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Oil Titans: National Oil Companies in the Middle East › books
Marcel draws on unprecedented access to the politicians, engineers, and businessmen directing five Middle Eastern state oil companies to shed light on one of the most secretive segments of the international oil industry.

The Road to Damascus › books
When a ruthless political regime led by Vittori Santorini seizes control of a planet still recovering from an alien invasion, Kafari Khristinova takes on her former colleagues to free the world from the evil Santorini.

Policing International Trade in Endangered Species: The ... › books
This book presents the first definitive study of the CITES compliance system--a self-policing system which relies heavily on recommended trade suspensions to deal with non-compliance.

The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq › books
The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq appraises the consequences of the U.S.-led intervention in Iraq for its most neglected region.

British External Policy-making in the 1990s › books
'For those wishing better to understand the context and ways in which Britain's foreign and defence policies are formulated, this book will constitute essential, and excellent reading.

Allies Divided: Transatlantic Policies for the Greater ... › books
This volume juxtaposes essays from U.S. and European scholars on selected areas and issues: the Arab-Israeli peace process, the Persian Gulf, Turkey and the Caspian Basin, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and military force ...

Positive Measures for Technology Transfer Under the Climate ... › books
This book identifies steps that can be taken to bridge divisions on technology transfer and cooperation between Annex I and non-Annex I countries that have become apparent during the UNFCCC negotiations.

Israel and the Palestinians: Israeli Policy Options › books
This volume examines the policy options under serious consideration among Israelis for resolving or managing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Take-off for Taiwan? › books
This study assesses the evolution of Taiwan's domestic political system and its remarkable economic success, and asks whether it will also "take off" politically from mainland China.

The External Dimension of MERCOSUR: Prospects for ... › books