Gangrule - The History of the Mafia


by Jon Black

The Black Hand

An eth­nic phe­nom­e­non begin­ning in 1903, and last­ing fif­teen years. The extor­tion of wealthy Italians in New York was attrib­uted to La Mano Nera.

Lupo the Wolf

By his mid 20’s, Lupo was one of New York’s most feared gang­sters, run­ning large extor­tion and coun­ter­feit­ing oper­a­tions.

Family Charts

Copies of the charts that were used in the nation­al­ly tele­vised McClellan hear­ings in 1963, when Valachi tes­ti­fied before the con­gres­sion­al com­mit­tee on orga­nized crime.


Mugshots of var­i­ous well known crim­i­nals over the years. Collected from prison records, police records and var­i­ous oth­er sources.

The Barrel Murder

In 1903, the dis­cov­ery of a body stuffed in to a bar­rel in New York brings the police and Secret Service down upon the Morello Mafia gang lead­er­ship.

The Early Years

Covering 1900–1910. From the arrival of the Morello fam­i­ly, to the tri­al of Lupo the Wolf. The Secret Service hound New York’s first Mafia gang.

The Grocery Conspiracy

1908. A look at an orga­nized Mafia con­spir­a­cy to com­mit bank­rupt­cy fraud by con­ceal­ment of assets, amount­ing to $500,000.

The Struggle for Control

1910–1918. A long run­ning bat­tle between New York’s gangs to con­trol the city’s lucra­tive rack­ets before the dawn of pro­hi­bi­tion.

Lt. Petrosino Murder

1909. A lead­ing Italian New York police­man, who made it his mis­sion to smash the Black Hand & Mafia gangs, is mur­dered in the line of duty.

The Camorra

The Neapolitans, based in Brooklyn and Coney Island, fought for con­trol of the New York rack­ets. Eventually dec­i­mat­ed when it’s own mem­bers turned against them.

Mafia: The Morello Gang

Hailing from Corleone, Sicily, the Morello/Terranova fam­i­ly were the first Italian organ­ised crime fam­i­ly to enter New York.


Scans of var­i­ous doc­u­ments, arrest sheets, per­son­al cor­re­spon­dence and court doc­u­ments gath­ered whilst research­ing for the web­site.

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