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[ es-kwahyuh r, e-skwahyuh r ] / ˈɛs kwaɪər, ɛˈskwaɪər /


(initial capital letter) an unofficial title of respect, having no precise significance, sometimes placed, especially in its abbreviated form, after a man's surname in formal written address: in the U.S., usually applied to lawyers, women as well as men; in Britain, applied to a commoner considered to have gained the social position of a gentleman. Abbreviation: Esq. squire(def 2). a man belonging to the order of English gentry ranking next below a knight. Archaic. squire(def 1).

verb (used with object), es·quired, es·quir·ing.

to raise to the rank of esquire. to address as “Esquire.” to escort or attend in public.


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Origin of esquire

1425–75; late Middle English esquier < Middle French escuier < Latin scūtārius shield bearer, equivalent to scūt(um) (see scutage) + -ārius -ary

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British Dictionary definitions for esquire

esquire / (ɪˈskwaɪə) /


mainly British a title of respect, usually abbreviated Esq, placed after a man's name (in medieval times) the attendant and shield bearer of a knight, subsequently often knighted himself rare a male escort

Word Origin for esquire

C15: from Old French escuier, from Late Latin scūtārius shield bearer, from Latin scūtum shield
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