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TO PASS H.R. 6810, OVER THE PRESIDENT'S VETO. (P. 7610-2). --

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X We’re now in a “lame duck” session, the period between an election and when the elected members of Congress take office, which will occur on January 3, 2019 at noon.
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  3. House Vote #112 in 1919 (66th Congress)



All VotesRepublicansDemocratsInd. RepublicansUnion LaborsProhibitionistsYea41% 175 94 78 1 1 1 Nay13% 55 29 26 0 0 0 Present0% 1 0 1 0 0 0 Not Voting46% 200 115 85 0 0 0

unknown. unknown Required. Oct 27, 1919 . Source:

Ideology Vote Chart

Key: R Yea D Yea R Nay D Nay

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Vote Details

Notes: The Speaker’s Vote? The Speaker of the House is not required to vote in “ordinary legislative proceedings, except when such vote would be decisive.” In practice, this means the Speaker of the House rarely votes and only does so when it is politically useful. When the Speaker declines to vote, he or she is simply omitted from the roll call by the House Clerk. (See House Rules, Rule I(7).) Accuracy of Historical Records

Our database of roll call votes from 1789-1989 (1990 for House votes) comes from an academic data source,, that has digitized paper records going back more than 200 years. Because of the difficulty of this task, the accuracy of these vote records is reduced.

From October 2014 through July 2015, we displayed incorrect vote totals in some cases. Although the total correctly reflected the announced positions of Members of Congress, the totals incorrectly included “paired” votes, which is when two Members of Congress, one planning to vote in favor and the other against, plan ahead of time to both abstain.

In addition, these records do not always distinguish between Members of Congress not voting (abstaining) from Members of Congress who were not eligible to vote because they had not yet taken office, or for other reasons. As a result, you may see extra not-voting entries and in these cases Senate votes may show more than 100 senators listed!

“Aye” or “Yea”?

“Aye” and “Yea” mean the same thing, and so do “No” and “Nay”. Congress uses different words in different sorts of votes.

The U.S. Constitution says that bills should be decided on by the “yeas and nays” (Article I, Section 7). Congress takes this literally and uses “yea” and “nay” when voting on the final passage of bills.

All Senate votes use these words. But the House of Representatives uses “Aye” and “No” in other sorts of votes.

