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Latest Dailies

Midway $1,486,389 Doctor Sleep $876,732 Last Christmas $807,820 Terminator: Dark Fate $729,292 Joker $626,545 More » Midway $1,329,821 Last Christmas $799,645 Doctor Sleep $785,587 Terminator: Dark Fate $616,030 Joker $602,413 More » Ford v Ferrari $10,941,000 Charlie's Angels $3,165,000 Midway $2,500,000 Last Christmas $1,990,000 Playing with Fire $1,900,000 More » Ford v Ferrari $12,336,000 Playing with Fire $4,025,000 Midway $3,690,000 Charlie's Angels $3,245,000 Last Christmas $2,850,000 More » Ford v Ferrari $7,760,000 Playing with Fire $2,625,000 Midway $2,560,000 Charlie's Angels $2,190,000 Last Christmas $1,860,000 More »

Latest Weekend: Nov 15-17

1 Ford v Ferrari $31.0M true true 2 Midway $8.8M false true 3 Charlie's Angels $8.6M true true 4 Playing with Fire $8.6M false true 5 Last Christmas $6.7M false true More » 'Ford v Ferrari' Races to #1 While 'Joker' Becomes First R-Rated Film to Ever Top $1 Billion Globally Fox's Ford v Ferrari more than lived up to the most aggressive of pre-weekend expectations, delivering a #1 performance at the domestic weekend box office. However, Sony's Charlie's Angels struggled mightily in its debut, failing to reach the lowest of expectations, which means the film's third place finish puts the weekend's overall performance into perspective.   Read full article »
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Terminator Genisys Meets Dark Fate

17-Day Total:
$56,885,077 17-Day Total:
$76,714,258 VS

Zombieland v Zombieland

31-Day Total:
$70,393,247 31-Day Total:
$71,181,556 VS

Joker v Venom v Logan

45-Day Total:
$322,599,593 45-Day Total:
$210,077,668 VS

Rambo v Rambo: Last Blood

59-Day Total:
$42,724,402 59-Day Total:
$44,794,778 VS More »

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