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Forced-air heating | process and system | Britannica

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Forced-air heating

process and system

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type of furnace

  • In heating: Warm-air heating

    …furnace is transferred to the air in ducts, which rise to rooms above where the hot air is emitted through registers. The warm air from a furnace, being lighter than the cooler air around it, can be carried by gravity in ducts to the rooms, and until about 1930 this…

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use in building construction

  • In construction: Heating and cooling systems

    In the forced-air system of heating, air replaced steam or water as the fluid medium of heat transfer, but this was dependent on the development of powered fans to move the air. Although large, crude fans for industrial applications in the ventilation of ships and mines had…

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  • In construction: Heating and cooling

    Forced-air distribution moves the heat-bearing air through a treelike system of galvanized sheet-metal ducts of round or rectangular cross section; electric-powered fans provide a pressure differential to push the air from the heat source (or furnace) to the living spaces, where it is expelled from…

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