Download as CSV VotePartyRepresentativeDistrictScoreYea   D   Almon, Edward AL 8th Yea   D   Ashbrook, William OH 17th Yea   D   Aswell, James LA 8th Yea   D   Ayres, William KS 8th Yea   D   Bankhead, William AL 10th Yea   D   Black, Eugene TX 1st Yea   D   Blanton, Thomas TX 17th Yea   D   Box, John TX 2nd Yea   D   Brand, Charles GA 8th Yea   D   Briggs, Clay TX 7th Yea   D   Brinson, Samuel NC 3rd Yea   D   Byrnes, James SC 2nd Yea   D   Byrns, Joseph TN 6th Yea   D   Candler, Ezekiel MS 1st Yea   D   Caraway, Thaddeus AR 1st Yea   D   Carter, Charles OK 3rd Yea   D   Collier, James MS 8th Yea   D   Connally, Tom TX 11th Yea   D   Crisp, Charles GA 3rd Yea   D   Davis, Ewin TN 5th Yea   D   Dickinson, Clement MO 6th Yea   D   Dominick, Frederick SC 3rd Yea   D   Doughton, Robert NC 8th Yea   D   Evans, Charles NV Yea   D   Ferris, Scott OK 6th Yea   D   Fisher, Hubert TN 10th Yea   D   Flood, Henry VA 10th Yea   D   Garrett, Finis TN 9th Yea   D   Goodwin, William AR 7th Yea   D   Harrison, Thomas VA 7th Yea   D   Hastings, William OK 2nd Yea   D   Hayden, Carl AZ Yea   D   Howard, Everette OK 1st Yea   D   Huddleston, George AL 9th Yea   D   Hudspeth, Claude TX 16th Yea   D   Hull, Cordell TN 4th Yea   D   Jacoway, Henderson AR 5th Yea   D   Johnson, Paul MS 6th Yea   D   Jones, John TX 18th Yea   D   Lanham, Fritz TX 12th Yea   D   Lankford, William GA 11th Yea   D   Larsen, William GA 12th Yea   D   Lee, Gordon GA 7th Yea   D   Major, Samuel MO 7th Yea   D   Mann, Edward SC 7th Yea   D   Mays, James UT 2nd Yea   D   Nelson, William MO 8th Yea   D   Oldfield, William AR 2nd Yea   D   Oliver, William AL 6th Yea   D   Park, Frank GA 2nd Yea   D   Parrish, Lucian TX 13th Yea   D   Quin, Percy MS 7th Yea   D   Raker, John CA 2nd Yea   D   Rayburn, Samuel TX 4th Yea   D   Romjue, Milton MO 1st Yea   D   Rubey, Thomas MO 16th Yea   D   Rucker, William MO 2nd Yea   D   Sanders, Jared LA 6th Yea   D   Smithwick, John FL 3rd Yea   D   Steagall, Henry AL 3rd Yea   D   Stedman, Charles NC 5th Yea   D   Stevenson, William SC 5th Yea   D   Sumners, Hatton TX 5th Yea   D   Taylor, Edward CO 4th Yea   D   Tillman, John AR 3rd Yea   D   Upshaw, William GA 5th Yea   D   Venable, William MS 5th Yea   D   Vinson, Carl GA 10th Yea   D   Watkins, John LA 4th Yea   D   Watson, Walter VA 4th Yea   D   Weaver, Zebulon NC 10th Yea   D   Welling, Milton UT 1st Yea   D   Welty, Benjamin OH 4th Yea   D   Wilson, Riley LA 5th Yea   D   Wingo, Otis AR 4th Yea   D   Woods, James VA 6th Yea   D   Wright, William GA 4th Yea   D   Young, James TX 3rd Yea   I   Keller, Oscar MN 4th Yea Prohibitionist Randall, Charles CA 9th Yea   R   Anderson, Sydney MN 1st Yea   R   Andrews, William NE 5th Yea   R   Andrews, William MD 1st Yea   R   Anthony, Daniel KS 1st Yea   R   Baer, John ND 1st Yea   R   Barbour, Henry CA 7th Yea   R   Begg, James OH 13th Yea   R   Benham, John IN 4th Yea   R   Bland, Oscar IN 2nd Yea   R   Bowers, George WV 2nd Yea   R   Brooks, Edwin IL 23rd Yea   R   Browne, Edward