NHS is definitely going to plan Mark Steel Voices There’s an art to resigning from this Government Mark Steel Voices I’m so proud of hard Brexiteers' response to the Tory rebellion Mark Steel Voices Davis admitting he has no plans for Brexit was truly Churchillian Mark Steel Voices Who are we to judge Trump's belief in a 'no-go' Britain? Mark Steel Voices Gibraltar shows how dire Brexit negotiations have become Mark Steel Voices

Boris Johnson wasn't wrong about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe


We have been too harsh on Priti Patel


100 years since the revolution, Russia is a capitalist utopia

Voices The Labour Party's got so bad even Trump and Weinstein are appalled Mark Steel Voices What's so great about the Tory strategy on Brexit Mark Steel Voices Double Take: Theresa May should spend some time on the comedy circuit Shappi Khorsandi Voices People should run through fields of nettles naked for their benefits Mark Steel Voices Don’t feel sorry for Theresa May, even if she did struggle to the end Mark Steel Voices Landlords are right about Corbyn's crazy proposals to control rent Mark Steel Voices Why I'm glad the Great Yarmouth Academy has so many rules Mark Steel Voices We need to hear all sides of the Grenfell story, including the fire's Mark Steel Voices

Brexit shows that we're finally getting our country back


Activate – a youth group that people can finally get gassed about


Thank God for the honesty and integrity of Donald Trump