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Environmental Management & Sustainability Science


Environmental Management & Sustainability Science

Welcome to Environmental Management & Sustainability Science at Aalborg University

Do you want to make the world more sustainable?

Are you concerned with sustainability issues and interested in solutions for making organisations and societies more sustainable? Then the Master of Science in Engineering Programme in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science (EMSS) at Aalborg University is for you!

What makes EMSS programme unique?

  • Combines problem-based learning, group-based project work, and learning through real world problems. This combination develops strong and independent candidates that are highly attractive to employers,
  • Has a strong tradition for collaboration with external organisations throughout the study, e.g. during an internship. You will get hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and develop deep insight into practice during your studies,
  • Creates synergy between environmental management and sustainability science; our graduates transcend barriers between disciplines of environmental product design, cleaner production, spatial planning, and natural resource management.
  • Adds a strong institutional and governance perspective on the application of environmental management tools. You will learn to look beyond the way society handles environmental problems.

Design your own profile!

  • Our strong and diverse group of researchers behind the programme allows you to develop your own personal competence profiles
  • We support your profile design by individual mentoring by experienced staff throughout the study
  • We actively engage future employers in advising the students on the relevant profile

Study in a strong environment

  • Led by a large team of passionate researchers that do world-class research on cutting-edge topics.
  • An informal environment where students continuously engage with the academic staff; students are seen as co-creators of knowledge and partners in improving environmental management practices.
  • Develops graduates who engage in a variety of careers engaging in environmental management in industrial companies, consultancy companies, NGOs, and government.
  • Join the AAU Alumni network and network of EMSS Alumni to boost your network
  • No tuition fee for students from EU

EMSS careers

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What Students Say

EMSS study programme

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Why choose AAU

Inaugurated in 1974 as the youngest of Denmark 's five universities ...

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How to apply

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Research Environment

Programme statement

The EMSS programme is more relevant than ever! The world is facing severe problems ...

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Contact AAU

Aalborg University

Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K
P.O. Box 159 DK-9100 Aalborg
Phone: +45 9940 9940

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