WI 8th Yea   R   Cannon, Joseph IL 18th Yea   R   Christopherson, Charles SD 1st Yea   R   Currie, Gilbert MI 10th Yea   R   Dale, Porter VT 2nd Yea   R   Darrow, George PA 6th Yea   R   Denison, Edward IL 25th Yea   R   Dickinson, Lester IA 10th Yea   R   Dowell, Cassius IA 7th Yea   R   Dunbar, James IN 3rd Yea   R   Echols, Leonard WV 6th Yea   R   Elliott, Richard IN 6th Yea   R   Ellsworth, Franklin MN 2nd Yea   R   Esch, John WI 7th Yea   R   Evans, Robert NE 3rd Yea   R   Fairfield, Louis IN 12th Yea   R   Focht, Benjamin PA 17th Yea   R   Foster, Israel OH 10th Yea   R   Fuller, Charles IL 12th Yea   R   Good, James IA 5th Yea   R   Gould, Norman NY 36th Yea   R   Graham, William IL 14th Yea   R   Green, William IA 9th Yea   R   Greene, Frank VT 1st Yea   R   Hadley, Lindley WA 2nd Yea   R   Hardy, Guy CO 3rd Yea   R   Haugen, Gilbert IA 4th Yea   R   Hawley, Willis OR 1st Yea   R   Hays, Edward MO 14th Yea   R   Hernández, Benigno NM 1st Yea   R   Hickey, Andrew IN 13th Yea   R   Hoch, Homer KS 4th Yea   R   Kelly, Melville PA 30th Yea   R   Kendall, Samuel PA 23rd Yea   R   Kiess, Edgar PA 15th Yea   R   King, Edward IL 15th Yea   R   Kinkaid, Moses NE 6th Yea   R   Knutson, Harold MN 6th Yea   R   Kraus, Milton IN 11th Yea   R   Luhring, Oscar IN 1st Yea   R   Mapes, Carl MI 5th Yea   R   McLaughlin, Melvin NE 4th Yea   R   Michener, Earl MI 2nd Yea   R   Miller, John WA 1st Yea   R   Monahan, James WI 3rd Yea   R   Mondell, Franklin WY Yea   R   Moore, Charles OH 15th Yea   R   Morgan, Dick OK 8th Yea   R   Mott, Luther NY 32nd Yea   R   Nelson, Adolphus WI 11th Yea   R   Newton, Walter MN 5th Yea   R   Osborne, Henry CA 10th Yea   R   Parker, James NY 29th Yea   R   Purnell, Fred IN 9th Yea   R   Ramseyer, Christian IA 6th Yea   R   Reavis, Charles NE 1st Yea   R   Reed, Stuart WV 3rd Yea   R   Ricketts, Edwin OH 11th Yea   R   Rose, John PA 19th Yea   R   Scott, Frank MI 11th Yea   R   Sinnott, Nicholas OR 2nd Yea   R   Smith, John MI 3rd Yea   R   Snell, Bertrand NY 31st Yea   R   Steenerson, Halvor MN 9th Yea   R   Strong, James KS 5th Yea   R   Strong, Nathan PA 27th Yea   R   Summers, John WA 4th Yea   R   Sweet, Burton IA 3rd Yea   R   Taylor, James TN 2nd Yea   R   Thompson, Charles OH 5th Yea   R   Timberlake, Charles CO 2nd Yea   R   Vaile, William CO 1st Yea   R   Vestal, Albert IN 8th Yea   R   Volstead, Andrew MN 7th Yea   R   Walters, Anderson PA Yea   R   Wason, Edward NH 2nd Yea   R   Webster, John WA 5th Yea   R   Wheeler, Loren IL 21st Yea   R   White, Hays KS 6th Yea   R   Williams, Thomas IL 24th Yea   R   Wilson, William IL 3rd Yea   R   Woodyard, Harry WV 4th Yea   R   Zihlman, Frederick MD 6th Yea Union Labor Carss, William MN 8th Nay   D   Bee, Carlos TX 14th Nay   D   Blackmon, Fred AL 4th Nay   D   Bland, William MO 5th Nay   D   Buchanan, James TX 10th Nay   D   Campbell, Guy PA 32nd Nay   D   Clark, James MO 9th Nay   D   Cleary, William NY 8th Nay   D   Dent, Stanley AL 2nd Nay   D   Doremus, Frank MI 1st Nay   D   