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sodium citrate (CHEBI:53258)


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CHEBI:53258 - sodium citrate

Main ChEBI Ontology Automatic Xrefs Reactions Pathways Models ChEBI Name sodium citrate ChEBI ID CHEBI:53258 Definition The trisodium salt of citric acid. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team. Supplier Information Download Molfile XML SDF
    Wikipedia License Read full article at Wikipedia Formula C6H5Na3O7
    Net Charge 0 Average Mass 258.06900 Monoisotopic Mass 257.97284 InChI InChI=1S/C6H8O7.3Na/c7-3(8)1-6(13,5(11)12)2-4(9)10;;;/h13H,1-2H2,(H,7,8)(H,9,10)(H,11,12);;;/q;3*+1/p-3 InChIKey HRXKRNGNAMMEHJ-UHFFFAOYSA-K SMILES [Na+].[Na+].[Na+].OC(CC([O-])=O)(CC([O-])=O)C([O-])=O Roles Classification Biological Role(s): flavouring agent A food additive that is used to added improve the taste or odour of a food. Application(s): flavouring agent A food additive that is used to added improve the taste or odour of a food. anticoagulant An agent that prevents blood clotting. View more via ChEBI Ontology ChEBI Ontology Outgoing sodium citrate (CHEBI:53258) has part citrate(3−) (CHEBI:16947)
    sodium citrate (CHEBI:53258) has role anticoagulant (CHEBI:50249)
    sodium citrate (CHEBI:53258) has role flavouring agent (CHEBI:35617)
    sodium citrate (CHEBI:53258) is a organic sodium salt (CHEBI:38700)
    Incoming sodium citrate dihydrate (CHEBI:32142) has part sodium citrate (CHEBI:53258)
    IUPAC Name trisodium 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate Synonyms Sources citric acid trisodium salt ChEBI trisodium citrate ChEBI Manual Xref Database Trisodium_citrate Wikipedia View more database links Registry Number Type Source 3920956 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys Last Modified 07 October 2011

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