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The Weather in Jersey

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Weather in Jersey, Channel Islands

Weather Saint Helier

Jersey enjoys one of the best sunshine records in the British Isles. It is the most southerly of the British Islands and lies just 14 miles from the coast of France. Warmed all year by the Gulf Stream the island has an enviable climate that is usually sunnier than mainland Britain. This isn’t too surprising when one considers that it shares its latitude with some of France’s famous wine-producing areas.

Considering the favourable climate Jersey is a gardener’s paradise where the plants flower about a month earlier, red squirrels scamper through valleys and shaded woods and the semi-tropical plants and flowers are lush and verdant.

The first island to gain Green Globe status, Jersey works hard to maintain its reputation as The Floral Island. Orchids, lavender, herbs, vineyards and roses are all helped by the mild climate, rich soil and long hours of sunshine that sees spring arrive early and the summer months lingering on long into the autumn.

The island’s weather boasts the warmest summers and the mildest winter in the British Isles – the closest to a Mediterranean climate! With its high sunshine record, the most popular holiday season is from May right through to the end of September with temperatures averaging 20 – 21°C (68 – 70°F), although it can get as hot as 25°C (77°F) or more.

In July and August the summers are usually sunny and bright and comparable to those in north and central France. With Jersey weather at its best in the summer it’s an ideal time for families who can enjoy the beach life and long summer evenings.

In winter Jersey’s weather is relatively mild and even the average daytime temperature in January, the coldest month, stays close to 9°C (48°F).

Make the most of Jersey’s year round mild climate and come and experience all that this beautiful island has to offer. Choose your time of year carefully and you may be able to coincide a summer or winter visit with some of the excellent festivals and events.

What’s the weather in Jersey? The island’s temperate climate

Compared to the rest of the British Isles, the Channel Islands enjoy

  • Warmest summers
  • Mildest winters
  • Highest sunshine record
  • A year-round mild climate
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