Dupré, Henry LA 2nd Nay   D   Eagan, John NJ 11th Nay   D   Gallagher, Thomas IL 8th Nay   D   Gard, Warren OH 3rd Nay   D   Griffin, Anthony NY 22nd Nay   D   Hersman, Hugh CA 8th Nay   D   Humphreys, Benjamin MS 3rd Nay   D   Igoe, William MO 11th Nay   D   Martin, Whitmell LA 3rd Nay   D   McGlennon, Cornelius NJ 8th Nay   D   McLane, Patrick PA 10th Nay   D   Mead, James NY 42nd Nay   D   Moon, John TN 3rd Nay   D   Phelan, Michael MA 7th Nay   D   Pou, Edward NC 4th Nay   D   Sherwood, Isaac OH 9th Nay   D   Whaley, Richard SC 1st Nay   R   Classon, David WI 9th Nay   R   Curry, Charles CA 3rd Nay   R   Dyer, Leonidas MO 12th Nay   R   Edmonds, George PA 4th Nay   R   Garland, Mahlon PA Nay   R   Glynn, James CT 5th Nay   R   Hull, Harry IA 2nd Nay   R   Jefferis, Albert NE 2nd Nay   R   Juul, Niels IL 7th Nay   R   Lampert, Florian WI 6th Nay   R   Lufkin, Willfred MA 6th Nay   R   MacGregor, Clarence NY 41st Nay   R   Madden, Martin IL 1st Nay   R   McArthur, Clifton OR 3rd Nay   R   Merritt, Schuyler CT 4th Nay   R   Mudd, Sydney MD 5th Nay   R   Nichols, Charles MI 13th Nay   R   Nolan, John CA 5th Nay   R   Platt, Edmund NY 26th Nay   R   Randall, Clifford WI 1st Nay   R   Rogers, John MA 5th Nay   R   Sanford, Rollin NY 28th Nay   R   Snyder, Homer NY 33rd Nay   R   Stephens, Ambrose OH 2nd Nay   R   Tilson, John CT 3rd Nay   R   Tinkham, George MA 11th Nay   R   Walsh, Joseph MA 16th Nay   R   Ward, Charles NY 27th Nay   R   Winslow, Samuel MA 4th No Vote   D   Alexander, Joshua MO 3rd No Vote   D   Babka, John OH 21st No Vote   D   Barkley, Alben KY 1st No Vote   D   Bell, Thomas GA 9th No Vote   D   Benson, Carville MD 2nd No Vote   D   Bland, Schuyler VA 1st No Vote   D   Booher, Charles MO 4th No Vote   D   Brumbaugh, Clement OH 12th No Vote   D   Caldwell, Charles NY 2nd No Vote   D   Cantrill, James KY 7th No Vote   D   Carew, John NY 18th No Vote   D   Casey, John PA 11th No Vote   D   Clark, Frank FL 2nd No Vote   D   Coady, Charles MD 3rd No Vote   D   Cullen, Thomas NY 4th No Vote   D   Davey, Martin OH 14th No Vote   D   Dewalt, Arthur PA 13th No Vote   D   Donovan, Jerome NY 21st No Vote   D   Dooling, Peter NY 15th No Vote   D   Drane, Herbert FL 1st No Vote   D   Eagle, Joe TX 8th No Vote   D   Evans, John MT 1st No Vote   D   Fields, William KY 9th No Vote   D   Gallivan, James MA 12th No Vote   D   Gandy, Harry SD 3rd No Vote   D   Ganly, James NY 24th No Vote   D   Garner, John TX 15th No Vote   D   Godwin, Hannibal NC 6th No Vote   D   Goldfogle, Henry NY 12th No Vote   D   Hamill, James NJ 12th No Vote   D   Hardy, Rufus TX 6th No Vote   D   Heflin, James AL 5th No Vote   D   Holland, Edward VA 2nd No Vote   D   Johnson, Ben KY 4th No Vote   D   Johnston, John NY 5th No Vote   D   Kettner, William CA 11th No Vote   D   Kincheloe, David KY 2nd No Vote   D   Kitchin, Claude NC 2nd No Vote   D   Lazaro, Ladislas LA 7th No Vote   D   Lea, Clarence CA 1st No Vote   D   Lesher, John PA 16th No Vote   D   Linthicum, John MD 4th No Vote   D   