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Profile: Thrash Metal (Heavy Metal) band from Los Angeles, California (USA).

Metallica formed in 1981 by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. The duo first met through an ad in a Los Angeles-based music newspaper. At the time, Ulrich had little musical experience and no band but managed to secure a slot on an upcoming compilation record called “Metal Massacre”. Metallica’s contribution, “Hit The Lights”, featured Hetfield, Ulrich and lead guitarist Lloyd Grant. Afterwards, Ron McGovney became the band's bassist and Dave Mustaine joined the band as lead guitarist. This line-up would re-record "Hit The Lights" for subsequent re-pressings of "Metal Massacre" and would also issue several demos. In 1983, McGovney quit the group and was replaced by Cliff Burton, which also saw the band relocate to San Francisco. Metallica then traveled to New York after signing a deal with Megaforce Records. However, once in New York, the band fired Mustaine. It would mark the beginning of a long feud between Mustaine and Metallica, mostly fueled by remarks Mustaine would make to the press. Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett of Exodus (6).

Metallica's debut LP, "Kill 'Em All", was released in 1983. It was followed in 1984 by "Ride The Lightning". This led to a major label deal with Elektra. In 1986, the band released "Master Of Puppets", which is considered by many to be one of the greatest heavy metal records of all time. In September of that year, while on tour in Sweden, the band was involved in a bus accident which took the life of Cliff Burton. Eventually, Jason Newsted (of Flotsam And Jetsam) was hired as the band's new bassist and he made his debut on 1987's "Garage Days Re-Revisited", an EP of cover tunes.

In 1990, Metallica hooked up with producer Bob Rock for a self-titled release that would become better known as "The Black Album", due to its cover art. Released in 1991, the black album would become one of the best-selling rock albums of all time, selling over 16 million copies in the US alone.

In 1996, the band experimented with Rock music style Alternative Rock, this could be heard on the album "Load". The following year, "Reload" appeared which had the similiar formula as ''Load''. The albums continued the band’s trend of more accessible music. In 1999, the group released an album and accompanying film called "S&M", which featured Metallica performing their songs with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

In 2001, as the band was preparing to begin work on a new album, Newsted quit the group, citing personal and musical reasons. Work on the new album was further complicated when Hetfield entered rehab for alcohol abuse. The album, called "St. Anger", was eventually completed in 2003 with producer Bob Rock handling the bass. Upon its release, "St. Anger" drew mostly negative reviews. Following the recording, Robert Trujillo, formerly of Suicidal Tendencies, was hired as bassist. The making of the album was captured in the documentary “Some Kind Of Monster”.

In 2008, "Death Magnetic", produced by Rick Rubin, would surface and was hailed by many as Metallica's return to thrash metal. The following year, Metallica was inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Former bassist Jason Newsted was present and Cliff Burton's father appeared on Cliff's behalf. Dave Mustaine, who was not inducted, was invited to the ceremony by the band but declined to attend. In 2011, Metallica collaborated with Lou Reed on the album, “Lulu”, which was largely panned by critics and ignored by consumers. Sites:,, Facebook, Twitter,, Bookogs, MySpace,,,, Wikipedia, YouTube, Filmogs, Posterogs Aliases: Alice Malt, Camel Tail, The Lemmy's Members: Cliff Burton, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Jason Newsted, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, Lloyd Grant, Robert Trujillo, Ron McGovney Variations: Viewing All | Metallica Four Horsemen, Metalica, Metallica-97, Metallika, Metalmilitia, Mettallica, The Metallica, Металика, Металлика, メタリカ, 金属乐队 [a18839]


