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John Rentoul

@JohnRentoul John Rentoul is The Independent’s chief political commentator, having worked for the title since 1995. He is also visiting professor at King’s College, London, and a prominent tweeter. He is the author of a biography of Tony Blair, among other books. As well as writing widely on politics, he contributes a weekly top 10 and Mea Culpa, a column about questions of style and usage Voices

In a bizarre turn of events, May could now get her Brexit deal through

If the bill Cooper will table on Monday goes through, it could change everything


Top 10 pop songs based on classical music

Modern music that has some of the notes in the same order as older compositions

Voices Mea Culpa: listen to reason, pivot, swivel and U-turn John Rentoul Voices Of course Jeremy Corbyn should talk to the prime minister John Rentoul Voices If Corbyn can’t force an election, will he support a new referendum? John Rentoul Independent Minds How long would it take to organise a new Brexit referendum? John Rentoul Voices What will happen to Brexit after Theresa May’s Commons defeat? John Rentoul Voices One veteran Labour MP’s view on Brexit is leading the way John Rentoul Voices Top 10 promises to leave the country if a vote goes the wrong way John Rentoul Voices A guide to the three key cabinet Brexit factions John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: here be dragons in unexplored lands John Rentoul Voices If parliament ‘takes control’ of Brexit, it will still have to choose John Rentoul Created with Sketch.

John Rentoul Brexit: Can the PM give Stormont a veto on the Irish border backstop?

Analysis: The PM is desperate to convince the DUP to back her deal, but may be making promises that cannot be kept, says John Rentoul

Britain’s shifting political landscape: anything could happen in 2019

Events are increasingly hard to predict, but John Rentoul gives it a shot anyway


The fatal mistake Theresa May made when selling her Brexit deal to MPs


Divided Brexiteers could throw away their one chance to leave the EU


Top 10 British and US words with overlapping but different meanings


Mea Culpa: Questions to which the answer is, ‘You tell me’

Independent Minds How would a Final Say referendum happen? John Rentoul Voices This is the real reason people won’t back Theresa May’s Brexit plans John Rentoul Voices The Top 10 Top 10s of 2018 John Rentoul Voices What shocked me this year in politics John Rentoul Voices Jeremy Corbyn really doesn’t want a second referendum John Rentoul Voices Top 10 more Twitter jokes John Rentoul Voices Top 10 songs with brackets (in the title) John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: Some readers are still interested in ‘disinterested’ John Rentoul Voices What next for the government? John Rentoul Voices It’s 100 days to Brexit – but can it be done in time? John Rentoul UK Rough sleeping is a national embarrassment Voices Is Labour backing away from a second referendum? John Rentoul Voices May ought to win tonight – but if she doesn't, Labour's in luck John Rentoul Voices Today’s ECJ ruling makes a new referendum more likely John Rentoul UK Politics The ECJ opinion makes it easier for MPs to vote for a new referendum Voices Will Theresa May have to quit if she loses the Brexit vote? John Rentoul Voices What is Tuesday’s Brexit vote about and why is it so divisive? John Rentoul Voices Can MPs really be given a vote on whether to enter the backstop? John Rentoul Voices

The Brexit vote on Tuesday would be simple – if MPs were logical

Voices Top 10 worst deals in history John Rentoul Voices Gordon Brown: ‘The planning for Brexit wasn’t done’ John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: only not so lonely John Rentoul Independent Minds Theresa May’s offer of a veto over the backstop is not what it seems John Rentoul Voices The secret Brexit legal advice says what we thought it said – bluntly John Rentoul Voices Historic government defeat increases the chances we’ll stay in the EU John Rentoul Voices

The vote could be close between May’s deal and a new referendum


George HW Bush should be remembered for the Iraq war his son started


Top 10 unlikeliest cover versions

Voices Mea Culpa: Light years away from the true meaning of the phrase John Rentoul Voices Offering honours for Brexit votes is disgraceful – and it won’t work John Rentoul Voices Brexiteers against Brexit threaten Theresa May’s plan John Rentoul Voices Top 10 quickest returns to cabinet John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: In an alternative universe, this column wouldn’t exist John Rentoul Voices Theresa May’s strategy for getting her Brexit deal through? Masochism John Rentoul UK Politics Political declaration on Brexit: what it says and what it means Voices Will Jean-Claude Juncker bail out Theresa May in Brussels today? John Rentoul Voices What to expect from cabinet: grumbles, but no resignations. Yet John Rentoul Voices Labour MPs would betray the country if they force a no-deal Brexit John Rentoul Voices Top 10 pseudonyms for more than one person John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: an infamous hail of rubber bullets John Rentoul Voices

If Theresa May faces a vote of confidence, what will happen next?


Theresa May’s Brexit statement: what she said – and what she meant

Long Reads

What if Nick Clegg had gone into coalition with Labour in 2010?

Voices Listen to what Jeremy Corbyn says: he doesn’t want to stop Brexit John Rentoul Voices Top 10 pronunciations designed to trick the unwary John Rentoul Voices Jo Johnson’s resignation increases the chances of a Final Say vote John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: what is your alibi? Language is changing, your honour John Rentoul Voices My sources say no-deal Brexit is likely; my head says we’ll agree one John Rentoul Voices Thanks to Tracey Crouch for proving some ministers have principles John Rentoul Voices Top 10 facts that sound fake John Rentoul Voices Mea Culpa: when to keep our distance in headlines John Rentoul Voices

How Philip Hammond has managed to avoid his Budget unravelling

Independent Minds Created with Sketch.

John Rentoul Jeremy Corbyn had a problem replying to, in effect, a Labour Budget


Philip Hammond’s Budget: what he said – and what he really meant