Lonergan, Augustine CT 1st No Vote   D   Maher, James NY 7th No Vote   D   Mansfield, Joseph TX 9th No Vote   D   McAndrews, James IL 6th No Vote   D   McClintic, James OK 7th No Vote   D   McDuffie, John AL 1st No Vote   D   McKeown, Thomas OK 4th No Vote   D   McKiniry, Richard NY 23rd No Vote   D   Minahan, Daniel NJ 9th No Vote   D   Montague, Andrew VA 3rd No Vote   D   Mooney, Charles OH 20th No Vote   D   Moore, Robert VA 8th No Vote   D   Neely, Matthew WV 1st No Vote   D   Nicholls, Samuel SC 4th No Vote   D   Olney, Richard MA 14th No Vote   D   Overstreet, James GA 1st No Vote   D   O’Connell, David NY 9th No Vote   D   O’Connor, James LA 1st No Vote   D   Padgett, Lemuel TN 7th No Vote   D   Pell, Herbert NY 17th No Vote   D   Rainey, Henry IL 20th No Vote   D   Rainey, John IL 4th No Vote   D   Rainey, Lilius AL 7th No Vote   D   Riordan, Daniel NY 11th No Vote   D   Robinson, Leonidas NC 7th No Vote   D   Rouse, Arthur KY 6th No Vote   D   Rowan, Joseph NY 19th No Vote   D   Sabath, Adolph IL 5th No Vote   D   Saunders, Edward VA 5th No Vote   D   Scully, Thomas NJ 3rd No Vote   D   Sims, Thetus TN 8th No Vote   D   Sisson, Thomas MS 4th No Vote   D   Small, John NC 1st No Vote   D   Smith, Thomas NY 16th No Vote   D   Steele, Henry PA 26th No Vote   D   Stephens, Hubert MS 2nd No Vote   D   Sullivan, Christopher NY 13th No Vote   D   Tague, Peter MA 10th No Vote   D   Taylor, Samuel AR 6th No Vote   D   Thomas, Robert KY 3rd No Vote   D   Webb, Edwin NC 9th No Vote   D   Wilson, John PA 22nd No Vote   D   Wise, James GA 6th No Vote   R   Ackerman, Ernest NJ 5th No Vote   R   Bacharach, Isaac NJ 2nd No Vote   R   Boies, William IA 11th No Vote   R   Britten, Frederick IL 9th No Vote   R   Brooks, Edward PA 20th No Vote   R   Browning, William NJ 1st No Vote   R   Burdick, Clark RI 1st No Vote   R   Burke, William PA No Vote   R   Burroughs, Sherman NH 1st No Vote   R   Butler, Thomas PA 7th No Vote   R   Campbell, Philip KS 3rd No Vote   R   Chindblom, Carl IL 10th No Vote   R   Cole, Raymond OH 8th No Vote   R   Cooper, John OH 19th No Vote   R   Copley, Ira IL 11th No Vote   R   Costello, Peter PA 5th No Vote   R   Crago, Thomas PA No Vote   R   Cramton, Louis MI 7th No Vote   R   Crowther, Frank NY 30th No Vote   R   Dallinger, Frederick MA 8th No Vote   R   Davis, Charles MN 3rd No Vote   R   Dempsey, Stephen NY 40th No Vote   R   Dunn, Thomas NY 38th No Vote   R   Elston, John CA 6th No Vote   R   Emerson, Henry OH 22nd No Vote   R   Fess, Simeon OH 7th No Vote   R   Fordney, Joseph MI 8th No Vote   R   Frear, James WI 10th No Vote   R   Freeman, Richard CT 2nd No Vote   R   French, Burton ID 1st No Vote   R   Fuller, Alvan MA 9th No Vote   R   Goodall, Louis ME 1st No Vote   R   Goodykoontz, Wells WV 5th No Vote   R   Graham, George PA 2nd No Vote   R   Greene, William MA 15th No Vote   R   Griest, William PA 9th No Vote   R   Hamilton, Edward MI 4th No Vote   R   Haskell, Reuben NY 10th No Vote   R   Hersey, Ira ME 4th No Vote   R   Hicks, Frederick