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  • © Noah Berger/for UCSF

    The Big Pond #42Heart in Space - German Scientists and Nasa

    Since 2016, the German scientist Sonja Schrepfer and her husband Tobias Deuse have led the Transplant and Stem Cell Immunobiology Lab at the University of California in San Francisco and the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf. Our producer Iris Völlnagel reports on their research contribution to space travel.

  • © Rodolfo Martinez

    Goethe Medal 2019Shirin Neshat

    Once a year, the Goethe-Institut awards the Goethe Medal, an official decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany. This medal honors luminaries who have performed outstanding service for the German language and for international cultural relations. The 2019 awardees have been announced, among them New York-based artist Shirin Neshat. More about Shirin Neshat here.

  • Igor Miske © Unsplash

    The Elite in the Arts

    What power drives art to change? What causes new forms of expression and new styles? How does the new come into the world? American and German theoreticians show how the arts continue to develop in sudden leaps and bounds from the tension between popular and elite tendencies.

  • graphic: chezweitz

    50 years Stonewall RiotsQueer as German Folk

    The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots gives occasion to celebrate, but also to continue the struggle for queer rights. The Goethe-Institut supports debate and remembrance with an international program.

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Practice German free of charge

Practice German free of charge with our diverse selection of online exercises and in the community

Deutschlandjahr USAWunderbar together

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Goethe Pop Up Houston

The Pop Up in Houston will host and support cultural and social events throughout the city with the aim of bringing a wider understanding of the deep cultural ties between Germany and the USA.

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Celebrating German film

We’ve partnered with Kanopy to strengthen German-American friendship with a collection of acclaimed German films, entirely free to watch!


Wiesn in a Box

Oktoberfest in your own neighborhood! Three mobile beer gardens are touring the States celebrating Bavarian beer and friendship. Our Wiesn website provides the tour’s map, music, and the most important Bavarian vocabulary.

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Digital Kinderuniversity

The Digital Kinderuniversity is a brand new, completely free, and entirely online-based program. Students can learn German while watching fun videos about science experiments.


The Big Pond

From pretzels and beer to the Berlin Wall, from motorcycles to recycling, these 50 radio features explore the relationship between Germany and the US on all levels.


Transatlantic Outreach Program

TOP provides social studies and STEM educators throughout North America with classroom resources, study tours, and up-to-date information about contemporary Germany.