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none Metallica Live Metal Up Your Ass ‎(Cass) Not On Label (Metallica Self-released) none US 1982 Sell This Version Metallica Kill 'Em All (Album) Megaforce Records Turkey 1983 Sell This Version Metallica Ride The Lightning (Album) Megaforce Records US 1984 Sell This Version Metallica Master Of Puppets (Album) Elektra, Elektra Europe 1986 Sell This Version Metallica ...And Justice For All (Album, Single) Elektra, Elektra South Korea 1988 Sell This Version Metallica Metallica (Album, MiniAlbum, Single) Elektra, Elektra Canada 1991 Sell This Version Metallica Live Shit: Binge & Purge (Album) Elektra, Elektra Video US 1993 Sell This Version Metallica Load (Album) Elektra US 1996 Sell This Version FC-001 Metallica Fan Can 1 ‎(Box, Club, Ltd, Mixed + CD + VHS, NTSC) The Metallica Club FC-001 US 1996 Sell This Version Metallica Reload (Album) Elektra Turkey 1997 Sell This Version PL/METAL/01 Metallica Classic Concert ‎(CD, Promo, Transcription) Austereo MCM PL/METAL/01 Europe 1997 Sell This Version FC-002 Metallica Fan Can 2 ‎(CD + VHS, NTSC + Box, Club, Ltd, Mixed) The Metallica Club FC-002 US 1997 Sell This Version Metallica Garage Inc. (Comp, Album) Elektra South Africa 1998 Sell This Version Metallica Fan Can 3 The Metallica Club US 1998 Sell This Version 011 936-2 Metallica CD Interview ‎(CD, Promo) PolyGram Polska 011 936-2 Poland 1998 Sell This Version Metallica S&M (Album, Comp) Elektra France 1999 Sell This Version 00178, none Metallica Metallica With The Orchestra Of St. Luke's (S&M Concert Special) ‎(4xCDr, Promo, Transcription) SFX Radio Network, Elektra, The Album Network 00178, none US 1999 Sell This Version none Metallica S&M Documentary ‎(CDr, Promo) Universal, Mercury none Germany 1999 Sell This Version FC-004 Metallica Fan Can 4 ‎(Box, Club, Ltd, Mixed + CD + VHS, NTSC) The Metallica Club FC-004 US 2001 Sell This Version Metallica St. Anger (Album) Elektra Hong Kong 2003 Sell This Version none Metallica Seattle, WA, Key Arena, March 28, 2004 ‎(20xFile, FLAC) Not On Label (Metallica Self-released) none US 2004 none Metallica Vancouver, BC, General Motors Place, March 26, 2004 ‎(20xFile, FLAC) Not On Label (Metallica Self-released) none US 2004 none Metallica Spokane, WA, Spokane Arena, March 21, 2004 ‎(20xFile, FLAC) Not On Label (Metallica Self-released) none US 2004 none Metallica San Francisco, CA, Cow Palace, March 8, 2004 ‎(20xFile, FLAC) Not On Label (Metallica Self-released) none US 2004 none Metallica Glasgow, Scotland, Glasgow Green, June 2, 2004 ‎(20xFile, FLAC) Not On Label (Metallica Self-released) none US 2004

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February 10, 2019 The "sad trombone" sound effect is all I hear in my head when I try to view Metallica's discography on here. Reply Notify me Helpful


February 8, 2019 What a mess... one of the worst pages in discogs. Reply Notify me Helpful


January 31, 2019 edited 16 days ago
All live recordings can be bought at the Metallica Webstore. Thinking/checking before posting! Reply Notify me Helpful


January 27, 2019 Lmao, is this page for real? how did this happen. Reply Notify me Helpful


December 29, 2018 To all the people complaining about "bootlegs", these live shows aren't bootlegs. They are officially licensed and sold from Metallica. That is the issue. I agree that digital music, in any form should have it's own category and should NOT be lumped in with physical media... but, none of these live shows are bootlegs. They are officially recorded by the band and sold as official recordings by the band. Someone needs to make a different category for digital downloads and not lump them in with physical media. This is a COLLECTOR'S site. 0.0% of people here give a shit about digital media. Reply  See 2 replies Notify me 1 Helpful


December 29, 2018 Fix this mess-Only the normal releases!!!! No mp3! whats going on Reply Notify me 3 Helpful


December 25, 2018 This is absurd, came to check on some albums, and I cant find sh*t.. Reply Notify me 3 Helpful


December 1, 2018 There definitely needs to be a separate subsection for the unofficial releases, and live bootlegs. It is ridiculous trying to sort through the hundreds of "albums" to find an actual album. Reply Notify me 8 Helpful


November 18, 2018 If youre going to put the bootlegs up here front and center, you have to let us AT LEAST buy all of them. If it's "not available" to be sold on this site than take them off. Reply Notify me Helpful


November 10, 2018 edited 3 months ago
Please get rid of the unofficial releases. This is getting a little ridiculous. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful

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