NY 1st No Vote   R   Hill, William NY 34th No Vote   R   Houghton, Alanson NY 37th No Vote   R   Hulings, Willis PA 28th No Vote   R   Husted, James NY 25th No Vote   R   Hutchinson, Elijah NJ 4th No Vote   R   Ireland, Clifford IL 16th No Vote   R   James, William MI 12th No Vote   R   Johnson, Albert WA 3rd No Vote   R   Johnson, Royal SD 2nd No Vote   R   Jones, Evan PA 21st No Vote   R   Kahn, Julius CA 4th No Vote   R   Kearns, Charles OH 6th No Vote   R   Kelley, Patrick MI 6th No Vote   R   Kennedy, Ambrose RI 3rd No Vote   R   Kennedy, Charles IA 1st No Vote   R   Kleczka, John WI 4th No Vote   R   Kreider, Aaron PA 18th No Vote   R   La Guardia, Fiorello NY 14th No Vote   R   Langley, John KY 10th No Vote   R   Layton, Caleb DE No Vote   R   Lehlbach, Frederick NJ 10th No Vote   R   Little, Edward KS 2nd No Vote   R   Longworth, Nicholas OH 1st No Vote   R   Luce, Robert MA 13th No Vote   R   MacCrate, John NY 3rd No Vote   R   Magee, Walter NY 35th No Vote   R   Mann, James IL 2nd No Vote   R   Mason, William IL No Vote   R   McCulloch, Roscoe OH 16th No Vote   R   McFadden, Louis PA 14th No Vote   R   McKenzie, John IL 13th No Vote   R   McKinley, William IL 19th No Vote   R   McLaughlin, James MI 9th No Vote   R   McPherson, Isaac MO 15th No Vote   R   Moore, Joseph PA 3rd No Vote   R   Moores, Merrill IN 7th No Vote   R   Morin, John PA 31st No Vote   R   Murphy, Benjamin OH 18th No Vote   R   Newton, Cleveland MO 10th No Vote   R   Ogden, Charles KY 5th No Vote   R   Paige, Calvin MA 3rd No Vote   R   Peters, John ME 3rd No Vote   R   Porter, Stephen PA 29th No Vote   R   Radcliffe, Amos NJ 7th No Vote   R   Ramsey, John NJ 6th No Vote   R   Reber, John PA 12th No Vote   R   Reed, Daniel NY 43rd No Vote   R   Rhodes, Marion MO 13th No Vote   R   Riddick, Carl MT 2nd No Vote   R   Robsion, John KY 11th No Vote   R   Rodenberg, William IL 22nd No Vote   R   Rowe, Frederick NY 6th No Vote   R   Sanders, Archie NY 39th No Vote   R   Sanders, Everett IN 5th No Vote   R   Schall, Thomas MN 10th No Vote   R   Sells, Sam TN 1st No Vote   R   Shreve, Milton PA 25th No Vote   R   Siegel, Isaac NY 20th No Vote   R   Sinclair, James ND 3rd No Vote   R   Slemp, Campbell VA 9th No Vote   R   Smith, Addison ID 2nd No Vote   R   Smith, Frank IL 17th No Vote   R   Stiness, Walter RI 2nd No Vote   R   Swope, King KY 8th No Vote   R   Temple, Henry PA 24th No Vote   R   Tincher, Jasper KS 7th No Vote   R   Towner, Horace IA 8th No Vote   R   Treadway, Allen MA 1st No Vote   R   Vare, William PA 1st No Vote   R   Voigt, Edward WI 2nd No Vote   R   Watson, Henry PA 8th No Vote   R   White, Wallace ME 2nd No Vote   R   Wood, William IN 10th No Vote   R   Yates, Richard IL No Vote   R   Young, George ND 2nd Present   D   Sears, William FL 4th

Statistically Notable Votes

Statistically notable votes are the votes that are most surprising, or least predictable, given how other members of each voter’s party voted.

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